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Giftalong 2019: General Chit-Chat

Happy MDK Anniversary to you Cristina​:tada::cake: let them eat cake :slight_smile:

Thank you!:heart:

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Can attest that it is super fun to knit! Whenever the big blocks start dragging, I just cast on one of the snacky tiny blocks :slight_smile: This is my first log cabin project, but not my last!!


Congratulations on the win this week @huahelenchen for your Slip Stitch Hats!!!


Ann and Kay, I’m so happy you started this gift-a-long thread!

I’m on square 33 (of now 35) of my Picket Fence Afgan. I hope to finish it and then get to other gift knitting prior to the holidays!


Glorious!!! This blanket is in my queue too!

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huahelenchen, it’s been so much fun to do!

Wow, you are in the home stretch. I just love love love this blanket. Every time I see one I want to cast on another one.

LOVE this. Looks so fantastic in those blues!

Knitting for the first time with Euroflax Sport Linen - Fire colorway in the mini-skeins from MDK. Great little gifts for stockings. I just love the patterns in these Field Guides :blush:


Those are so cute. Lucky stocking stuffees!

Hey everyone, if you or your group (in Canada or the US) knits for charity, perhaps you’d be interested in applying for a grant of yarn from this fine project:

Application deadline is December 31. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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I aksed myself, “What might I make with a Eurosport mini skein set from MDK?” Just enough yarn to make two sets of Bohdi Leaf Washcloths and two Log Cabin cloths which are going into stockings for loved ones along with bars of special soaps. I love the way this yarn feels after a wash and dry.

Thank you to the MDK team. It’s such a treat to experience new yarns and to have the Field Guides to dip into. Next up I think must be a pair of Après-Anything Socks from Field Guide #2 for my husband.

As I read the MDK Inspiration: Plan for 2020 article this morning, I thought, Hmmm…maybe it would be fun to knit a project from each field guide in 2020. Might just need to plug those into my plan as my self-care satisfactions!


I want to try the Apre Anything socks too!! As soon as my Field Guide#2 gets here;)

Love the colors you’ve chosen!!! Beautiful.