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Giftalong 2019: TEAM KAFFE

Wow! ^ This is a hard post to follow! ^
I’m also in. I’m using just the 7 stitch squares of the squares and triangles (p 48 or 49 of the guide), in only 2 colors with an embellishment in the center, either and X or French knot to be work after the fact. I have a quart of ends from finishing the book samples. Yes, I save way too many things. Oh, and the project will be a cowl, although I am tempted to make a pillow front.
Making it in 2 colors will make this project way more portable. xo


I save all the bits and bobs too!


I’m going to make a 12/12 pillow cushion in similar felted tweed colors to my Kaffe needlepoint plums, Going to do it in the round, with a row of purls to attach I-cord piping! Can’t wait to get started.


Can you suggest some tweedy cotton? I have lost all my wool (including Liberty fabrics and Jaeger wool) to moths - including the house carpets and rugs. So I have made a switch to cotton and other fibres. I can find great colours, some marles and muted heathers but not a wide colour range with a tweedy fleck in cotton. Any advice?

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I’ve never been sure how this forum thing works, but here goes… I got the Kaffe Fassett Field Guide for Christmas from my knitter daughter. Decided to make her a pillow cover (she has pillows on her couch that are getting boring) which I thought would have a solid back (so I ordered two skeins of one color), but why? Why have a solid back when you could have a patterned back! So… I hope I’ve got enough yarn. The front will DEFINITELY be Coins (I have All The Colors), and the back might be Pinwheels or Squares. I have to finish a few other small things first, and then I’m All About Kaffe.


The only tweedy cotton I know is Rowan Summer Tweed which is discontinued sadly. I just looked. There is a lot for sale and trade on ravelry Bad for me to know from a stash perspective but it is a great yarn.

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Thank you for that great suggestion. I will take a look. Appreciate you reaching out. Susan

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Good luck.

I just love the coins pattern - using 3 shades of gray for background stripes and 10 colors for the coins - everyone who has said this project is addictive is right!


I’ve taken creative liberty to add one more round of pattern to the repeat, the chart, as written, was 8 rounds, mine is 9 and now symmetrical. Whew.
The floats are 7 stitches wide and I’m working them without a float catch, but am catching the repeat transition halfway, as it’s 14 stitches at the beginning.
Right now the vision is to work this 2 color repeat for the depth of my cowl, then to swap to another pattern. Helical stripes are todays thought.


I’m sure this is well known but I haven’t done much stranded knitting for years, After a couple of segments of the coins pattern, I realized that if it’s necessary to catch floats in a pattern with repeated rows, you should stagger the numbered stitch that you catch so it doesn’t leave a slight line in the object.


I am loving the Kaffe knit along! I also quilt and have been using his fabrics for many years!! I saw him locally at a lecture and he had some of his knitting!! I was so inspired when I left!!!


I couldn’t sleep last night; I just wanted to get up at 3 a.m. and get started on my pillow cover: coins on one side and stripes on the other. I’m going to go with Kay’s version, and knit it in the round with two extra stitches (one for each side) which I will work as KTBL (subtler than a purl stitch, I think, and classy). I’m wondering how Kay plans to finish hers (because I will slavishly follow her) – 3-needle bindoff on top and bottom? The sides will be knitted, so I’m wondering how to make the whole thing symmetrical. Kay, what are your plans?

Now struggling with provisional cast-on- not my favorite BY FAR, but I think Future Judy will be glad I did it.


By consistently what do you mean exactly, within the row, or the section with the same two colors? Still new to stranded knitting and getting a little obsessed with this aspect of it! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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Okay, I’m having trouble already. I want to make a 14" square pillow, The pattern says to cast on 84 stitches, but that number is not divisible by 8, which is the number of stitches in a repeat. How can this be right? The previous size (12" square) says to cast on 72 stitches, which is divisible by 8 (9 x 8 = 72). But the next size (the size I want) adds 12 stitches making a number that is not divisible by 8.

Disregard the fact that I’m knitting it in the round and adding 2 stitches for the KTBL sides. I just need to figure out the pattern!

Joining in with the black and white crowd. Sorry I didn’t read Kay’s post about floats before I did this!


Oops, I just realized that I can’t do two different patterns when I’m knitting in the round, because the yarn for the other pattern would always be over on the wrong side of my work! Either it’s gonna be coins all the way around, or I’m going to have to start all over again with just 80 stitches (because 84 is not divisible by 8) and do one piece at a time.

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Wait, what! If I"m going to knit the two sides of the pillow cover flat, then I will have to do stranded knitting on the purl side. How do you even do that? Ay yi yi, I’m having a nervous breakdown over here. I have been working on this all day.

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I’m just beginning my dive into Master Class, so do please put my response into the context of, “Um…I think but…” :slight_smile:

I noticed that two of the sizes of pillows have cast on numbers that are not divisible by 8 (14x14 and 18x18). When I look at all of the charts with individual pattern options, I see that some are 8 stitch repeats but not all of them. They do all appear to be even numbers, however.

All of that said, I think you could just adjust your cast on to be divisible by the number in the repeat(s) for the pattern(s) you are using in your pillow. Then, as you said in a different post, add your steek stitches to that count.

As to working in the round and using two different patterns, if you are using the same two colors of yarn within a stripe sequence, I would think you can alternate motifs within a row repeat (if that’s what you mean), stranding the colors around. For example, I have been experimenting with alternating the Ring and Diamond patterns. Both have an 8 stitch and 7 row repeat. So, I could put those two together in a stripe sequence. (I hope I’m making sense).

Then, if you are wanting to switch to another set of colors or to add in a color, that would happen at the beginning of the next stripe sequence.

I’ve never stranded flat, so I’m afraid I can’t help with that. I love to work in the round. Purling is not as much fun for me, and I enjoy steeking.

I hope this helps! Knitting is a learning adventure for sure!!

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I’m well and truly addicted! I started out with the intention of making a vest using a few colors of Rowan Felted Tweed in a stripe sequence. That intention was blown up as soon as I dug into the box of yarn (Bright colorway from MDK) and pattern options in Master Class.

I’ve named this my “Box of Chocolates” vest. Shall I choose this yummy pattern or that one? What delectable color does the pattern want to be? It’s deliciously addictive with no calories! The ribbing and first 20 row sequence is done.

Now to go back to the box for another delicious 20 row taste of chocolates. Which pattern? Which colors? So many scrumptious choices!