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Giftalong 2019: TEAM KAFFE

You are correct: each of us is the most knitworthy person we know.


My first knitting book was Glorious Knits and I have been a Kaffe fan forever. After seeing the field guide, I decided to knit the garter stitch shawl with my ridiculously massive stash of felted tweed. It is addictive!


So hyped for this - I went for the stranded stripe throw for the kaffe-iest experience and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m even considering adding a couple of repeats to make it wider for a full throw size (am I insane?!) The probability of me finishing it by the end of this year is miniscule, so please consider this the first cast-on for the 2025 Giftalong…


I can’t say any more, but make sure to catch tomorrow’s post! Great minds think alike, or something…


Kate, please please PLEASE share your photos. I would love to see this massive striped shawl in vintage colors. Felted Tweed colors have always been good, I don’t know how they can stand to discontinue any of them.


I might have to make a few! Coins is where it’s at - I keep re-evaluating my stash but for sure need more colors. :wink:

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I happen to have just bought a couch with a chaise on one end for my condo: the color’s lighter than beige but darker than cream, so it’s perfectly suited for a pile of beautifully-knit Kaffe cushions! I can’t wait to dive into such a colorful fun project!!
Thank you for the Glorious Field Guide!



My order has shipped!!! I will now compulsively track the package until it arrives like a crazy person. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. It’s in Knoxville right now. I hope they’re taking good care of it.


Hilarious, Kay. My first cowl will probably have legs as well.


Hi Kay! I am so excited for this! So wonderful!! There is currently no option in the shop to get the bundle of yarns to make the striped throw. Will that option come back???


Yes, it will come back! We had quite a run on them but we have been on the horn to Rowan to restock us as soon as possible.

Meanwhile we have the single skeins to tide us over…


Did you see Ann’s post about her wider version of the Stranded Stripe Throw? Here it is:

It seems that Kaffe minds think alike!


Hey Team Kaffe!

We’re bowled over by all the Kaffe love that has come pouring in since last Friday.

Here are a few linky updates for you, in Kaffe you missed it (har har har):

A Kaffe for Every Knitter: this is a look at the amazing projects Nell’s team of test knitters cooked up. Really inspirational.

Ann’s Bigger Version of the Stranded Stripe Throw (oh yes! she’s properly into it)

Juicy and Blah: A Quick Tutorial that may help if you’re picking your own colors for Kaffe’s patterns

And here’s a link to my post for Thursday, which you can’t read until then! It will have to remain a mystery for a few more hours…

Hope you’re all having fun. It’s delightful to see the cast-ons!


Thank you!!

Yes! My jaw is still on the floor. My kit arrived last night and I cast on! Let the madness begin!

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Loving all the Kaffe inspiration posts!! Wouldn’t be mad if MDK turned into a KF fan blog…


I’m pretty sure it already is!!! Lol

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ok I am starting easy. easing in with a cowl for one of my kids. I think I might fashion matching fingerless mitts with it. However, I am not a fan of tweed. (kay graciously emailed me about this and my question from the post. Thanks Kay!) So I am going to use a DK weight yarn that is washable (because that kid, laundry and handknits are not compatible lol) But staying with Kaffe’s love of color I am going to incorporate bright pops of coral amongst, gray, blue and grass green with a black and white design from the charts (haven’t decided which one yet.) Will post pics here and IG as soon as I get it off the ground. I am excited to be entering gray dreary months here in MI with lots and lots of color!


I’m in for some cowls! Field guide and yarn are in transit. Tick tick tick - time to check the tracking (again)!

Last Kaffe project I made was the Foolish Virgins sweater - don’t ask how long ago. Now I just have to figure out how to finish the Isabell Kraemer Santa Fe shrug for my daughter, which is currently on the needles - toute suite!!

Can’t wait! This will be fun.


Decided to only do 3/4 of an inch of the broken rib. Mostly because I like how it looked. And then decided to stay in a size 3 needles. Also again because I liked how it looked. There’s something incredibly freeing in saying do I want to add another row? Or change the color? This is what I have so far.