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Giftalong 2019: TEAM MERRY MAKERS

Dear fellow Merry Makers!

Our first Giftalong winner was picked from Team BIG (and Teams Downtowners and Revolutionaries of which she might be the only member). Nancy M knocked us out with her projects all ready on day one and two projects completed in a week. GOALZ.

Congrats to her and cheers to us (raising my tankard of English Breakfast tea–milk no sugar in case you were wondering), xoCristina


Go Buckeyelisa! Love that coaster pattern!

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I have 9 finished!


Pom Balls!


Well these are extremely fun to knit! They need blocking and the pom poms aren’t attached yet but I’m so pleased :slight_smile: going to knit up a few more of these


I have a question about the Appleseed mitts pattern. It calls for a 7 needle for the cable and a 5 for the stockingette. The info on page 14 says if worked in a different yarn with different needles the cable should be a needle size two sizes smaller. Shouldn’t that read larger?

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They are opposite from the usual, it’s a very good question!

I noticed the same thing! Am casting on later so I’ll keep you posted.

Used my extra hour this morning to get these started. Appleseed mitts


Decided to stick with the pattern as written rather than use different needles. Glad to know it wasn’t just me who thought the directions wrong.

Question (again) on the mitts. Got them going, two at a time on two circulars. However, row 5 of the cable pattern needs to cross over where I’ve split the the halves. I managed it quite awakwardly, but wondering if anyone has best way to split the halves so I don’t have this problem again?

This is fabulous!!! Thanks for the link.

These are gorgeous - such fantastic color combinations!

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Whoa, these look so good. :heart_eyes:

So I am new. Hope I am doing this correctly!


What are you planning?

I adore this hat. Madly casting about for more scrap yarn #1 is child size.


I just started on my green yarn - I am loving the yarn! First time trying cables. Interesting…



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Well this was a surprise. I have no idea how I dropped that stitch. Now to decide—do I try to fix it or do I rip it out and start over. I’ve been working with DPNs but have a feeling that magic loop or two circs would have been a better choice for the cuffs.