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Giftalong 2019: TEAM SOCKS

Yeah, most of my stash of all weights is very very colorful…As is most of my wardrobe!

That said, I did start off with my most neutral color, ha:

This one is Neighborhood Fiber Studio Sock in Nekst. It is for a friend who is an avid Seattle Sounders fan, and the pops of green and navy in this are spot on.

I really like the Alternating Slip Stitch pattern on the top of the instep so far, too. Not sure whether to stick with a panel or go all around the calf though.


Team socks! I am IN!

DPN’s? check. Wanderlust? check. Sock yarn? …wellll, a lady never discusses the size of her sock stash. It would be baring my sole in public! Suffice it to say, “check.”

(She exits stage left to rummage in aforesaid stash…)


I’m so afraid to try socks. I get lost in understanding the pattern itself and afraid I won’t know how to do that heel thing. Will I be able to get help here?


It’s less scary than it seems. Stick to the basic pattern and it will be fine.

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I leave the wraps too—one less thing to fool with!


We call that a good start! Wishing you bounteous knitting and dramatic stash reduction!

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Absolutely! We’ll get you through that first pair.

We have heard from a number of new sock knitters that MDK Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust is a good guide. Two super basic patterns let you get the hang of the construction, then there are 13 stitch patterns you can add to the basic patterns.


I’m SURE it’s a very modest little batch … ; )

Sock yarn doesn’t even count as stash, if you ask me!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


ok, well since I’m going to jump off and try a pair of socks. Do I need one or two skeins? Can you offer a suggestion for kind of yarn that will be easiest for a beginner like me to work with? I think the idea is success and not take forever and easy to see the yarn…


oh and one more thought–any preference in using double pointed or circular needles?

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I’m in and sure hope this picture uploaded. Fast knit!


I’m in! I think this is my first Lounge post, so bear with me if it doesn’t turn out correctly! These socks are actually a gift for me…I’m the only sockworthy person I know! Ha! I’m using Backyard Fiberworks sock in chestnut, and I just LOVE the color and the yarn. This is the seersucker stitch.


Hi fellow sockers! I’m a sock and a half in using the slip stitch pattern from Wanderlust. After this, only a sweater and an amigurumi Beetle tissue holder before Christmas :blush:



I am IN!!! It will be awesome to knit with the new Pada Sock!


Yay, more socks! Just focus on each separate section of the pattern as you come to it, and soon you will be surprised by how mot scary the heel really is.

For a standard pair of socks, you should just need one 100-gram skein of sock yarn. Personally I’d advise getting a variegated or self-striping yarn because I think it helps motivate me to get to the next row :grin:

I like circulars better than DPNs because I’m a klutz and drop/break DPNs too easily. But YMMV.


I’m so glad you posted this! I just finished the heel on mine and was debating whether to go allover pattern on the leg or stick with a panel…your beautiful socks have decided me on allover. What yarn are you using, btw? Love the jewel tones!


Thanks — I love this yarn so much! It’s Hawaiian Bobtail Squid from Cephalopod Yarns, which, sadly is no longer in business. The dyer really had a way with blending color.


Argh, figures that it’s discontinued! What a great color name as well.

Also, can I just say that I love that Kermit is our team mascot? Tuxedo cats with little socks are the best cats.

This is mine, Caligula, which means “little boot” in Latin. Named for the literal meaning as well as the tyrannical personality…


I am in on Team Socks – I know I have at least one pair to knit. Maybe I can crank out more than one. FIRST I have to finish my Tuileries sweater - only part of one sleeve left. Post season baseball and partial knee replacement recovery have been a boon to my knitting this fall! Go NATS!


I used to have a tuxedo cat with socks. His name was Shadow. He was the sweetest love bug.