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Thanks! I’m tickled with the lining. Sewed up some little zippered bags to tuck inside, too.


Bonus: soundtrack provided by The Waltons!
(Or is that just in MY head?)


OK, today things start getting wrapped and mailed off, so this is about as big as the pile is going to get. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop knitting, but the next pile will be minus most of the stuff in this pile…
From the left…
Squad Mitts using the leftover yarn from a Before and After gradient cowl and the…
Basic Socks (these two things for my BFFL who lives far far away, in a cold land)
Basic Little Triangle
Triangle shawl in Malabrigo laceweight that’s probably a Jen Lucas pattern (from a sock-yarn shawl pattern book) for my mother in law.
Two Bandana Cowls for my son and his girlfriend, far away at RPI in New York, where I hear it gets cold.
Jewel tone scarf in a pattern whose name escapes me (and I can’t find it in my ravelry queue) for my mom, who got all neutral stuff last year.


Wow! I’m astonished by these huge piles of finished gifts. I don’t even know that many people. But I can get carried along by the notion of stockpiling finished items.

Here is my current collection of fingerless mitts. Two versions of the Newfoundland pattern, one with a purl row and one with two knit rows, which I prefer as it showcases the honeycomb grid. And two pairs from one 100gm ball of mustard yarn, one with simple cables and the other with a motif from a stitch directory. I had fun trying to centre that on the back of the mitt.

These will all be going to Knit for Peace. My great-nieces prefer folding money.


Chevron cowl for teen in Malabrigo Silky Merino, Chunky Waffle Hat for Brotherman in Classic Elite Wynter, Simple Skyp Socks for the tween in J Knits superwash sock, and Squad Mitts for pal Mary in Koigu and Mountain Colors. This may be the sum of it; I’m moving on to a Women’s March pink pussyhat for another friend that I’ll hope to make her holiday gift ~


Three pairs of men’s socks (two of them finished in November), a Gaia Hug Shawl and a Blue Bird of Happiness…so far. A little gift out of EuroflaxLinen is on the needles now.


I’m making some pink pussycat hats too! Although I’ve told my friends they aren’t getting them until after Christmas.


Me too! Same deal – not 'til after Christmas!


I LOVE THAT BLUEBIRD. so much in fact that i was almost late this morning because i had to dig out some blue yarn and download the pattern and get half of the body done before it was time to get on the road. all day i’ve been thinking about how many bluebirds i can get made before xmas.

got one finished just now, and am adding at least 6 to my list of xmas gifts to finish. 100% awesome.

The Giftalong: A Knitalong for the Holidays

Isn’t it a great pattern? I thought about trying it with smaller needles and sock yarn for some little gifts, but I went with something else (see my post in the teeny thread…small hats.) Sounds like you are on a knitting roll–have fun!


I recently finished some socks for myself in the Kroy striped yarn. It is one of my favorites. Men’s socks this year are going to be worsted weight!


wow, that is so cool that your boyfriend sews. Love your pile.


Wow, you are fast knitter. When did you start? I really like the pullover. I wish I can reach into the monitor and accidentally take it.


It is not smug to share your handmade gifts. Be proud of it. Can I be on your gift list?


I started in July. Since that picture I have finished a pair of fingerless mitts for my aunt and a hat for my mom. I have four gifts to go, and three are on the needles (hat for my daughter, fingerless mitts for my daughter & bulky cowl for my aunt). My LYS is holding yarn for mt gramma’s slippers. They’ll be cast on tomorrow while I’m there for knit group.

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Goddamn it, having lovingly wrapped two of the sweaters in delicate, Christmas themed tissue paper, then a box, then wrapping paper, then wrapped with a ribbon and a mini bauble on them, I remembered I meant to photograph them. Oh well, there will be no PPP from me.

Not that I’ve actually finished yet. Still one sweater to finish (one sleeve hem and the sewing in and blocking to go), one cushion to finish (make nose, seam, and stuff to go), one collar to finish (make button loop, sew on button, block) and 2 hats to finish sewing in ends and blocking. Almost there. Honest…



I am DONE! Three mermaid tails for my three little nieces, one little bear hoodie for a baby shower/niece numvrt, one glow-in-the-dark hat for my father in law (who has been known to get lost in the wilderness), and in among that pile of novelty yarn and patterns is a classic cabled hat for my sister’s father in law, who seems to be getting this year’s Best Knit!


Getting close!
Ready to send to recipients: Jasper hat and cowl set; 1898 Hat; 2 1898 headbands and one pair matching mitts; 2 plain 'ole pairs of adult socks; one f$%#ing cowl knit with two strands of lace weight alpaca (never again!).

Not pictured: Baa-ble Hat and matching cowl already gifted.

Still to go: One more set of mitts; another 1898 hat (in progress); a pair of adult socks (also in progress).


The Jasper hat and cowl? Is that the one with the cool grey-on-grey? I’m in love with that! Gonna go find that pattern right now.
That’s a mighty fine pile of knitting, too. Even the lace-weight cowl, which looks lovely.


Bit hard to tell from the picture - but each of these gift bags has a knitted dishcloth and choccies within. I was quite proud of how the pile looked. Most of the bags were recycled - so adorned with Christmassy stickers to cover up brand logos. As of today there were only five left, but luckily I had finished another three purple dish cloths (which seems to be the favourite colour of carers and nurses), so have put together another three bags to top-up the pile.

And in case you haven’t been following the Giftalong thread, this is what the dishcloths look like: