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Giftalong: Teeny Patterns


Hi all,

I thought it would be convenient to make a place to collect patterns for cute little thingies: mug cozies (cozies of all types really), ornaments, bottle toppers, gnomes, clothing for gnomes, etc. Things you can knit up quickly that will amuse people.

No need to write a thesis: just shout out a pattern name. Extra credit for a link! And if you include a photo, you get to stay after school and help clean the erasers. (In Miss Prodehl’s third grade class, that was a treat, not a punishment.)


These trees, drink more wine!



Thank you!

(Glug glug glug)


From Hunter Hammersen (how can you go wrong with HH?), the Spicule pattern, three teeny tiny squooshy hat patterns, with matching patterns for adult heads. I’m making my DIL the hat and the ornament to top her package. Score !!



For years, Berroco has posted free miniature sweater patterns on their website (Here is this years collection!)

And, if you want more, they have so much more!

Edited to add: Oooh! and this morning on Ravelry this appeared!


What about using Lee Lee’s butterfly’s

They could be used to decorate napkin rings, hair ties, or made into a mobile?


I made something similar once as a nail polish cosies for a secret santa gift!


Here’s a great pattern…easy and quick. I’m using left over sock yarn. On #20 right now.


Not teeny but small, cute, fun, easy ---- all the gals, from youngsters to oldsters, are getting fingerless mitts with matching nail polish.
Hmm, maybe this is the wrong forum. So sorry. I’ll head over to the gift-a-long!


I made quite a few of these little gnomes last year - the knitting was fun and the assembly wasn’t too bad once you locate all the wood items.


I have made bunches of these in the past: Tiny snowpeople from Anna Hrachovec, on her website or Ravelry. Non-denominational, adorable alone, amazing as a snowperson squad.
Mochimochi Land Snowmen
Ravelry Snowmen


I second the gnome idea - I like these
Bonus: you need a cork to make them :slight_smile:


These are all I’ll probably manage. Want to make a whole herd!


Nail polish cozies–mind blown!


Bringing back memories of our bag of finger puppets. Mostly not knit, I just collected them wherever. Where did that bag get to?


Those are super fun! could do them with corks as well!


Finally, thanks to Jeannine on the blog, we have a sock monkey mug cozy:

Cleverness! Cuteness!


I have a bag of sock yarn leftovers that I used to make teeny tiny key ring purses. Craft stores sell bags of split rings in many sizes. Quick, easy, and amusing. ](

P.S. I transposed the pattern to knit in the round rather than flat and then have to sew up tiny seams.


What about Julie Williams’ Christmas Stocking pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits? People in my knitting group made some of these to contain folding money gift for teens in their families. And it is free.


I knit a small forest of those one Xmas. Every year they come out and sit on my living room mantle (because if they are on the coffee table the younger nieces and nephews walk off with them). In other words, they are great toys as well as decorations.