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Giftalong: Teeny Patterns


This is my favorite tiny pattern. They’re tiny little pigs. I like to use the “wired” embroidery floss to give them curly tails.


Here’s a photo of my first attempt (note the curly tail)!


Turtleneck Egg Cozies from Weekend Knitting ( And because I am constitutionally incapable of giving a suggestion without the accompanying story:

Years ago, my twin nieces asked me for Weasley sweaters for Christmas. I said one day. For their graduation from college (!!!) in May, I knit a pair of these little sweaters: one purple with a blue “M”, one blue with a purple “A”. (Or possibly vice versa - letters worked in duplicate stitch afterwards.) I stuck a little loop in there so they could hang them wherever. Both girls flipped out with excitement, and promptly hung their sweaters from their cardigan button (A) and eyebrow ring (M - briefly).


They’d make adorable on packages as “bows” that could then be repurposed as an ornament. I like 'em. Thanks.


You had me at “small forest”


these won’t do much as ornaments, but if you happen to have an american girl doll in the house… Made yoga socks for S a few years back (no toes or heels for gripping the floor during yoga) and used the extra yarn (saved from those toes and heels) to make matching sets for the dolls!


Oh. My. Goodness. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Excuse me, I have to go knit about a million tiny pigs now.


What about tiny owl’s Harry Potter themed charm bracelets?

(I’m too new to post the third link)


I’ll be making some more of these in the next few weeks because they keep disappearing from my swift> I suspect elves.


Also, Purl Soho’s felted bell ornaments

And last but not least, I recently discovered another tiny owl pattern that is adorbs


My queue, which is shocking to all but those who know me, has quite a few things I’ve tagged as “teeny-tiny.” Not sure if I can link to my queue or not. Almost all of the things in the queue are free patterns.

And then there are the crazy-tiny, crazy-cute things from MochiMochiLand:


I posted the little berrocco sweaters as my first thought but what about your own mini dog or cat?


That is the cutest and makes me nostalgic for our (very brief) American Girl Doll days.


That is such an incredible book. Breed-specific!



Last year when you posted your Christmas swift photo it was the first time I regretted my stubbornness in not owning a swift!

It’s a great compromise for an interfaith household–none of that Hanukkah Bush stuff–it’s just the Festive Seasonal Swift.

Deck the swift with boughs of holly!


Maybe make a dog then a dog sweater to fit! I used to do doll houses
and furniture but eyes are not as good. What the hell- maybe I’ll give it a


New to me: Santa’s Laundry Line–adorable!


Love this. My love for Santa things is reignited with grand kids.


Love! Tiny bobble ears :heart_eyes:


Clapping erasers! Oh, I can smell that cloud of chalkdust now!