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Giftalong: Teeny Patterns


Jenn Sheelen has designed several types of Mason jar cozies and ornament covers…


Your pigs are precious!


I’m kind of addicted to the Victorian ornaments. A little fiddly but so worth it.


I made a knitted wreath a few years back and covered it with mini knits. I love it. I saw the Hampstead Wreath pattern on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog (of course) and promptly knitted three for my Mom, sister and me. Mine was the only one that I covered with mini’s, which I love to knit. My Ravelry link has links to the mini patterns too. I’ve knitted dozens of the Cheers sweaters as gifts and should probably knit up a few more this year. So quick and easy and fun. They seem to be mind blowing to non-knitters.


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this display! You made my morning. :slight_smile:


Not a Christmas wreath per se, but a spinner’s wreath . It was fun!


OK; have to knit the pig for toppings on a couple of Christmas presents. My best friend and her husband had to evacuate due to Hurricane Matthew. Believe it or not, one of the last things they had to do before leaving was to raise the flooring of an enclosure for her sister-in-law’s pet pig. Pig was too huge to try to evacuate so he had to tough it out. Only in the South…


Although this is not knitting, you can print out some amazing animal snowflakes. The book which i got from the library is 100 Amazing Animal Snowflakes, by Marion T. Nichols.
I have been unable to knit since taking my grandkids for ten days and paper folding is a similar therapeutic vibe. Great for kids and grandmas. Tomorrow is Day 10!! and I can get back to being a moody introvert.


Can’t you imagine a lovely tree decorated with just butterflies


That brings back some really nice memories :slight_smile:


This is stunning! Belinda would be so pleased! I hope Wendy has seen it.


Hi Janice! How did I know this was you when I saw that fibery wreath? :slight_smile:


Time to do another one but not til after Christmas. Hope you are all doing
well. I’m loving the photos of Sarah and your adventures with hair.

Hope your Thanksgiving is great. Give Henry a pat for me and hugs to
everyone else.


OMG, I am going to have to make this.


I’ve made many of these and they are adorable. I like 'em in Noro. I make the hats a little longer, with a tiny little three strand tassle. One year someone suggested a Nativity set of Korknisse. :slight_smile:


Everybody: look at these mason jar lanterns:


Well the dogs were just too tiny to keep at it so I opted for a little sweater gift tag from Berocco:


For those of you (like me) who can’t get enough of tiny Mochimochi designs, Anna just announced a new pattern: ornament sized nutcrackers that are a freebie with purchases from her shop through the end of the year. They are not for sale separately yet.

I’m hoping to have enough time after finishing the gifts to knit a few ornaments this year, including the nutcrackers. You guys have been very inspiring with this thread!


I added my pattern for a wee (maybe not teeny) gnome to Phila*Craft. (As you can imagine, I have my share of erasers to clean, so send some treat winners to Philly.)


I’m scared of gnomes! But love the crimp in this one’s beard. Will clean erasers for kale salad.