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Giftalong: Teeny Patterns


Adorbs free pattern for acorn ornament.


My go to hostess gift during the holiday season!


That’s a brilliant use for that type of yarn!


More teeny sweaters but this one is a sweater garland-free Vogue pattern:


That is so cute. might have to add it to my list. :heart:️:heart:️


I’m making as many of these “Freeze” (Tin Can Knits) and “Whigmaleerie” (Kate Davies) ornaments as I can crank out in time to give as holiday gifts. Both are great patterns to use up yarn odds and ends.

Freeze: A little fiddly but not too bad once the first couple rounds are done. The corn-starch-stiffening method is genius and worked really well.


Whigmaleerie: Not at all fiddly, takes a little longer to make than the freeze but the end result is beautiful.


I made the adorable bluebird that someone posted here from the bluebird of happiness pattern. I made mine from yellow homespun. My daughter made a couple of red ones for an ornamentexchange.


Thank you for the link to this!
My youngest son is part of a “secret snowflake” gift exchange in his high school choir, and that star was the perfect way to adorn a gift so it didn’t look quite as much like a 14 year old boy was in charge of gifting for a 17 year old soprano.


It’s beautiful, the color is perfect, great job!