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Going to London!

Going to London! Any good knitting stores tips? also checking out some fabric stores? We are staying in Westminster…we will be in Greenwich for one day as well. Any ideas welcome!

Visit the Liberty store - great department store, with a gorgeous fabric Dept, as well as yarn and notions. It’s on my must visit stops.


Look up the recent London yarn crawl map-there are three in the Hackney triangle, a couple in Islington, and a good shop in Richmond.

This also a good link for fabric shops.

Loop, 15 Camden Passage, Islington, London. They have a lovely website to entice your visit. Bon voyage!

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LOOP! It is absolutely charming and fabulous. Great samples that you will want to knit. And they will show you all the yarns that you can only get there – from local companies in UK and Europe.


Loop is the one I would choose. I didn’t find the yarn dept overly impressive @ Liberty. But def worth visiting for the building itself.

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And buttons! I got buttons and some matching ribbon for Ysolda’s Matilda pattern and an extra skein in the same lot number of my Rowan wool cotton from their Haberdashery department. Don’t you just love the sound of ‘haberdashery?’


I would second recommendations for Loop and Liberty. Also Knit with Attitude - which is further out, in north London -

I’m not sure what the yarn dept is like but Fortnum & Mason’s in Piccadilly is a lovely shop to visit too.

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I SO agree. My DH and KidO also loved it. So much eye candy there.

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