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Granito: A Sweater by Joji Locatelli


I haven’t started the sweater yet, but have begun to read the pattern through. Are you working the back? The slipped stitches seem to be 18 stitches from each shoulder, but on the front they’re 30 stitches from the shoulder. There is a notation on page 4 about them not being aligned due to lining up with the pocket.
It’s a beautiful sweater and I do love the little details…


Thanks for thinking about this little problem of mine. Reading the pattern, the right and left side fronts don’t seem to say the same thing. 18sts on the left front/28sts on the right front for the marker placement and the 2 slipped stitches. I just can’t seem to figure which one is correct.


Oh, I think that I see what you’re asking - the first marker for the left front is 30 stitches from the left sleeve edge (third paragraph after the heading Left Front on page 4)
The marker for the Right Front is 28 stitches from the right sleeve edge. (Second paragraph after the heading Right Front on page 5)
On the RS you will knit to the marker, slip the marker, then slip 2 stitches purlwise, then slip the next marker. You are now 30 stitches from the right edge. You will knit to the next marker, 30 stitches from the left edge, slip the marker, slip 2 purlwise, slip the next marker and then knit 28 stitches.

The 18 stitch notations are for both sides of the back as far as I can see. (page 3)


I love this sweater and am jumping in to knit one for my niece beacuse I really need another project on my needles :grimacing:. Using Madtosh since clothes for the nieces must be machine washable, even if on gentle. Thanks for the push to get started.


It’s like dawn breaking! Thanks thanks thanks!!! The math of knitting is not my strong suit but I’m hoping just trying will keep my brain young.
Thanks Nellknits for your help.


My Milo is on order from my LYS. Can’t wait to start this project,


I have a sweater’s worth of Knitpicks Galileo (sport weight, but I got gauge with it). I had planned to do another Vitamin D with it, but I’m thinking it might work for Granito. It’s 50% wool and 50% viscose from bamboo so I’m wondering if it might be too drapey. Anyone have any thoughts?


I also can’t use wool and linen together. For my first Granito, I used Quince and Co Finch which to me feels like a heavy fingering weight. It worked great, and the gauge was spot on. Personally, it feels a bit itchy, so I don’t tend to wear it, but that may not be a problem for you! For my second one, I just swatched with The Plucky Knitter Nifty which seems to me to be a truer fingering weight. My gauge is totally off, but I am going to knit a larger size and hope for the best!


I am so excited. As soon as you posted about this KAL on Instagram, I knew that Granito was going to jump to the top of my list. I am using Milo in Manchester (same color as Joji’s sample) and it is definitely not as dark charcoal gray as it appears on Ravelry (this fact is noted by a few users on Ravelry). But I must say, it is a beautiful yarn. How does the combo of merino and linen end up so shiny?? After some feverish knitting in the last few days, I am almost to the point of joining the front and back! Can’t wait to just knit and knit and knit (with no purling) in a circle for a while. Just the kind of “mindless” project I needed right now. Love the casual, sweatshirt-y vibe of this design. Considering doing something fun with the lining of the pockets. Need to stash dive to see what will work. Thanks.


If you are knitting a second one, it must be a great sweater! Thanks for the input; in addition to the religious reasons for not using wool and linen together, I am wool sensitive, and can only wear merino, poor me. So the Finch would feel scratchy to me as well. I am considering some Madtosh Pashmina that I had in my stash in a very similar color to Joji’s Milo. Will swatch and report soon!


I thought we might have similar reasons for not using a wool/linen blend, but I didn’t want to presume! :wink: I’ve been finding more and more yarns with that blend recently. It always surprises me for some reason! I kinda knew before starting that the Finch wouldn’t be the best idea for me, but I really wanted to knit the sweater and that’s what I had available! I really do love the sweater though, and that’s why I am making another one. Pashmina sounds lovely. I hope your swatching goes well!


I’m knitting Granito in size Large. I’m at “Join Shoulders” on p 3 and have just finished all the wrap rows, plus the next 2 rows, and ready to work straight in pattern. However I have 11 sts after the last wrap on one side, but 10 sts after the wrap on the other side. Am I supposed to or should both remainders be the same?
I have the queasy feeling I may have only knit 2 instead of 3 between wraps somewhere along the way, but darned if I can see it. Thanks!


I think it is a fad right now, and hopefully will fade away in time. Very frustrating! I can’t wear alpaca, and for a long time it has been turning up in blends all over the place. Enough, people! Ya don’t have to put alpaca in EVERYTHING! So let’s hope the wool/linen thing will pass as well…

Have you considered I See Spring? That sweater also looks lovely. Joji always has interesting patterns. I recently completed her ColorSpell shawl, which is stunning.


I have so many Joji designs that I want to knit! I was trying to convince myself that I should knit something else now…there are soo many good patterns. But for some reason I can’t stop wanting to knit another Granito!


Go for it, girll! You are the only one who has to be happy with what you knit, so if you want another Granito, have fun with it!


I’ll be in Hadley MA for most of next week for work, which the googles tells me is 7 mi from the WEBS retail store. I can’t imagine any scenario where I will be able to resist going there and purchasing some Milo for Granito…


I may get some disagrees here, but I think that is one of those mistakes that I would be tempted to just let go, especially if you have in the last few hours joined the shoulders and are pleased with how they look. That said, the short row sections seem to be written to match identically.


Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Since my gauge is turning out differently than my swatch, I’ve decided to go a needle size. I’ll be doing the short rows without distractions, however!


Don’t do it!!! Don’t go there!!!

But if you insist on such risky behavior, here are some rules that might help:

  1. Bring someone with you who thinks knitting is stupid and that fiber is dumb. At some point, they will make you leave. I missed this one and brought my mom and my niece–enablers the both of them!
  2. Bring a long hank of clothesline with you. When you go in the warehouse, tie one end around your waist and give the other to your non-knitting companion. They will be able to pull you out when you get in too deep.
  3. Do not under any circumstance touch any yarn. It’s like feeding a seagull–the next thing you know all the yarn is squawking at you demanding that you touch it too.
  4. Leave your phone in the car. It’s too easy to hop online and take out another mortgage.
  5. Do not, under any circumstances, go anywhere near the buttons. There is no known cure yet for Cardinganitis.

If you survive, there’s a really cute restaurant just up the block called Sylverster’s. We had delicious sandwiches and the price is right when you’ve just spent every penny you have. They’re used to having customers who are still in yarn comas and can be counted on to talk you out of running back to pick up one more thing.


WOO. I’m in. Just dug around and found sweater quantities of Knit Picks Palette that I must have bought for a particular project, but can’t remember now. So, it’s like fate.

Casting on, presently.