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Granito: A Sweater by Joji Locatelli


Thanks for this post, really brightened my day! BTW, for anyone interested, I swatched the Madtosh Pashmina and it was perfect, and perfectly dreamy. I am SO IN!


My Potosi came today! I’m in!


#TeamPotosi! Pale Gray Nation! Gray Is In Fact A Color!


Okay, I feel dense but I am disoriented. My shoulders are joined and I am close to being ready to pick up stitches for the left front, but I can’t figure out where I am on this sweater, and where to pick them up. Help!


Oh my gosh this cracked me up. Thank you for this sage, sage advice!!! I’m sure I will fail miserably but I will try to abide by these rules. :smile:


Very funny and oh, so true! Love the idea of the clothesline!
I had gotten the Milo from WEBS, back after March Madness, but now I’ve cast on. Have to say that I’m a little disappointed about all the stitch picking up that needs to be done. I love top down construction because it avoids all the finishing that I have to force myself to do. The sweater is only sorta in the round. But I love Jojis patterns, so I hope it won’t be too onerous. I’m up to the six inches of just straight stockinette.
Not being exclusive to this project, alas.
PS …for some reason this keyboard isn’t allowing me to use numbers, apostrophes or parentheses!


I’m knitting a Relax right now (yes, with Granito that means I’m knitting two oversized sweaters at once–hush!) in Jill Draper’s Esopus. My first Relax was in Tosh Merino Light. I love that sweater like a child. I wear it all the time. My one complaint is that the TML is so soft that it’s quite pilly. I feel like Esopus is made of stronger stuff and the colors are so beautiful.


I’ve completed my swatch in Lorna’s Laces. I bought several skeins of a taupey-gray-white color called “Shadow” that will make a nice Granito in all of the neutrals. I had orginally thought about knitting size M and then maybe increasing out to size L on the bottom half. However, I realized I would also want size L sleeves as well. I’m now just going to knit all of size L and embrace all of the drapeyness! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to cast on this weekend…


Drape is what it’s all about! Sounds lovely–can’t wait to see.


Never mind - solved it.


Swatched in DK yarn. Gauge very different. Math ensues. This will be interesting.


Great idea! I’m leaving out the pockets too and matched the front and back “seams.” Think I may add short rows in the back for a shirt tail hem. Fun to see the variations!


I am under way. I had some lovely merino in stash which doubled is giving me gauge–I hope and trust. For perhaps the first time ever I actually swatched and even washed my swatch as was suggested. I am not sure if this dooms me to failure or success.

My first request for clarification…I have done the section of the back shoulders with short rows. Now it says to continue in pattern until the piece measures (for my M) 6 1/2" from selvage. I am not sure what “selvage” refers to. Should it measure 6 1/2" from the widest point top to bottom? The narrowest at the edges?

Thank you in advance for your advice.


I’m looking at my copy of the pattern - On the bottom of page 3 is says “Work in pattern until work measures _ inches/cm”, then on page 4 it continues "from your CO edge, measured along the selvedge…"
What this means is to measure from the cast on down the armscye edge - which is the shorter distance, and the actual sleeve opening.


Thank you. I kind of thought the extra length would be the armhold and, therefore, needed to be the longer option. I appreciate your help.


The first day of sunshine here since starting "I see Spring " has revealed some blue in Miss Babs Surpriza! Didn’t see that as I wound the yarn !
<img src="/uploads/masondixonknitting/original/2X/e/efbceee0b2874d37c35e4a0a3f84b6ed125b7120.jpeg" width="669" height="499">


Good god you people are fast. I’m still trying to get gauge. Going for #6’s today…


Okay, I’m on it! Swatching tonight, and casting on for sure tomorrow during chemo infusion. I need a BIG project, and I need to knit something for myself for a change.


Oh WOW, Judy–wishing you good luck, and if ever there’s a project with
some distance knitting in it, it’s Granito!



I have to admit I am a little daunted by this sweater. I swatched and am using #5 needles, but this is very slow going. Dare I say tedious? I need some inspirational guidance.