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Granito: A Sweater by Joji Locatelli


Maybe it’s my work computer, but I’m not seeing the photo? But still contemplating my own I See Spring!


Well I caved to the lure of the WEBS store as expected. I went with this because the Milo was just not as soft as I wanted it to be for this sweater. The only time I’ve used Manos del Uruguay it was the softest thing I’d ever knitted with but with the linen in the milo it just was not the same. So it’s Tosh Merino Light in charcoal and it is swatched and ready to go woowoo.


Are the two slipped stitches purlwise supposed to be WYIF or in back? I put it in front, but am having second thoughts. Just started this sweater about 20 minutes ago.


The slipped stitches are meant to pop on the right side, so the yarn would be held to the wrong side of the sweater, or with the yarn in back.


Hmmmm…I see what you mean. To upload a photo, do you use the arrow icon? 'Cos that’s what I used, is there a different way? :flushed:


I just ordered some Linen Quill for this KAL and am glad you think it will work out as well. Just waiting for it to arrive and eager to start the sweater.


First trip? My best recommendation: head straight for the back room, and have a pencil and paper handy. On your first walk-through, make a note of the aisle# and approx. location of every yarn that seems like a “maybe.” It’s the only way you will find them all again. Have fun!


Thanks everyone for figuring out the 30 vs 28 thing on the fronts before I got there. :slight_smile: The part that is confusing me is that on the fronts, the pattern says to do the slip-the-two-stitches-between-the-markers ONCE, then says to work in stockinette for five rows, THEN says to do the slip-two-stitches-on-the-RS from then on. Is there supposed to be a little gap in the “stripe” at the shoulders?


Hmm. I just embiggened the shoulder close up on Joji’s page and it appears that the slip ridge is worked from the shoulder continually. As are the sweaters where the upper front shoulder is visible. It’s a little odd since the pattern is very specific to “work in pattern” on the back.
I, too, would like to hear what other knitters have done here.


It was. I live in a rural place with not much at all for yarn options that are not online so I get very excited to go to a place where I can see/feel anything in real life. I had a list of exactly what I wanted in order to try to avoid going totally overboard. I wandered all around though, went there once and then went again when I knew what I wanted exactly. It was dreamy :slight_smile:


For the record, I decided to start the ridges on the front after the first six rows, since the slip-two ridge is pretty subtle and starting it an inch or so after the shoulder seam makes just a little gradual phase-in thing, not an abrupt eye-catching lump. But for the rest of the pattern, I am interpreting instructions like “knit across” and “continue in stockinette” as implying “…In Pattern,” because at that point it would be silly to put a gap in the ridges.


Glad your trip was a success - making two visits is a great way to do it! One of the nuttiest things I’ve ever done was visit Webs when I had a spare half-hour before a hair apptmt.
p.s. I am also a rural person, but Webs is my "L"YS…about an hour and 20 minutes away.


Have just started the right front shoulder. It doesn’t seem correct to me. On the left front shoulder the instructions say to knit 30 stitches and place one marker, slip two stitches and place the second marker. That should mean the outer marker is 16 stitches from the arm hole. On the right front shoulder it says to knit 28 stitches and place first market, slip two stitches and place second marker. That means the two relief ridges are in different locations on the front. I can’t find any errata. Could someone please explain to me?


Sending you courage and hugs! I have tried knitting in medical situations and it helped me so much.


For the Left Shoulder you are to knit to 30 stitches from the end. Pm, slip 2, pm. This places both slipped columns symmetrically. : )


GAAAH! This is complicated, for a simple sweater. I’m on the left front in the w&t section. Partway dow the second printed column on page 4 it says “Next Row: K2, m1r, work in patt to last wrapped st. and knit it tog with its corresponding wrap, k3, w&t.” Fine, except that makes the wrapped stitch one of the slipped stitches inside the marker. The directions on the previous page aren’t helpful, as they say “This is not a problem, just wrap that stitch in the same manner as all your other wraps and turns.” Hah. I’m doing German short rows, and that stitch doesn’t have any yarn coming out of it because it’s been slipped. Does anyone know how I should handle this?


Thank you, again!! I have now joined the fronts and can power forward to the exciting joining of front to back!!


Replying to myself. I made a Management Decision and used a different kind of w&t for just this one. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do German shot rows all the time.

Now I can’t figure out the right front shoulder. It says to start picking up stitches at the neck edge on the cast on part, but how the heck do you know where the neck edge is? If I pick up and knit stitches from the armscye edge I could just count 46 stitches, but I don’t want to NOT follow the directions. How have you guys figured this out? Just count 46 stitches from the arm edge and start there?


I’m with you on German short rows. Will wait to see what you do with this before I add t my never ending queue. Generally, my view is that one or two stitches off in thin yarn in stockinette doesnt kill most patterns.


Replying to myself again, as others might want to know. And BTW, I still want to know the correct way to do this; I fudged it.

I started with my circular needle at the armhole edge with the wrong side facing, and carefully picked up 46 stitches of the cast on edge with the left end of the needle, putting them on the right end. Then I slid the stitches along the needle so I could stat knitting at the neck edge, and knit those stitches (on the purl side). The result looks the same as the left shoulder, so I’m satisfied. But still… what’s the “correct” way to do this?