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Granito: A Sweater by Joji Locatelli


Your sweater looks gorgeous! Did you lengthen it at all?


Thanks! I did lengthen it after reading some comments here and feeling similarly that I wanted the body to be longer. I didn’t change the armhole length like Kay mentioned today but I did make the body longer and just kept trying it on until it seemed like I was in the ballpark I wanted for where to start the pockets.


My flipping blocked out, but I will go down a needle size for the next one. (Yes, another Granito will join the jumble in my cedar chest).


I’m way later than everyone writing here. Wish I had read this before I started my Granito about a month ago. After many false starts and two bouts of frogging (one because I created a Möbius strip when I joined the front sections and knit for an unconscionably long time before realizing it) I am now about thirty row away from creating my pockets. I realize that I knit tighter flat than I do in the round and I didn’t adjust needle sizes. I cast on for my gauge in the round and now have a tighter knit sweater from the neck to the bottom of the armholes (where I’m finally knitting in the round). Am hoping it will all straighten out in the blocking. Is this magical thinking? ( Not the Joan Didion kind). I really loved this pattern and wanted to be knitting it during two long trips I’m taking. I was right about it’s desirability while traveling, but there are so many land mines in this pattern I’m getting frustrated. I thought I’d like to knit it in more than one color, and maybe I will, if only to apply my many hard earned lessons. Should I keep going or start over?


Hello there, M.! I’m poised for the pockets and I totally know what you are talking about with this sweater. For some reason (in my case, I assumed that it was my scattered on/off attention), getting it started with all that neck and shoulder shaping took me FOREVER. I kept making little mistakes or losing count and having to go back to A Known Place of Safety.

At one point I actually had to do some deductive reasoning to figure out what size I am knitting.

I think it’s quite common to have a gauge differential between knitting flat and knitting in the round. I’m sure I do myself, as I have gauge issues in general. In your place, I think I would definitely finish the sweater and put my faith in blocking.

One thing that kept me going was seeing quite a few successful Graniti at Rhinebeck. Every single person that I complimented on Granito did the same thing: proudly jam their hands in the pockets and say: LOOK! POCKETS!


Thanks, Kay. Really wanting this sweater, but haven’t experienced such crises of confidence in the past. And it’s basically stockinette!


Keep going by all means - the finished object is worth a few teeth grinding moments!


I completely agree with all the comments here. This sweater has been a real challenge for me too. I had to rip back several times and then finally put it away for awhile. I am adding length because the 9 3/4 inches from underarm to pocket was way too short for my long waisted frame. I am determined to finish this, and only have a few more inches to go before I start the pockets. I say keep going too! Here’s hoping that we all love our Granitos when we’re done!


So many thanks to Kay for the inspiration, if she could do pockets and sleeves before Thanksgiving, I could do sleeves and finishing. I did it! I get to wear my Granito on Thursday. I learned so many lessons making this sweater, it’s a tricky one.


Wow, that is gorgeous!


That’s so fantastic! So glad you got to the finish line! Happy Thanksgiving!


Just a reminder that you don’t HAVe to add pockets for that pocket effect. Mine were too high, but by the time I had figured that out I had gone on several inches and I didn’t want to rip it out. So I just did the ribbed edges of the pocket and sewed it together. voila! If I can figure out how to add a photo, I will (or you can look at Kay’s post from October 16).

(Wow, imagine that. You just copy and paste.)


I did it! I finished my Granito!

After all this, I feel obligated to make another one, just so I can apply the lessons learned!


That is such a splendid sight to see! I am chastened by my Granito
experience–I flubbed the drop stitch placement at the shoulder and was
crushed into hibernation on this lovely project. MUST recommit!



That is lovely! Did you lengthen it a little?


The pattern is oddly challenging, isn’t it? I relate my many missteps with it on my Revelry page.


No, I blocked it to the pattern dimensions, but it did seem to turn out long, especially given other knitters’ comments about needing to lengthen. Initially I thought I wanted to shorten it, but after wearing it over a blouse, I liked the look. It’s a great basic sweater. Are you working on one?


Love the ending of several paragraphs - “taken care of with blocking at the end”!


Yes, my second one. I am using Blacker Lyonesse yarn for this one. It is also a linen/wool blend. I am increasing the sleeve circumference a little and moving the slip stitch more toward the neck so it shows more. That will make the pockets wider, which is OK with me.


Sounds like great yarn and good mods. I’d like to make another in a bright color.