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Great Mysteries to Knit To


I just wanted to share my favorite new mystery writer, Susie Steiner. I just finished her 2nd of two books about the English detective, Manon Bradshaw. --I like the narrator a lot too. -These are the kind of stories where the characters and scene are as much a part of the story as the plot. --Manon is a modern, flawed, but endearing and funny heroine. I loved the wry understated humor in these two books.


Thank you for the recommendation! I just finished my audiobook this morning and have been searching for something new to listen to. Perfect timing!


I love British mysteries! I have been bingeing on Mid Sommer Murders and Father Brown and am setting up my audio books to take with me for the next 6 months. My spring/summer/fall office is in a box car researching lettering for narrow gauge railroad car restorations and I can plug in my Kindle and listen to books all day as I work. I take small projects, like socks, with me to knit while on breaks. I always appreciate suggestions for new authors.


I love watching Father Brown, and Dr. Blake mysteries too!! Doesn’t it get hot in the boxcar?


My boxcar is on a side track in a small rail yard in the mountains between New Mexico and Colorado and gets some shade from trees as well. I keep the door open and have a boxfan to keep air circulating so it is really quite comfortable. My English bulldog keeps me company, too. Perfect.:grinning:


Sounds very pleasant;)

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I think your office and your research are both so interesting! I had to look up narrow gauge railroad.

-Susie Steiner writes British mysteries, I mean everyone calls the boss “Guv”, drinks tea, and it’s all about the CCTV footage, but current, and urban. Now I need something new to listen to.–I wonder if I sort of start over with Agatha Christies read 30 years ago, would I remember the plots?



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I have much enjoyed the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear

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The Louise Penny series are great audio books, set in Quebec. The narrator is so wonderful. Also a Midsommer fan; I’ve seen them all at least twice and just keep watching. My go to when there is nothing new on TV


I adore Louise Penny! I am listening to Kingdom of the Blind whenever I have to drive anywhere. It is fantastic. Agatha Christie is always wonderful and don’t forget Elizabeth Peters. A really good audio series with something on the needles and life is sweet.


On a whim I just looked up audio book mysteries with a knitting theme. Wow, there are a bunch! Had anyone read, or listened to, any Maggie Sefton? I may have to give her a try.


Thanks! I’m always looking for women in books that aren’t “womens’ books.” Altho I still love Shalespeare and Dickens…

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I’ve enjoyed all six of Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series in recent months. Each has a unique first-person narrator, so different readers, and two are women.


So nice to hear from somebody else who likes mysteries. I like to read while I knit, a habit my mother encouraged me in as it kept me out of her hair as a child. Hardover books and dowloadables are your friends if you want to read and knit simultaneously. I had never heard of Susie Steiner and will look her up.

I just finished reading (while knitting) the 17th MIss Fisher mystery, Murder in the Dark by Kerry Greenfield. Some of you may have seen the Australian TV series shown on Netflix and they are the same Miss Fisher mysteries. The actress has very blue eyes and shiny black bobbed hair and they are set in a mythical 1920s. THe clothes are marvelous. Historical accuracy is not served by these mysteries but they are fun. Left-ish politics (Bert and Cec, the recurring taxi driver sidekicks are Communists) are on view and women are less liberated than Phrynne even today.

They are firmly in the good read category and there are 17 of them.


Re knitting mysteries: have read but not listened to tons. There are several knitting mystery series. Besides Maggie Sefton, there is also the Anne Canedo Black Sheep mysteries. And Monica Ferris. Sadie Hartwell. My favorite is the series by Sally Goldenbaum. I want Birdie and Nell as my friends!

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Started on these long ago. Not a big fan of the TV series because there are a lot of changes (ditched the second daughter!). But, I’ll confess I do turn on Netflix and watch occasionally. Sounds like I’ve missed some of the books so I’ll have to catch up!


Both the books and the TV series are fun. In some ways the TV is better because its fun to see all those well preserved twenties places. But I became irritated by how silly they were. Phrynne would never have been interested in marrying her cop counterpart, however handsome the actor is. Both of them are full of anachronisms which bother me after a while. I haven’t read all 17 of them either and was suprised to find there were so many.


Are you familiar with Louise Penny mysteries? Canadian writer, books feature Inspector Gamache, head of Quebec Homicide.
Beautifully written, great plots, and I love the characters. I believe they’re available in audiobooks.


Not as deep but I have always found the Number 1 ladies detective agency books to be interesting and engaging.


I just finished listening to her latest, Kingdom of the Blind. It is fantastic and I highly recommend it, along with all of her other books.