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Grist: How Close Do I Have to Get?


Regarding Jillian Moreno’s post “Grist: A Secret Measurement for Substituting Yarn.”

Does the comparison need to be spot on or is there such a thing as “close enough”? Can there be wiggle room of a yard (or 6) per ounce?

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I have this same question. I’ve been using this notion of grist ever since I read the piece in MDK and I get how the same weight yarns can actually weigh a lot differently, and in some cases the difference is so great that it’s clear a yarn is not a good substitute. But when it is less obvious, how much of a difference is too much? Is it 10% or 30%? Or should one note the difference and also factor in other variables like ply and twist or something I don’t even know about?

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Well, M. This wasn’t a hot topic at all, was it. LOL Have you worked anything out?

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