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Has Anyone Used US Size 6 Needles to Knit a Ball Band Dishcloth?


Has anyone knit a ball band dishcloth using US#6 needles, rather than #7? How did it work out?


Hi Diane,
I’m a loose knitter and have used a US 6 and even a US 5 for ball band cloths - however, my gauge with the smaller needles is close to an ‘average’ knitters gauge with the recommended US 7
Therefore to answer your question, they worked out just fine.


Thanks, Nell. My knitting is not generally tight, so my dishcloth would come out smaller. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. On the other hand, I can’t let go of my “old” way eben though it is only knitting, and the rules for a dishcloth are not set in stone.

I already stopped making them the MDK book length, and gollow the length for the original instructions. This was after I gifted a friend six of them gir her birthday and she gave me a 15 minute dissertation on how I could improve on making them. They were apparently not thin enough to wash her mother’s good glasses (I suggested she use “Handi Wipes” for those).


I have made a few bb dishclothes and here are my observations:

  1. I don’t think the gauge matters much except that smaller --> smaller and tighter and v.v. If you want them something different make gauge looser or tighter or cast on fewer repeats.

  2. Like your friend’s mother I also found standard size too big for actually washing dishes. The extra material seemed to flop around messily. So now when I make one I CO many fewer sts and fewer rows. (Actually I also now use acrylic or polyester yarn, but that’s another story.)

  3. Somewhat OT: I found a neat tool at the hardware store designed for delicate wine glasses that makes cleaning champagne flutes etc. a cinch. Don’t recall what it’s called and the tag is long gone but it’s made out of a silicone-like material in a sort of brush shape.


Thank you, mfolly, for your observations and methods about the size of the bb dishcloth. I’m getting to like the idea of a smaller size. Also, I aporeciate the information about the soecial device for washing delicate glasses.


Me too! I like the smaller sized dishcloth I get with a size 5 needle.


Because of gauge difference no one can answer that for you. I need to use a 5 with worsted to get gauge.


Size 6 is my go-to for the Ballband. P.S. I am a loose knitter. This gives me a nice tight gauge without tiring my hands.


I say no more knitting for her!


I always make mine smaller than the pattern says. I have small hands.

The needle size will make it smaller, but the thing to remember is how tight - thick - flexible do you want the fabric to be. Tighter - size 5 or 6. Normal - size 7. Looser - size 8.

I tend to use 7’s, but have made them with needles anywhere between a 5 and an 8. Depends on what’s available or what I grab!


I like a tighter fabric to wash with, so I use size 6 intentionally. More importantly, a friend would never criticize a gift, particularly a handmade one. Any future gifts for her should be in the form of a gift certificate. For Dunkin’s. For no more than $5.00 :unamused:


Thanks, laurpud, for the input. I am trying the size six needles, too. Also, I hear you about the Dunkin’s gift certificate. :wink: