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Holiday Music Playlist Suggestions


I second Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas; I’m also quite fond of George Winston’s December.


I am all about Leslie Odom Jr.'s “This Is Christmas,” especially “My Favorite Things” and “Winter Song” but the classics are beautiful too.


Thanks for the reminder of this! I love the Roches and have that CD somewhere!


My favorite is Songs of Joy and Peace by Yo-Yo Ma. Alison Kraus’s rendition of A Wexford Carol is so heartbreakingly beautiful that you want to cry!


Gotta say it’s not Christmas until I hear my Johnny Cash Classic Christmas.


i love Wednesday and Thursday evenings on KEXP! Great suggestion to stream KEXP. We bought Sonos speakers for home, and first thing I did was put KEXP in my radio section.


Pink Martini’s Joy to the World is in my rotation, I recommend it.


We usually go for the goofy stuff at our house - Riders in the Sky (Christmas the Cowboy Way); Jeremy Messersmith (Let’s Ditch Christmas). And a new favorite this year - Kacey Musgraves (A Willie Nice Christmas)


Like you, we have a big collection of Christmas music. We have many versions of “a very merry Christmas” (has a stick figure on the front and many pop artists). I also love the James Taylor Xmas CD.

We are big Roches fans here. As soon as I saw their Xmas album mentioned (which is awesome, I admit), I was reminded of the Roches’ song that gets me in the mood for cold weather (which usually starts in December in California, so is equivalent to Xmas for me): My Winter Coat.

Even though it is about a “practically perfect in every way” department store purchase, I can’t help thinking about my favorite handknit sweaters and home tailored coats when I listen to it. Gets me in the cuddle up and knit mood every time.


I like that too -Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma–the sound is so clear and true that it brings a tear to my eye. Happy Solstice.


This one was a childhood–vinyl, 33–favorite: Spike Jones Xmas Spectacular. It contains some pretty renditions of standards–Sleigh Ride, Let It Sniw, etc.–but for us the highlights were the gag songs: All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Frint Teeth, My Birthday Comes on Christmas, and more. The height of silly fabulous-ness is reached in The Angel in the Christmas Play–

Poured the goldfish bowl into Daddy’s hat,
Then I painted stripes on the family cat,
Broke two teeth only yesterday,
I’m the angel in the Christmas play.

And on, and on. Priceless! Timeless! Must get the turntable fixed!


For me it’s Chicago’s What’s It Gonna Be Santa CD and Bing Crosby and David Bowe singing The Little Drummer Boy


Check out the Minnesota Public Radio live stream! They always find neat seasonal songs…


I heard that one recommended in a Fresh Air review – thanks for the reminder to seek it out!


I hate to say it, but this is the first time in all my Christmases that I really appreciate the song “Jinglebell Rock”.


Ok, you asked for it: Brave Combo, "It’s Christmas Man!"
Brave Combo used to be billed as “The Apacolyptic Polka Band.” We fell in love with this odd little album decades ago, and it remains a family favorite.
I will also confess to having a soft spot for Merry Christmas from Sesame Street, which features a very nice duet of B & E singing Have a Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
And my seriously favorite is Bruce Cockburn’s Christmas album. Such interesting stuff on there.


If you’ve got a piano in the house and someone to play, The Oxford Book of Christmas Carols can’t be beat. In particular, the Coventry Carol. PREPARE TO SOB.


Hubby and I are in charge of music for our church’s Christmas Eve late night service, and we’ve pulled much of our repertoire from the Oxford Book of Carols this year.


The big X of Christmas is over, and with it most of the holiday tunes, but here is one for New Year’s Eve.
Dan Fogelberg’s 1980 ballad “Same Old Lang Syne.” I read about it a few weeks ago in a Time’s Magazine bit. About this 80’s light rock ballad, It said: …"— (It is ) something like a Raymond Carver story crossed with “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” crossed with T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets.” Like the holiday season itself, Fogelberg’s song is simultaneously hilarious, sad, beautiful, corny and transcendent." I kind of agree. Happy New Year. Maybe our song should be, “I will Survive”:v: