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How Do You Love Your Organization System?


I have recently seen a few interesting but short conversations on Instagram regarding the pros and cons of various Planner Systems.
I have considered Bullet Journal and Moleskine, it’s so intriguing…and I love lists and paper products.
This might be the year that I take a leap, how about you?


I religiously used an Erin Condren Life Planner all throughout last year, and this year I made the switch to a Plum Paper ME Planner. I added December of this month to my 2017 planner and so far I LOVE. IT.

I’ve found EC accessories fit perfectly into the coil of the PP Planner, and I’m loving the ability to buy things meant for either and be able to use them on/in my PPP.


I started using the Bullet Journal system last spring, and after trying a number of different configurations I’ve settled into a minimalistic weekly spread, with three pages for the month to come at the beginning of each month. (which leaves a fourth page open for any kind of collection I might come up with).

I really like the bullet journal BECAUSE you can tweak it until it works for you!


I’m also a bullet journal fan. It worked until my work and life got complicated enough that I relied on a spreadsheet with category and priority filters instead, but I’m looking forward to starting a new journal in January!


That might be what I’m looking for. So many systems have built-in pages that I have no need of.


I’m an inveterate list maker and happened across the Bullet Journal in the fall of 2015. Being also a big fan of notebooks, I leaped right in following the set-up instructions to the letter and found I kept putting it aside for loose paper and lists. This year I began with renewed determination, kept it up for a few months, then broke my ankle April 1 (April Fool!) which kept me on the couch with my knitting and BuJo for 5 weeks. I refined it then and kept with it better. In October I was surfing the BuJo blog and came upon someone who divided each page into three days and realized that when I lagged behind it was because of all the white space glaring at me each day. So I drew lines and still have room on the side for a few daily remarks and I leave a couple pages at the beginning of the month for various lists. I’m thinking this year there’ll be a “books I’ve read” page each month. It’s an evolving system for me but so very satisfying.


Exactly! I was always repurposing the built-ins for my own needs, or just frowning at the waste of paper.


YES! Books I’ve read! I never make it over to Goodreads; just too much guilt in that trip for me. This is the answer - thank you :slight_smile:

Also: I love the Bullet Journal. I’ve kept it simpler than most, and so far it’s the best system I’ve found, which is to say, pretty great when I work it. My weak point is review, and bringing things forward.


I’m intrigued by the bullet journal, and I think I’m the type of person that would find it really satisfying. I’m also the kind of person that could get super obsessive about it, so I’m trying to decide if it would be satisfying or anxiety-inducing. I can’t decide if I want to take the plunge or not, because it does seem rather daunting to start up.


I’ve decided to go with the Bullet Journal style - using a grid comp book that I already have. I’m doing the week in each spread, with the month at the end of the 4 or 5 pages to jot down upcoming or an overview and all running notes in the back of the book. I think it will work fairly well and the size is big enough not to lose easily or require glasses, yet will slide in all of my bags save the smallest.


There is a DIY planner making class on Creativebug. just saying.


I’ve taken just a few ideas from BJing and used it in my own version. The thing that revolutionized my journal was the simple idea of numbering my pages and having a table of contents. I use pages for books I’ve read, things I knit, daily to do lists, bible study and daily journaling. I’ve also mused tape and stickers to divide pages and make it more user friendly. It’s become one of my most effective organizational tools.


I converted to Erin Condren a few years ago and do like using that system after many years with a Filofax and a few years with just my phone. I was a member of a few planner groups on Facebook until I went crazy with too many ideas and suggestions. Also I’m not a “sticker and decorating person.” I just want a simple planner. I use my phone, as an on the go reminder, for all my appointments but I also enjoy writing on paper. I love the idea of adding books I’ve read to my planner. I read a lot, like to stay with authors until I finish all their books and sometimes I forget which I’ve read.


Today I forgot my Bullet Journal at home–sometimes I forget to put it in the pocket of my laptop bag when I’m done with it at the end of the day. My workaround is the mini Leuchtturm notebook that I keep in my purse all the time. If I think of something that needs to go into the BuJo, I’ll write it down in the mini and transfer it when I get home.

The mini BuJo mostly has wishlists and other lists I might need while out & about, but I dedicated a couple of pages for jotting down bullet items at times like this.


I kept a bullet journal last year and started a new one this year. I’m really fast and loose with the daily stuff, some days there’s 10 bullets, then I may not record anything for a day or two. That’s the beauty to me, BJ rolls with me! Books to read, make a page. Meeting notes, make a page. Knitting project, make a few pages. I did make one adjustment this year. I drew monthly calendars for the whole year at the beginning of the notebook. The numbers down the page just didn’t work for me. I needed a an old school calendar. And I left a page to make notes for 2018. I still use my phone for appointments so that my family is synced, but otherwise it’s BJ all the way.


Hi Everyone – I am a planner and bullet journal nerd. I have used my own “work journals” for a couple years, in bullet journal format. My co-workers pop into my office to look at it.

I have also used Carpe Diem, Day-Timer, Day-Runner, and Filofax planners.

I’m super excited to say that my planner nerd partner Jody and I have designed our own new planners, using the bullet journaling theme as inspiration and keeping in mind that there’s no perfect planner unless it can be totally customizable to YOUR life.

Please check us out on Kickstarter – of course we love backers, but I am also super interested in feedback and ideas.

Here’s the link - there are two short videos and lots of pictures.



BuJo slso has an app where you can enter info you want to put into it later- amd much more!