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Ideas for Euroflax Linen Mini Skeins


Okay - thanks for clarifying. I am the one who started the thread on the Dangling Conversations project. Mine is in the “sea” colorway. I enjoyed it so much, I planned to make several more, but ended up making other projects with some of the linen. The first thing I made was the “Reverse Psychology” shawlette by Mindy Ross ( the same designer of Dangling Conversations. Now I’m making a rectangular wrap (pattern made up as I go, but based on the photo in the first MDK Field Guide, “Stripes,” on page 23). I’m a loose knitter, but I’m especially loose with Euroflax linen - for me, it doesn’t allow snug stitching!


Reverse Psychology is pretty too. I have had this linen yarn for quite some time and am knitting it to go with a dress that I have. I thought that the linen would work in summer weather. I washed the skeins before making them into balls for knitting. It seems to be soft enough for knitting. Hopefully, it will get even softer and drape beter after blocking.


I also like how it turned out. I hope that mine will be just as good with the smaller needles.


I am getting into knitting with this linen and am experiencing that whicht weavers do. The linen stretches out in places as you are working on it and doesn’t bounce back. I un-knit about one inch, thinking that there was an error. It was just a stretched stitch. Hopefully blocking will take care of this.
I washed the skeins before making them into balls, but the yarn is still a bit stiff and I sometimes have to hold it onto the needles as I knit. Interesting. The only other time that I have knitted with linen was with the paper tape by Habu. I combined it with a very fine mohair, in two sweaters…


Blocking makes a huge difference in the finished project with this yarn! My knitting was so uneven looking, but it looks perfect after blocking.


This is my Dangling Conversation scarf. The problem is that I can’t keep it draped while wearing it. The linen doesn’t cling to itself. Maybe a shawl pin.


This is beautiful, Marta!

I think it will “learn” to stay around your neck.

I love this colorway so much and it’s so cool to see it knitted up here and in PDXkniterati’s design.


Yes - very lovely! I wonder if mine was knit a little more loosely, thus slightly larger - I kept it around my neck by wearing it bandana style, but a shawl pin would also add a nice touch!


I did it! I managed to figure out how to post a photo! (Okay already, enough celebrating.) These two pictures ARE of the same project (under very different lighting conditions.) This is my Reverse Psychology shawlette by the same designer who created “Dangling Conversations” - Mindy Ross.
I used the Fire colorway until I ran out of yarn, and then added more of the purple color (Eggplant), to make a more substantial shawl. A few more details are available on my Ravelry page:


I don’t know about it “learning to stay on my neck”. However, I wore it to a luncheon where it got many good comments,although several people asked if it was knit with my wool. ??? I explained that it was linen. It don’t know how many people understood what that is. These were all college graduates and members of AAUW. Hmmm.
However, I was worried about the neon chartreuse but people oohed and aahed about it and said that that color was the latest.
I did eventually wear it bandana style, also, and it works that way.


By the way, Kay, i wound the linen skeins into balls on my ballwinder and they worked really well on my yarn lazy susan until almost used up. I then had to rewind the final yards into a hand wound ball and knit with it while the ball was in a jelly jar.


I have just order two more Euroflax skein sets. Now to decide what to knit. ???
I wonder if the Branbling shawl would work, or Jill Draper’s Just One (more) Row scarf. Then I just saw something on Ravelry that looked interesting. These are so nice with summer clothes. They are not too hot. I live in a mountain are above the Sacramento Valley in California. Our weather here is not as hot as that of the Valley but it can get into the triple digits at times.


I just created a Ravelry page for my most recent project, made from two sets of the Earth colorway. I will send you a link. It’s fun to figure out what to do. With two sets, you can do something a lot more substantial. Have fun, and keep us all posted!

Here is my newest project:



Interesting. Actually, I don’t want anything “substantial”, just decorative. It is hot here and I want something for summer wear. I did like what you said about putting the wound skeins into yogurt containers. I was thinking of plastic Ziploc bags. One of these projects may accompany me on a flight from San Francisco to London, and back, in July. It will be 20 hours total hours plus… Some interesting patterns are thick and long rectangles which may be too hot to wear.


I was worried about that neon chartreuse, too, but now that it’s knit up, it’s my favorite part of the piece!


Can someone please post instructions for posting photos? I still have not figured that out! Thanks!


Click on the icon above ‘BBCode’ - the bar with the arrow pointing up -

This window opens, I chose ‘from my device’ and clicked on ‘my desktop’, then chose these screenshots and clicked on upload.

Hope that this helps. : )


Thank you so much! This helps tremendously!


Churchmouse Yarns has announced a free pattern using 1 or 2 skeins of Euroflax. It is called Vertical Drop stitch Scarf. It is pretty but I don’t see how the mini skeins could be used to advantage with this pattern.


I am finally using my mini skein set in Sea to make a necklace cowl ( I will add some length to the strands to make up for the smaller gauge and the fact that I want to use all 5 colors in the set. I made a couple of these for my nieces for Christmas this year using a worsted weight yarn. It is a fun pattern to knit, hopefully the linen will work out well.