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Insomnia Real Estate


Much like Ann, I too suffer from House Envy! Thought I would share this treasure in my neighborhood with you all to day dream about. I seem myself lounging in one of the windows with my fantastic, hand spun silk laceweight draped gracefully across my empire waisted gown while I wait for my royal lover to arrive. But that’s just me.


What a fun thread idea! I’ll add my favorite house, one that has haunted me for a few years since we were browsing listings. It’s still on the market, but it’s a gorgeous 1900 house: it overlooks a beautiful river and has a pasture for sheep and a studio for weaving or pottery or spinning or just drinking tea in sweet solitary peace.,-concord,-ma_rb/?fromHomePage=true&shouldFireSellPageImplicitClaimGA=false&fromHomePageTab=buy


Sigh! I do love an entry hall. And yes: we all need a pasture.


This is truly mind boggling. I mean: my mind is BOGGLED!


I forgot to add this yesterday. Filmed at the Castle. Beyonce! Big Pink Curlers! I’m in heaven.


My stash would love living in this house!


I have swooned over this house (from the outside) IRL. It is just amazing.


It is swoon-worthy! Like Aunt March’s house, it would make a great school.


Okay who is in? We could do this!


My mom’s family is from near there. Lovely place if you don’t need to earn a lot of money!


I’m charmed.


Oh, I heard about that this morning. How about that for a daydream?


This is so wonderful! Such a dreamy place.


Ann! Your Cambridge pile has had the price dropped by 200K. Ready to spring for it now? We could go halfsies!


JULIA. I am just here to tell you that in my visit to Cambridge last week, we WALKED DIRECTLY PAST the Thorpe House. It was BECKONING, I tell you. It wants us to live there. Imagine the knitting retreats we could cook up in that place. SIGH!


I see an Insomnia Real Estate Playlist in our future.


What a fun thread. I am happy where I am. But I would love a cabin in the Berkshires, also a tiny house studio in my yard ok?


Architecture nerd reporting for duty.

To think you can get an important home on acreage for $1.3m. In the SF Bay Area that wouldn’t buy you much, sadly.


Thank you so much for this link! I have never seen that house before (for as many FLWright lectures I’ve sat through). It’s stunning and beautiful and interesting. All the hexagons! Bee metaphors abound. Love it.


Oh my, this is new to me too. I love it - and hope that just the right person/people find it, too.