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It's the Refreshalong! General Knitalong Chitchat Here

Hi friends,

It’s time for the Refreshalong! We’ll be knitting Carol Feller’s glorious designs in MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh. The patterns all specify Carol’s lovely yarn, Nua Sport, but as with all MDK knitalongs, all yarns are welcome, all knitters are welcome, just BYO hot beverage and sit with us.

All the details about the knitalong, including links to Carol Feller’s video tutorials for the patterns, are in this post from May 1, 2020.

If you have questions, comments, or conversation about specific patterns, go to the Lounge topic for that pattern. It’ll be easier for everyone to find pattern-specific information that way.

The Refreshalong will keep going all the way through August 2020, so we’ll all have some amazing things to wear in September.

Ann and Kay


So, if you’re a pretty good knitter–I can knit and purl easily, stockinette is easy, adding stitches, k2tog no problem–which of these projects would you start with first? Thoughts? I’m tempted by the hat but then I have problems knitting in the round–I ALWAYS twist my stitches when I join them!

Hi Em,

Although Ann and I both love super easy knitting, the patterns in Field Guide No. 14 are a little more challenging, they have more going on.

I actually would not start with the hat unless you just want to try the yarn on a small format. (It’s a small enough circumference that I don’t think you would twist the cast on, and there’s always the trick of knitting the ribbing back and forth, flat, before joining in the round, then sewing that tiny seam when you’re done with the hat. Guaranteed no-twist!) The hat is easy but some knitters don’t like purling every round, as you do to get that lovely reverse stockinette background for the arches in the cap. (For the record I love purling every round, but I might not be typical in this. For me purling goes faster.)

The one I’d start with is the Twining Wrap. It starts from a few stitches and grows. You’d learn some basic but impressive looking cables and twists, and you’d learn how to incorporate the increases into the pattern stitches. The shaping is regular and predictable. So that’d be my choice, and I think it’s doable for your described skill level.


Oooo thank you Kay! :slight_smile:

I’m in! I’m going to do the hat because I have enough things on the needles right now and that looks pretty fast and dirty–just what I need right now. And miles of purling will be something to look forward to! I’m so sick of my house that in all honesty, I’ll take entertainment I can find. Alas, I cannot cast on today because I was way behind on ordering my yarn. It’s winging its way here as we speak and should be here on Monday. Which doesn’t really mean anything to me anymore because I rarely know what day it is anyway…


Emily this is going to sound so silly and easy but it was a game changer for me when it came to twisting the cast on. Simply lay it down on a table and line everything up. Here’s a hat that I cast on this morning (part of a set of mitts and hat that I am have owed a friend for ages). I’ve already worked two rounds but I think you can see it. I do it on the side with the bumps. It only takes a minute to lay it down, give it a few little pats to make sure everything is straight then pick up your tips, work the first few stitches and you’re good to go. When I get my yarn for my Arcade hat, I’ll take photos of the cast one before I start working it to show you more. Hope it helps and happy knitting.


I’m in with Twining Wrap using Unexpected Macaw. Looks like fun. Really helps to know how to do cables without a cable needle.


Try knitting a few rows flat, and then joining the stitches. You’re much less likely to twist the stitches that way. You can seam together those few rows (I suggest 3) when you’re done.


I’m in! The yarn arrived last Monday and I’ve been fiddling with swatches ever since. Going with one size bigger needles and one size smaller Trellis Top. I woke up early and thought I’d cast on before I even read my e-mail… but here I am, not casting on and reading e-mail instead. Today, like nearly every day, has nothing on the calendar for me, so I will definitely get to this soon!


Oh what a good idea!!! Thank you! <3

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I couldn’t wait (starting was a reward for finishing a work job). Am well into the body of the Transom cardi. Knitting with Lichen & Lace Rustic Heather combined with the mohair lace in Beach Glass. Love the pattern and the yarn.

I knit Carol Feller’s Tabouli sweater from March Madness last year in Nua. Lovely yarn. That was also a saddle shoulder sweater with similar construction.


I have my yarn for making the Arcade hat. My question is how do you all keep so many OFO’s? I have unfinished socks, a sweater, and more in the closet. They are all on needles. I keep having to order new needles to start new projects. Can unfinished work be kept on spare yarn?


Hello all,
I’m new here on the MD forums. I’ve spent the past two weeks gathering all the things I need to get going. I’m in the UK and now have the Refresh hard copy, nua sport harvest moon which I’d describe as more brown than orange and will be starting with the trellis top. I had been hoping the buttons would arrive today, they’re a bright turquoise shell, so I could have posted them with my yarn choice.

I have a whispered idea of doing all four projects eventually as homage to the unique year we’re having. Time will tell. I do like all four designs. Maybe if I finish for Christmas I could wear the lot at once!

Swatching next and a final decision on the size.


Yup. Or stitch holders. Or even a different pair of needles. Caution tho, if you do that, attach a note reminding you what needles to put them back on .

And, I have multiple sets of needles in the same size just for this reason!

I had to quickly finish my project on my size 4 16" circulars so I could cast on the Arcade Hat. I swatched on a longer circular so I knew the needle size I needed with Nua Sport.

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Blocking now, just need buttons