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Keira Knightley's Cardigan in The Imitation Game


Can we talk about this sweater? I just saw The Imitation Game for the first time and Keira Knightley wears a gorgeous fitted fair isle cardigan in many scenes. Has anyone else noticed? Can we get the pattern? Do you think she made it herself?!


Oh, yessssss. Not only did I lose it completely for that cardigan, I cooked up a cowl using the stitch pattern. You can read about it at my post, “An Imitation Game Cowl.”

I haven’t seen a full pattern for the cardigan, but I honestly was all about the Fair Isle, so that’s why I went with a cowl.


Thanks Ann. Your cowl is gorgeous and a good Fair Isle re-entry for me. It’s been a looong time for me and Fair Isle.


I was so distracted by her sweater when I watched that film! Luckily my family is very used to my blurting out comments on knitwear at inappropriate moments when I’m watching TV.


CRAZY about this sweater. And has Keira ever looked more fetching? I think not.


Ann, I remembered that you had posted about the cardigan, but I’d forgotten that you put the motif on a cowl! So nice to see it again, with all the heart-eyes emojis.


The tragic part is that I’ve run out of one of the greens! Ugh! Must
regroup on finishing it.


That IS tragic! I’d love to see it finished!


Me too! (the blurting part) Also “can you pause so I can take a picture of that character’s outfit”?