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Learning Brioche

Beautiful! I actually think in the round, and 2 color, is the easiest way to learn brioche. No figuring out if you should slide or turn, like in flat brioche. And 2 color means that the stitch and its yarn over are different colors, which makes things a little easier to read.

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All signed up - looking forward to meeting you!

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One thing I found missing in early online brioche classes is HOW to FIX IT. It is a fact that you will make mistakes no matter how good you get at it so learn early— like when your swatching—how to fix it. Try this link, (and there are others) that teaches how to ladder down one row to fix one mistake instead of having to rip out hours of work.

Good luck and welcome to the world of brioche!


Good, hope that helps. I found watching Stephen West slowly and going over it several times really helped me see what he was doing.

Thanks, that is really helpful. Didn’t think of looking for something like this when I kept having to tear back my brioche. Will be really helpful for the hat I’m about to start.

Definitely! I played around with 2-color knitting flat and just about went nuts. Getting the basics down while knitting in the round helped a lot!

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If you want to learn the two colors brioche, I have a pattern where I made a complete photo tutorial with almost every move of needles, more than 75 pictures, step by step, row by row are on this pattern - Bridget Scarf - and if you need extra help all you have to do is contact me


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Thank you for the pattern.

You’re so welcome!

Bluprint is free for a month. It doesn’t even ask for your credit card. You should check it out.

I would love to learn Brioche. A lot of great ideas here on various outlets of learning - thanks!
My goal is to make a fisherman knit sweater . Have only seen it in brioche.

FYI you don’t necessarily need brioche for a Fisherman sweater! Look for instructions on “fisherman’s rib” stitch (a/k/a “knit 1 below”), it’s a snap.