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Lichen and Lace Yarns


We’ve had a fair amount of Lichen and Lace yarn sailing out of the Shop, so if you’ve adopted some of this beautiful variegated yarn, we’d love to see what you’ve been making with it. Pix and stories welcomed!


I finally landed on the Gray Morlaix. I cast on yesterday and finished the neck shaping tonight. I’m using Pressed Flowers and have started one other sweater with it but was not thrilled, and ripped it out. So far I am liking this pattern though my short rows are not as anonymous as I would like them. I might need to learn a better method than wrap and turn.
I love this yarn!
Alas, I am worried that my neck opening is too wide - i am adjusting the pattern to use a worsted weight and the pattern is written for DK- and not sure I can rock the boat neck look but I guess I will plod along and see how it looks.