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Logalong: Inspiration for Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong


Hello everyone,

In case you missed it (how could you miss it?), Karen Templer posted a great bunch of ideas and inspiration for the Logalong over at the Fringe Association blog:

Got me all excited again. Maybe I need two projects?


What about Marnie by Kaffe Fassett??


Today I got my Field Guide #5. No one mentioned (or did I miss it?) that there is, tucked away near the back, the suggestion to substitute different sequence strips for the usual color ones. This is a brilliant idea and is boggling my mind with new possibilities.


That is going to be the Logalong project for at least one person I know! It’s tempting to join in as it’s such a beautiful effect. Maybe my project will go so fast that I’ll need a Second Logalong Project, and if so, Ann’s sequence log cabin will be the one.


Ahh, just saw this, Sandra. Marnie certainly fits the theme. The trouble with Kaffe (there is absolutely no trouble with Kaffe, that’s just a figure of speech KAFFE I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY) is that his colorwork generally uses the intarsia technique. So those boxes may look like log cabin but they are intarsia.

Kaffe is like Mozart writing for opera: he doesn’t do anything to make it easier on the singer/knitter.

It would be a fun puzzle to make a log cabin with the effect of Kaffe’s striped background here. There must be a way!


Marnie is most certainly inspiring, and perhaps a challenge…


Does anyone happen to know if Kay &Anne are going to offer their log cabin patterns on Ravelry for sale again? I could swear I saw them mention that but can’t find it again. I’ve got my eye on a Moderne Log Cabin for #2 son, and I’m hoping to work on it during the Olympics.


I’m thinking of a Bauhaus mitered shawl: It’s just three mitered squares, but has a nice effect.


Yes! We are this close to having the Moderne (both sizes) and the Courthouse Steps patterns ready to publish as individual PDF downloads. Look for them soon! Thanks for keeping me ON TASK.


I finished this blanket for my grandson Pyper,with tassels at the corners and his name embroidered. I also sewed silky ribbons to the edge as he likes to rub these for comfort. I am in the process of another one for Neve my granddaughter.Wish I had discovered patchwork knitting sooner!


It warms my heart to see this beautiful blue log cabin. It will be cherished, I’m sure of that (based on the fact that my 19 year old still has his log cabin).


How are those patterns coming? I’m hoping to get yarn for Christmas & I want to ask for the right amounts…


Still just lurking at the moment…so many other things on my To Be Knit list. However I was recently gifted some self striping yarn and in considering my options for this yarn, I thought, small fun modern log cabin baby blanket might be fun. Or some hats. Or an infinity scarf/cowl. So I made a quick Rav bundle. But really…I’m just lurking.


I’m betting Pryor will love it! I made my son’s about a year ago (he’s 17), and he loves to wander around all wrapped up in it.


Gosh, I love this! And this is why I’ve been ignoring this thread - I’ve got baby knitting to get done, and I knew I’d be tempted!


I’m hoping to join in with a scarf or something like it. I’ve been eyeing “Scarfy Thing” which is modular, rectangular, scrappy, so I hope it fits the theme. I have some bright pinks to use, from my stash, so it will be bright to wear in the wintery weather.


I’m excited, my yarn came today! Both my boys love the log cabin blanket I made for our living room, and have requested a “grown up” blanket of their own (6 foot square). My 13 year old loved the design that Kay and Ann posted from piecemeal quilts. He’s a math enthusiast, so he picked this one.

Doing it in Tosh Vintage, it’s a big present for both of us. Here’s the colors he chose:

Oh, and I also have a big moderne afghan I’m working on for my cousin… This is my movie theater knitting since I can do it in the dark.


Fantastic colors. I love them.


I really loved that one, too, and have bookmarked that page!


Is practicing on a log cabin dish cloth cheating:thinking:. Thanks