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Logalong: Inspiration for Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong


I love log cabin knitting. I’ve done 2 court here use steps for bedside table tops (since someone lost the glass tops. Don’t ask. Didn’t break, lost!); ans a queen-size Moderne Log Cabin in cotton and an UFO baby blanket two colors - one large square with CC strips that create smaller squares withIn it.

I’ve been thnking of making the NinePatch Log Cabin in Brown Sheep, so I can have a summer one and a winter one. But I’m color challenged and indicisive. Wondering if anyone else is doing this or has specific color ideas. TIA!!!

P.S. Elsewhere in The Lounge I just read of a giftee loving their Brown Sheep Station Wagon, so I thought perhaos my idea is worth pursuing.


I’ve begun my first log cabin knit blanket with the wonderful MDK Nine Patch blanket kit. I have a basic idea in my head, but we shall see how it morphs along the way! Thank you to Ann and Kay for the Log Cabin Field Guide, luscious yarn, and incredible inspiration!


Just finished my Log Cabin Mitts. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden. I used a little more than 1 skein. They are definitely fraternal twins.


Beautiful! I’m using Noro Taiyo; it’s a huge skein. The first mitt is a lovely pale color shift. I started the second, and it starts very dark, so I may start over using the outside of the ball to align a bit more with my first mitt. The color shift will be reversed, I think, but better than this dark puddle for a center!


Hello; I’m a new member, and yesterday started my first Log Cabin square out of a stash of bulky yarn. I was going crazy trying to figure out how to pick up the stitches at the beginning of a new row; there are so many different methods on the internet, I was totally confused. I found your post, with its reference to The Yarn Harlot’s blog and it made all the difference. So I thank you very much for posting that reference!


No problem, glad it was helpful! Hope it’s going well!


And done!

I made two left mitts (didn’t want to fuss with all those ends on the right mitt since I was using Noro and had a lovely color change vibe going on by itself). I used the outside of the ball for the second mitt, and it goes in reverse order of the first mitt: Greenish center to gray thumb, and gray center to greenish thumb.

I saved the brown/gray center from my previous attempt (center pull) and am finishing that one, and will use the outside of the ball again for the second mitt for the second pair.

No, that’s not my firepit! It’s at Skamania Lodge in Washington; we just did a gal pal overnight getaway this weekend. And my friend received her belated birthday mitts!


congrats! looks really really good! wish i could do something similar! At the moment i’m on oral steroids…very upset…


congrats! it looks really good! amazing i would say. wish i could do something similar myself!


As part of my log cabin logalong, I geeked out on different ways to pick up and knit along the selvage edges. I didn’t like the new way I tried (circled).

So I went back to my old way. Blog post here, if you like geeking out over these things too.

And then it turned out that my gauge was too lose, so I made the Noro mitts in the previous post.


I thoroughly enjoyed log cabin knitting using the Ultra Alpaca in the warm colorway from Mason Dixon Knitting! I used the techniques from the book but changed the design from the Ninepatch pattern to be similar to a log cabin quilt I once made with my grandmother when I was a child.


It is beautiful. I love the way you placed the colors.


These are both so beautiful!!!


This is stunning! Wow wow wow.

May we share it on Instagram? Do you have an Instagram account (so that we can tag you)?

Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece of log cabin.


You are welcome to share it. I haven’t yet embarked on the Instagram world. I very much appreciate the yarn and the learning!! I look forward to casting on more log cabin projects!


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback :blush:


Thank you! The pattern created by the maroon color turned out to be a surprise. I’m already thinking about the next project and how to envision patterns of colors once all the squares are sewn together :smile:


I finally finished my Log Cabin blanket 11 mos after the logalong started! Yay! I combined the traditional log cabin pattern with sequencing techniques. I had lots of trouble getting everything square and blocked the pieces and the finished blanket several times. I experimented with the edging and decided to go with it even though I think it accentuates my “squareness” challenges. I also used yarn I had leftover so I’m not all that thrilled with the colors. Boo. It was an interesting project and I’ve made a toasty warm blanket to curl up with!


But isn’t that what you wanted, a cozy blanket filled with your memories and lessons learned.


What I really wanted was Ann’s beautiful blanket–haha! But yes, I now have several lessons learned AND a very warm blanket!!