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Making the Station Wagon Blanket


Hi Susan,
Are you going to be following the pattern and using the three-needle bindoff to seam it? Because if you are, I think there is no need to slip the first stitch of every row; doesn’t make things easier and I think gives you a “loopier” pickup if that makes any sense?

If you do it, please let us know how it works!


I think I will probably sew the seams, but I will let you know if I try the three needle bind off. I’m not a huge fan of it, except for shoulder seams. It seems bulky for a blanket, but, you never know.


So I read over the pattern and was wondering, why are we supposed to make blocks and join them instead of making strips? Is it to give the blanket more structure? And if anyone has tried it with strips, what is the verdict, Yea or nay?


Back when we were cooking up this pattern, the thought on the blocks was
that it makes the project superportable. It is totally fine to make 7
strips instead of 14 blocks! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to


See Ann’s reply–strips work just as well as blocks.


Woot! Woot!

Just cast off my 3rd block. Can’t wait to get the next one done, and have enough to put the first two strips together.

I’ve been working a lot, so haven’t had as much time as I’d like on this. But, I’m hooked. This has become some serious “potato chip” knitting for me, racing from one color to the next.


I will likely finish my second full strip tonight. I’ve given myself until the weekend to indulge in this before I start holiday knitting.

I’m finding that I’m having an easy time counting the ribs, though occasionally I get overzealous and knit some extra rows that I have to rip out.

What do you all do while you knit your strips/blocks? I’ve been watching The Crown and listening to Moby Dick. . . almost done with The Crown but only 15 chapters into Moby Dick!


I just finished my 7th strip: 2 each of strips 1 & 3, 3 of strip 2 knit. For those of you wondering about yarn consumption, I have started my 2nd skeins of indigo and sable, but still have a bit of grey heather left. I think if you knit in long strips, you could use only 2 skeins of color E, especially if you are willing to be flexible in which color is used for assembling the strips.

It will be somewhat close for the indigo, but I think I will win at yarn chicken.

As for entertainment while knitting, I find I can easily work on this at knit group or while watching TV. My audiobooks these days are in the Outlander series (I turn it down when my husband walks by – I don’t think he realizes how steamy these novels are).


Yikes! I hope you have enough Indigo. I had some Indigo knit up from a false start, and, though I usually would have just tossed it out, I kept it. I am glad I did, because I have a feeling I will need it. Let us know how it goes with the Indigo - I hope there’s enough!


I’m a wee bit frustrated right now. So far I finished two strips and two issues have come up:

  1. I’m knitting this blanket from stash, but I’m not sure the colors work for me. I’m going back and forth on it, and I suppose I have to change one color and see if I feel better about it. Problem is, I don’t know if I have enough of the other color :confused:

  2. After finishing the second strip I realized that I forgot two rows in every repeat. Nooo… off to the frog pond sigh


Oh wow, that’s the pits. So sorry, SisterMorphine! Definitely take a break from this and dig out your very favorite easy ride piece of knitting. Palate cleanser required!


It’s tempting, and I did knit a few rounds on my christmas socks (sock knitting = comfort knitting), but I think it’s better to hop right back in. You know, like when you fall off a bike. Tim Gunn moment here.


There is just something about garter-stitch stripes!


I’m back with a picture of my first three strips, one of each, using Aztec turquoise.

I’m pretty happy with it because turquoise is my favorite color and I think it goes with everything.
I’m having fun knitting the strips but I messed up on the beginning of each one. I made the cast-on row the first ridge, and not the first row. What the heck? I have been going back and forth, should I start over and do it right or just carry on? Eh, I’m going to carry on and continue to do it wrong. I don’t think it will make that much difference. I hope b


Whoops. Ignore that lowercase b at the end.


That turquoise! So fantastic.


Getting ready to cast on later today-- I hope to use a set of colors purchased together as part of Plucky Knitter fall palette. Have managed to collect enough neutral colored skeins, and am wondering how it might look if I used a variety of different colors in place of the purple yarn…


The color choices you made are quite wonderful.


Do it! It’s all about how you aim with the colors. Curious to see this.


I love that shot of turquoise. It just shines!