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Making the Station Wagon Blanket


Thanks Ann! I’m loving this project, great all around TV knitting.


I think your idea is wonderful. Send us pictures when you can!


I’m using my row counter to let me know how many ridges I need to knit in each color block. This way I don’t keep going back to the book to double-check myself.
I considered putting this tip in the tips and magic topic, but the station wagon blanket topic seems to needs some love and attention. :grinning:


I like the idea of spit splicing-- assume you’re doing this with two colors. How do you get the splice to go right at the end of the strip? Are the any stitches that have a bit of two colors? Thanks!


It is a blanket. As long as they are all the same, why frog it!


I finished knitting my strips in December, but I haven’t woven in all those ends yet. I tried spit splicing, but didn’t like it with this yarn. I will likely take a while with the weaving in of the ends because I’m not able to get down on the floor and block the strips, so there’s no sense of urgency right now. I anticipate blocking in February, so maybe if I can weave the ends in on one strip a week, it won’t seem so bad. (For those who have followed along, I’m out of my cast and in a leg brace, but only have 30 degrees of movement in my knee with the brace - progress is slow but steady.)


I just finished my strips tonight. I have the following amounts remaining of each color: navy 54g, brown 115g, violet 80g, sage 53g, and grey 115g (all are less than 1 skein). Ann and Kay, could you please check with Mary Jane and confirm that 54g will be enough to complete the i cord edging? I am a bit concerned. Even though I think the navy is the best edging color, I might go with one of the other colors because I am a yarn chicken.


I stopped at 4 stitches left and cut the working yarn about 4 inches long for a 1.5 inch spit splice with the new yarn. There’s often a one or two stitch blur at the splice, but I’m hoping the exposed 3-needle bindoff will obscure that. We’ll see. I’m picking up stitches to bind off now!


Wrong sides together when you do the bindoff right? I’m not sure I ended up with the cast on edges both at the same end. :frowning:


Hi Nancy, I’m at the three needle bind off stage too. I’ve been stuck here for awhile because it’s new to me. Watching knitting tutorials on YouTube helped immensely. After a few do-overs, I finally figured it out. I think. Followed directions and put right sides together on two strips and now I think I like the wrong side of the bind-off better so I’m trying it with wrong sides together now. Also thinking of changing colors when I bind off too just to snazz it up.
I counted my cast-on row incorrectly (see my earlier posts) and I now see I need to improve my cast-on skills too, because it’s not very even and hard too see what to pick up.
Now that I’ve said all that, I’m sure I have given you way more info about my trials and tribulations than you want to know.
But if you want an uninformed opinion, I say do it the way that pleases your eye the most.


Wrong sides together will make a raised ridge on the right side. Right sides together puts the ridge on the wrong side. Hope that helps.


Thank you, sabograd! You said it better than I did.


Everyone learns differently, so who knows.


Thanks! I finally found in the Notes at the beginning of the pattern where it described the strips as being joined from the wrong side. I see on Ravelry that many knitters reversed that, but I’ve decided to go as written in hopes of the plaid effect being enhanced. Looks to be about an hour per join, but at least there will be no more spitting!


Forgot to post that I ended up using the navy for the i-cord per the pattern. I did not run out of yarn and the recipients loved the result. This is what it looked like before blocking:


wow that is stunning. lucky recipient!


Jamie! That is so gorgeous! It is so wonderful to see you made it all the
way through. Congratulations–can’t believe you gave it away. ; )


I’m so relieved you didn’t run out of yarn. I didn’t think you would, but I was still afraid you would!

It’s gorgeous and I love the way you did the seams.


It was a Xmas/housewarming gift to my older son (age 28) and his girlfriend. They’ve been dating since they were undergraduates, but are living together for the first time (she finished medical school in Virginia last spring and got one of her first choices for residency in San Francisco). They are both very appreciative and worthy recipients of anything I knit.

To block the blanket, I popped it in my front loader on hand wash with a dollop of Soak and then laid it out flat with a minimum of pinning. It softened noticeably and also defuzzed a bit.

When they opened the package, Anna wrapped herself up in it and couldn’t stop petting it, murmuring “it’s so soft” over and over.

I can always visit it at their place. :wink:


I absolutely love the blanket! I am almost finished with mine and would like to order another kit with the same color combination and yarn. The whole effect is wonderful! I couldn’t find it on the website. I only found the Field Guide No. 1. Is the kit still available to purchase?