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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong


Decided on Ranunculus. This will be my second “successful” sweater (I’ve already decided ahead of time it will be successful :laughing:). With the idea to get inspired by yarn to knit Ranunculus in mind, I went into my LYS (for the first time) and a sample knit of Ranunculus was the first thing I saw - how could I not knit it!

I think this pattern will be a challenge and am knitting it on smaller needles (I’d like it to be a bit less oversized) with Isager Alpaca Merino (a lace weight) doubled. We’ll see what happens! Is anyone else knitting this sweater?


I love Elizabeth Doherty’s clever colorwork hat, Lineate. I plan to use Hazelknits, and have many matching Squad Mitts that are in my #100daysoffinishingWIPS stack.


Started a True Colors! I’m using a slightly-variegated solid color for the Main Color and a Crazy Zauberball that I have burning a hole in my stash for the CC, instead of a gradient. This is the second pattern I’ve tried with these two yarns; I ended up frogging the first one because it Just Wasn’t Right. So here goes nothin’.


Well this will be fun to see!


Thank you so much for the advice and especially the encouragement. I feel that way about others, but when it comes to me… I guess ai just need to take the plunge… or maybe knit one of the many oher favorites first… like Cranberry Goose, which I lo❤️e, or Hummelo, or…


I just had a total ‘why have I never thought of this before!’ moment, thank you! Options blowing wide open here.


I think this KAL is exactly the push I need, and it’s going to be Fern & Feather. I treated myself to an armful of Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted in Cumulus (light grey) at Madrona in February and I have just enough Farm Girl Products Blue Faced Leicester in a deep Indigo for the contrast. Fun!


Fine, you got me, I’m going to do True Colors too! I’m using a marled gradient yarn that got booted from a different project for the “color”, and a muted neutral complement in the same yarn for the, well, complement.
The gradient of the first yarn goes from hot pink/magenta, to pink grapefruit, to mango/orange. It’s a smoothie, or maybe a sorbet?


I want to knit Humulus but also want to knit from my ginormous stash which has an over abundance in lace and fingering weights and low on everything else. My second choice is Kite Runner (I’d bought the ebook way back in early 2017). I just need to decide whether I’m going stash diving or take the easy route and steal yarn from a kit I purchased late last year.


I have Takhi Donegal Tweed in my stash to make the Weekender… Yay!


Me too. Spreadsheets rule.


I fell in love with the luscious texture of the Kune Kune shawl-was deeply disappointed when it was knocked out of the competition.After a couple of hand knit swatches I found that it is the perfect knit for a knitting machine as the ultimate number of needles needed is the same as on an LK150. It knit up quickly and as a bonus, I used up 4 balls of stash yarn!


I have this conversation frequently with my big sister!

She claims everything but stocking stitch is beyond her ability! Charts, lace, cables, color work: all no.

Me, I’ll try anything if I love the pattern. At the very least I’ll learn something.

So, I say go for it!
Nothing is too hard but it may not be interesting enough to finish.

A KAL really makes things doable. Somebody will offer help and technique videos are amazing.


Thanks so much. You’ve laid out my angel-devil perfectly! Normally, I’m in yiur camp, but I really don’t want another UFO, BUT I agree, the KAL should avert that. I hope…

So, I’ve been deep in all the bravkets with a much less cavalier attitude than when I voted. I did truly love somw items that didn’t make it very far. Then again I love so many of them. Especially Cranberry Gose, which reminds me of some cheapo vests someone gave me that I enjoy wearing, and a cheapo sweater inspired Cranberry, so… but I love Veronika altho I think she may not be practical for me…Hummelo woukd be practical & less knitting… and oh, dear. What is a knitting glutton to do? So it’s down to Goose & Sis, I suppose…

So, I think your advise is the way to go, which means Big Sister since that’s what I shouted out before thinking. Except I need to choose a color… and that is proving harder than expected. (Even if it is fun, too.)

Thnks again!


I know, I love it too. In it’s unblocked state especially.


I just bought The Weekender. I can’t wait to get home and stash dive. I think I have a lilac/lavender worsted or what does the Lounge think about Lichen and Lace? The reverse stockinette should interrupt any tendency to color pool. By the way I am supposed to be finishing my Project Peace 2017 Shawl and my birthday buddy’s Kyler’s Cardigan from Cottage Creations,not starting a new anything. Am I going to let that stop me - probably not.


I’m going to do the Lineate too! Cast it on last night. The accent color and main color are Syrah and Oyster in Quince & Co. tern, and the CC is Spincycle’s dyed in the wool in the saddest place. First time doing colorwork!


Oh, how fun!

I started Martha Wissing’s Hummelo last year, then got side tracked. When I saw the Hummelo on the MDK March Mayhem I picked it up again and I wish I could clone myself so that I don’t have to put it down.

I’m using Berroco Fiora … perfect drape for this design! Back and fronts are done and joined … I love how the design surprises in little details, like how the 3-needle bind off for the shoulders automatically joins the ridges to perfection …

I’m tracking my project progress on Ravelry … My Hummelo project on Ravelry


I hope to cast on tonight - I may need to do a provisional cast on bec. I don’t have the tiny needles with me.


I agree-no blocking for this baby until it really needs a bath!