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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong


Those are the exact three patterns from March Mayhem that I have ordered yarn for! Purchased several others, but they are top on the list. Humulus intrigued me especially b/c a beloved son-in-law works for Anheuser-Busch/In-Bev in NYC, and I thought his wife (our daughter) would think that was fun (the hops design). Her response back to me was, “Actually, that’s super cute!” (Mom actually picked something she likes.) I ordered the yarn used in the pattern from Germany. I cast on Dohne yesterday, again with the yarn used in the pattern–from Cornwall in the UK. Love it! Uploading a pic of the beginning.


If you love a pattern, it becomes the next fascinating thing to learn. Find a Craftsy class and watch it through. Or any other class for that matter. Grab some yarn and needles and do a practice piece. By the end of that you’ll know if something really is beyond your ability at this time or not. Either you will now have the confidence to jump in, or you can learn other skills to build towards it. And a KAL is a great place to strengthen skills you are still developing!


If you can knit a stitch you can do anything!!! Everything else is just some variation of it. You may do something new a little slower but it’s knitting–not a race. And if you screw it up, you just rip it out and start over. There are lots of people here who will talk you through any of the scary parts. I guarantee you will surprise yourself. (This advice doesn’t. Punt for Alice Starmore patterns. They’re gorgeous but terrifying.)


I so do not need to join another KAL! I’m finishing up two at the moment, one pair of lace socks over 5 weeks - an interesting but demanding exercise - and a shawl over 2.5 months. Both finishing within the next week or two.
But Fern and Feather is calling very seductively. I have beautiful BMFA purple semi solid yarn in my stash, along with some variegated bluey green. So I’ve bought the pattern and I’ll think about it some more…
I could at least cake up and swatch this week…
My big goal this year is to become a competent stranded colourwork knitter. This is a useful step in that direction.


Just swatching for Veronika, using Americo Original Abrazos and Tanguis held together. Love this dramatic colour!


Had a senior moment - put this originally in the ball band section. Anywho, I found that I had already bought Skogafjall last March so off to stash dive. I’m thinking maybe Alafoss and cardiganize with a zip.


The only thing that can allay my depression of returning from 2 weeks of vacation back to snow and cold is to sit here stash diving and pattern searching for this KAL. Can’t resist…


I decided I wanted to make a weekender (and a humulus) after voting in the march madness. I actually bought the yarn for a weekender so this gives me the motivation to swatch and start. Besides, I might actually finish this before the weather gets really warm (or possibly warm at all since we have been having snow just about every morning for the past several days in PA!!). I plan to use Tahki Donegal Tweed. I just need to figure out how this aran weight yarn knits up - to see if I need to change needles or knit a smaller size…


Okay, yarn for Daughter’s Cranberry Gose is this gorgeous stuff from The Buffalo Wool Co:


It’s Prairie, in the colorway “Bountiful,” and is a 50/50 blend of buffalo down and Muga silk, and was my first purchase at DFW Fiber Fest on Friday. Which accomplished two goals: using a yarn she really wanted and getting to work with Buffalo Wool Co. yarn.

Later tonight, I will do some gauge swatching and then cast on!


Cast on Dohne today in some Valley Yarn Worthington I had in my stash. Quick knitting and very easy to follow.


I have a project on the needles right now with Buffalo Wool Co Sexy which is lace weight, bison and silk. I love it.


I’ve wanted to work with their yarns for so long!


Bison and silk?! Must be dreamy!


My Zweig is almost finished! I am on sleeve number 2.

Then I am ready to start Dionisio Point with a kit I bought from Jill Draper Makes Stuff a long time ago. This KAL is incentive t0 get it started.


So many wonderful patterns to choose from. Humulus is a top pick for me, but I need to finish my Bolan Tee that I started. I will lurk around and perhaps I will finish Bolan quickly and then contemplate my next knit.


It was love at first sight. Dohne, in Madtosh Sport, color Silver Fox. I haven’t knit from a chart in a long time. Such fun!

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I would like to explore the possibilities of Excel for knitting. Do you have a tip for a good guide? I use Excel but have never thought of making it a tool for knitting. But it seems a natural thing to do. Thanks.


Hi Pilzie! I don’t have a guide I could suggest, I am basically applying the knowledge of Excel that I’ve acquired over the last 30 years. I made the chart by changing the column and row sizes in the spreadsheet so it would mirror a knitting chart, and then used conditional formatting (on the Home tab) to tell it which colors go where (so cells containing 1 are Gray, 2 means White, etc).
Hope that helps, and happy knitting!


Truly I’ve fallen in love with their yarns!


I will try to do something similar. Thanks for sharing. It gave me a great idea!