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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong


Row 69 completed and the pattern is starting to emerge nicely on my Dohne Shawl.


So lovely! I am enjoying the heck out of my Dohne knitting. The first part took a while to get the hang of, when the rows were short. But now I’m cranking, and half of it is garter stitch, which makes it go even faster.


All of 18 rows in on Cranberry Gose, and I am in love with this yarn!


All y’all are way ahead of me, but I will catch up!


Ann, what size needle are you using for your Dohne shawl using the Wee Bairns from Prado De Lana? I’m having trouble getting gauge…maybe it doesn’t matter?


I gotta check to confirm, but I think I went up to a 9 so that this beautiful yarn can breathe. I didn’t swatch for gauge because I figure there’s no such thing as a too-big shawl. It’s just a blanket!


Thanks! I agree, I need to go to the one I truly want most @ an emotional not practical or knitting/technical level. I think Goose Gose is winning!


I totally agree in theory! Thank you so much for such great encouragement! (The sister convo helped A LOT!)


Thank you! That’s what I always tell others! Easier said than done, eh? Your encouragement really helps!!!


I agree with you here except I include Alice Starmore designs. I learned on those. They are so well written, charts and explanations easy to follow. Even before the Internet was much of a thing, my knit experience and skills shot ahead just by going ahead and making the patterns I loved. Even though they took 1+ years to complete.
and so much did I learn from the things that dod not work out the way I had imagined!


The start is a bit fiddley, but I’m getting the rhythm now:


That’s so cool! I always find the little pointy start of a shawl to be fiddly.


I’m hoping these colors will work for a True Colors shawl. I wanted to use yarn I already have.


Anyone making Big Sister? I’m having trouble with understanding the pattern, at the very beginning, after picking up and knitting 30 stitches on the side of the collar. Part 2 Upper back shoulder slant, you pick up and knit 30 st and then it says to purl all stitches, but if you do that, you end up with a total of 40 and then when you do the shoulder increases it gets messed up, and the little picture does not match what mine looks like…any help would be most appreciated!


I think that you should only purl the 30 that you picked up and then begin r3&r4?
Do you already have 10 st on your needles?


Yes, and do they just stay on the needle without being knit? That’s what’s confusing me, unless I’m completely doing it all wrong! Since after the first part with the 10 stitches and ribbing is done, you’re supposed to turn the work clockwise without breaking the yarn.


So, do you graft the leftover 10 stitches or something at the finish? Mathematically the count after doing all of the increases don’t include those 10.


I would put them on a little holder, to answer your question. :wink:


That sounds like a great idea! Thank you!


Those colors look lovely, I am sure they will do well in the pattern. I eventually had to switch to other patterns because the yarn I already had that I wanted to use for it just didn’t take to it. (it was a marled gradient light sport weight which doesn’t look right with any other yarn so has to be a mono-yarn project like Sonder or Fantoosh). But your combo looks winning to me.

Edited to add: I finally did find the right contrast yarn for my marled gradient… a solid silver grey, which ironically was my first choice, I had just never tried it somehow. So now I’ve got my true colors in their ‘true colors’, eh.


Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to finish something else before I start this, but I might just have to cast on and do a few inches to be sure the color I chose for the MC is ok,. It’s part solid and part marl, so not sure.