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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong


Good for you. It looks terrific.


Okay… I really want to do this. It would be my first knit along, and I have a new baby. Is this overly ambitious and doomed to fail?


A journey of a thousand steps starts with . . . a little knitting. Go for it! The great thing about starting something is that you’re on your way, and maybe it’ll take longer than you think–but there’s a lot of fun to be had even when time is short.

Congratulations on your new baby! If you’re looking for a pattern you will definitely finish within five years, our new Cockleshell baby cardigan in Field Guide No. 6 is superfast:


You’re almost done! Just a few more rows … ; )



I need to take some pics of where progress on Cranberry Gose is now.


My finished Lineate hat! The color shifting yarn in this pattern was very fun. Apologies for the crappy photo at my desk.


So cool! I love the slow shifts in color—so much fun to let the yarn do the work for you. Makes me want to cook up one of these more than ever now.


this is great! I have a commercial sweater that would be perfect with this hat. I really like your color choices. I’d make the hat, only my goal project is to reverse engineer the sweater for my friend.


Well done, you!



This is beautiful! I got totally sidetracked with swatching and way tiny needles and set mine aside For now.


Baby Dog Star done.


I suppose I could just bring them both to halfway and then join 'em up… have a different side out depending whether I am at an art gallery or the beach.


I am not usually a selfie girl, but you can see how happy I am with this Dionesio cowl! It flew off the needles thanks to the yarn. Jill Draper Makes Stuff Windham is SO nice to work with.


So great! Wonderful photo–hate to tell you, but I think you ARE a selfie girl . . . ; )


I’m a softy for golds like that!


Hybrid! I have the same issue with my Dohne and True Colors–just get some superglue and we’re done!


Oh, that would be a very snuggly blanket!


Same thing with my Dohne! I’m knitting and knitting and will this 200 row section EVER get Dohne? I’m taking it to Stitch and Pitch today… we shall see what happens!

My first knitting event as a retiree, or would that be a full time knitter?!?


Fantoosh! I knitted this shawl more dense than the pattern suggests but I love the way texture and light change with every angle. It ended up as the perfect addition to my silk long dress. Now I await the event to wear this combo for the first time.


Can you show any pics? I am thinking of doing the same thing with a crazy zauberball and it would help to have a preview!