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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong


I’m on the zweig with a fab radioactive colour from Skein Queen!


So far…


Ooooh, that looks good!


(…is it Frische Fische? That’s the one I’ve been changing my mind on and I think I’ll do op-art socks with it.)

I had a hard time finding the right project for my rainbow beach gradient yarn and found it did well in the true colors pattern too. I think it’s a great pattern for showcasing yarn like this.


Yes! Good eye. :slight_smile: I had tried it in something else and didn’t like it, but it is working out very well in True Colors.


Finally done and blocking.

I put a bunch of pictures on my Ravelry account: if you’re interested.

The angle of this pic makes it look like the “reverse color” sections at the wide end are a lot shorter than the regular ones. In reality they are just slightly shorter. The yarns are not quite the same texture and weight, plus by the end I was speeding up and knitting more tightly because I really wanted to be done. :slight_smile:


You’re going to have such fun when you get to wrap it all around yourself—such a bundle of color. Way to go!


Tada! I’m very happy with how my Kite Runner turned out:


Very pretty.
Enjoy it.


This is just beautiful, I JUST cast mine on last night.
Love the clever design.


That’s just gorgeous! I love the colors and texture of this–so cool. Did you have fun making it?


Yes! After the set up and getting the pattern down, it became my regular evening tv knitting. I watched two seasons of The Expance while working on it.


Omg, look at that shawl! I’d never have been clever enough to put those colors together nearly as well! Beautiful work!

In other news: My Cranberry Gose isn’t anywhere close to being finished by the May 31 deadline. An unexpected out-of-town trip has left the poor thing in knitting limbo, but I’ll get back to her one of these days.

D*mn you, Real Life…


I have finished my second project : Ankers sweater, I don’t know if it qualifies - it’s Ankers cardigan that is in the bracket?
But anyway I so happy with it and the color.

next on my list is Dohne - I just bourght the pattern and dyed some yarn with some spring plants here i Denmark


This is so beautiful! I love the pullover version of this. Congratulations!

Can’t wait to see your plant-dyed yarn for Dohne. Wow.


I love this even more than the cardigan.


gah, that shawl is pure genius, and purty too!


A little late for the end of the KAL but assembler is done and I am wearing it happily on this grey Adirondack June day. I had some dye lot issues (ran out of yarn before it was as big as I wanted) but you can’t see them unless you look at it all laid out so, meh. I love this pattern and this cozy yarn!


Way past the end of the KAL, but knitting projects have their own timeline :yum:

I loved knitting Dohne! Soft, squishy garter and lovely lace.


Beautiful and enjoy wearing!