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National Knitting Night: Copying Wrist Warmer


Hi, all. I’m watching the Norwegian National Knitting Night on Netflix and I’m obsessed with Vigdis’s wrist warmers. So of course I want to recreate them! I think it looks like i-cord sewn into a coil shape. It looks like a coarse wool that would hold its shape. Maybe a fingering weight? Thoughts or advice? Thanks!


Ooooooh, or is it needle binding?


It looks a little like Latvian braids, I think… or on second thought maybe not. Yes, it does look like a bulky weight yarn. I wonder if it’s a simple K1P1 rib? I do like the look!


I can see the similarity to stacked braids, but I would guess that it is some version of the herringbone stitch.


It looks like nålebinding or needle binding to me. It’s thought to be older than knitting! Here is one example:

There are many results in a search for nålebinding or nålbinding. Try it!