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The house was power washed this past weekend and we had all the real estate agents over on Tuesday. There were little problems that we already knew about. the inside of the front door floor needs to be repaired, tiles by the fireplace, tiles in the bathroom, and grass outside. For the most part everyone loved the house, the front porch, the colors we painted the house, location, but the concern was the price, they thought it was high for the area. As a co-worker stated you can always go down, you can’t go up.

We now have a lot of empty rooms and lots of belongings are in closets. We are hearing several different things, one is that our house may sell VERY quickly, right now it is a sellers market because there is not a lot of inventory. In one part of the state a real estate agent said he put houses on the market and in two days they were sold. Houses around us are in different markets. There are the horse people, (think money, land, horses,) million dollar homes. There are town homes which start on the $420,000 low range, but they are more like $500k homes, then there are stand alone homes, 330,000 range, then there are condos, other town homes which are in the $250,000 range. The $250 range seems to be on the market longer, there seems to be a glut in this price range. My price range is the 330,000 not a lot of competition, but other houses have at least 1 acre, which we do not. Land here in Maryland is very, very, expensive. The house goes on the market Wednesday. Then it is just wait and see.

I am listening to audio book, and knitting a Churchmouse, Easy fold poncho. Keeping things simple for the time being. Take care one and all.



Good Luck! Sounds like a good time to sell.


this weekend was a bad one. My husband and I do not have children, what we had was a wonderful dog and cat. That changed this weekend. Our dog, Moby got sick Wednesday night, ended up at the animal er on Thursday night and passed away Saturday. We said our goodbyes to a great dog, full of personality, spunk, and playfulness. Folks, this was a GREAT dog. Lots of crying ensued on the way home.

Sunday morning the cat was not himself. It wasn’t grief for the dog, he hated the dog. I noticed blood in his urine and noticed that he was peeing all over the house which is extremely unusual for him. Took him to the animal er and yup, his health was fading fast. Heart murmur, kidney failure, not able to keep weight on, and we realized he was on the fast track to kitty cat heaven. We said our goodbyes and the cat is now with Moby the dog.

To say this was a shitty weekend is to put it mildly. Workers who were suppose to show up didn’t. The one worker has a sticker on the back of his truck that said Doge the father, ram her, with an outline of a woman bending over. We said something to the boss. The broken tile isn’t being replaced in the bathroom because we are afraid that it will mean a whole new tile flood and we can not afford it. The tile around the fireplace is beautiful, and the toe rail on the floor makes a big difference. the patch over the front door is fixed and looks wonderful. The guys are doing the lawn work today and tomorrow since we have great weather this week.

The house no longer feels like my home, I am ready to leave, and I wish the best for the next homeowner. Thanks for listening.



Oh what a horrible weekend! It is always so hard when our fur kids pass, especially when it is sudden. Glad the house work is going good. I enjoy reading about your life and the challenges you are taking on. I had seen the article on houses selling faster and for more in early spring. They mentioned the first 2 weeks of May were ideal. Hugs for you and your husband during this awful time.


So sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose friends. Hope you can be on the move soon!


thanks for the condolences. We miss them terribly, this morning our house hit the market. The only reason that I am not posting it here is because I feel like I am stepping on Ann and Kay’s hospitality. If you want to see something unusual, a clean, decluttered house, send me your email address and we can all laugh. If you have yarn, you have a somewhat cluttered, house. I envy those individuals who have yarn, and clean house!



That’s awful. So sorry to hear of your losses. I hope your house sells quickly so that you can move on to a place without memories of them. Not that you’ll forget so easily but a fresh start in a new place might help–a bit.


The house really isn’t our house anymore so we are withdrawing emotionally. It is quiet, it is quietness that I really am having difficulty with. Partly because the house really is empty. No tables, chairs, paintings, drawing, or misc. crap. Everything is put away, packed.

We have only had one show of the house which is making the real estate agent nervous. But given that it went up Wednesday, and this is Easter week, school vacations, and people heading every which way I am not expecting a huge rush. Isn’t that reasonable?

We spent the holiday with brother and sister-in-law and mentioned how the family is changing. There use to be Easter egg hunts, grandparents, lot of kids, lots of family. Now it is down to two brothers, their wives, and a niece from college. The family is constricting down. It is the natural order of things. We did get to play twitch their dog which was nice.

We talked of “next year” and we know that we will not be here. We talked of future xmases, trips they will make to Texas. heir daughter will have her medical residency in Houston, It is about three hours from us. they will be welcomed to our “new” house.



Well we have had four “we want to look at your house” people and this is working for me. One thing I have noticed is the things that I like don’t seem to matter to me. For instance Masterpiece Theater, a show called Home Fires. Loved season one, love the music, the style of clothing, everything, yet I have no desire to watch season 2. Same with GrantChester, Humans, and just about everything else on TV.

I think it is just so much is going on that I am happy to listen to a book on CD, or something that I kind of just veg out on.

Right now I am listening to calm music, Suzanne Vega to be precise. Just put her on my ipod for the drive into work and the drive home. I am very glad she has such a large catalog of music.

Take care one and all


We got a couple of responses back from visitors. One said smaller than expected, another said they wanted a garage which we do not have, and they were just looking. The third was looking for daughter and we hope the daughter comes to visit the house. the most recent one questioned the price and was concerned about the backyard flooding.

Townhomes in the area are starting at $490,000 (low end appliances, and difficult to access)

A really beautiful house on the market for less than two weeks, $750,000 under contract. So no we are not priced above the market for a stand alone, recently hardscaped home.

I am over my fear of no one coming for a visit.



As of this Friday our house will be on the market for one month. We have dropped the price at least once, and will probably lower the price this Friday. Our competition, two house in the area under 295K. One is a short sale by the bank and the other is a recently listed home.

I am not sure that going under 300K is advisable but have contacted the agent to find out how long houses are staying on the market, getting new photos taken now that spring has sprung. And possibly sitting tight. We (the husband and I ) try to talk options, and it looks like right now, it is a buyers market in specific areas. For people above $490,000 houses seem to be selling rather quickly, our price range not so much. There are town home for sale, that are running $350K+ and they do not seem to be selling so I am just wondering what is going on.

On a happier note I did get to attend my last Maryland Sheep and Wool. It was fun, weather was cooler than I remember for years. I had a list of items to shop for and did just that.



So… where are you now?


Where am I now? Still at the same house, in the same state. We have lowered the price of the house again to 300K and I expect that after June 1 there will be another price drop. While many people are looking at our house, saving our house to their “favorites List.” We are not getting any traffic. No one stopped by this weekend, one appointment on Thursday cancelled out.

Originally we were told to empty the house so that it looks move in ready. Now we are being told stage the house so that it looks appealing. We can not afford to stage the house as we spent our money fixing the back yard, painting, carpeting etc. We can’t get our stuff out of storage because it is one of four crates and we don’t have enough furniture to stage the house. So we are in a holding pattern.

The weather might also be part of the problem because it has been incredibly dreary, rainy, cold, and it is May! I am also hoping traffic picks up after Memorial Day. I am thinking that once kids get out of school and the parents are looking for their next home that the market will pick up. I have crossed my fingers, said prayers, had others part for me, buried St. Joseph and done everything that I can think of, it is just a matter of waiting right now.

Thanks for asking.


Do have any friends or family willing to give up some (nice) furniture you could stage with? Or try a consignment furniture place where you might be able to do a deal where you pay them once the house is sold. You don’t need a house full of furniture, just enough so people know their bed will fit. Best of luck! Like everyone else I’m cheering for you!


okay,this Friday there is going to be another price drop. We will be under 300K. Kind of scary. The reality is that we have no traffic what-so-ever. We are having crappy weather, gray skies, intermittent showers, chilly so that might be part of the problem. Price, we keep dropping, location, great, proximity to great schools, major highways, grocery store options, check. Everyone telling us the house is in a great area, yup. Kids get out of school this week and next so maybe, parents will start looking, who knows. It is a waiting reminds me of Christmas as child. It seems like the day would never come, or never end. I would wake up at an ungodly hour to open presents. I have also noticed that where we are moving to, house prices are also on the decline. I am buying a lottery ticket tonight, 305 million would be nice. It also is great for day dreaming!

There is an upside. Because so much of the house is empty it is easy to clean.
Because I don’t watch the type of movies the husband watches I am finishing up projects that went into the closet. The tea leaves cardigan has sleeves, the church mouse wrap has two more inches, to go then it is done, I have the husband’s pullover in pieces front and back to work on, socks in worsted weight, and not to forget the antler cardigan where I just joined the arms to the body and it is sitting in its clear plastic tote. All are in que and waiting for the final bits to complete. I also bought a plastic rocking chair to sit on the front porch and listen to books on tape. I found a new mystery series by Louise Penny and they are on audio book so I can just listen to them. I have the Harry Potter books (audio) on hold and I am going to take off July 3 so I can have a four day weekend. That is only 23 days away! On the third I might get some steamed crabs in the jumbo size as a final treat! I have never had jumbos!

My library that is only 10 -15 minutes away has notified me that my book that has come in! Work is busy, and life continues on.

PurlMeToo, thanks for the suggestion but we are not even getting traffic in and the comments we are getting, “no basement, but nice house” or “nice house, no front yard” are nothing we can rectify. It will all work out, it always does!



We had what I believe to be the “flipper offer.” Someone offered to buy the house with no inspection, testing of the well, or septic. Extremely low offer and wants us to pay them money to buy the house. Nope.

We lowered the price and had three viewings and feedback from two visitors

first said bedrooms too small, and backyard unusable.
second said nice house not in love with it and too close to neighbor on the right.

We are going to be at this price until the house sells. I appreciate the feedback from our visitors and realize their comments are not personal and there is nothing we can do about them. I wish people would read the description of the house fully and completely. We say things like, no basement and then will get feedback saying there isn’t a basement. Incredible.

on a knitting note, I am knitting a top down sweater that was put in time out and I am doing the second sleeve. So stuff is happening in my life.



The comments you’re getting from visitors remind me of the comments the house hunters make in that HGTV series. Has your realtor had a “realtor” open house? Maybe if a gaggle of realtors come through one of them will have someone that might be interested.

I am deep into the Louise Penny series myself, trying to slow down so I don’t run out of books too soon. I’m envious of all the finishing you’re getting done. Only once have I had a bout of finish-itis; I get start-itis all to often.


Yes, we have already had an open house for realtors. Their comments were cute house, love front porch, clean, great backyard. I think the house just has not connected with the right buyer. It is now just a waiting game.



Okay. It has happened we got a contract for the house, inspections have been done, repairs done, and if everything goes according to plan, we sign on August 4 and either that day or the next we start on the road to Texas.

We did not get the great amount that we thought we would. I am okay with that. Our mental health, and just wanting the process to end was worth more. In talking to each other and others we know this is a good decision and that we are now able to look forward to the “Next Step.”

We have reserved a cabin in one of the towns where we want to live in. This is our home base. We are going to look around town to see if we want to live directly in town or do we want to be on the outskirts. How much land can we handle? 5+ acres or under? Animals do we REALLY want goats. GOATS mean no vacations or trips that are only a day long, because goats have issues with late dinners, are escape artists, and talk, a lot. Not to mention a barn, feed for said animals, vet bills etc. I would really like to do some dog fostering but again, the space issue, the type of house, vet bills, etc. So we will see.

We have continued to pack up our remaining things. Yarn projects, clothes, pots and pans, the slow cooker, and of course going through the kitchen cabinets. Food going to the local food bank, and making up a box of things for the new owner. paper towels, tp, cleaners, dishes (he wants them! Yeah!!!)

We have met the new owner, introduced him to the neighbors and I think he will fit right in. Nice kid, (he is either 23 or 26) loves the house and has lived in the neighborhood. We met his grandmother! So I am happy that is working out.

My silence was because I did not want to jinx anything. Yes, I will remove St. Joseph from his spot once all the papers are signed. I will not be stopping at any yarn shops along the way. We just want to get to Texas and Texas has a lot of stores that I can visit!

Take care one and all.


How exciting! Congrats - now on to bigger (Texas) and better things. Safe travels.