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Ouch. Aches and Pains: Keep Knitting or Take a Break?


Hi Deb, I sent you a message in response to your wonderful note. I think it will arrive in your email. I didn’t want to put it on the lounge. … Too long and boring for people with good shoulders. Thanks. Ann


pilatess and fitness are great things


Something similar was happening to me over the last several years. I was having trouble with elbow and shoulder joints, TMJ issues, and fingers were locking into awkward positions. I also had some weird stuff happening with my skin. Some people close to me suggested that knitting was the cause of my troubles, but I refused to believe it!
Several fruitless visits to the Rheumatologist followed. Lupus was what they tested me for the most…four times in two years, and the doc was certain the test would come back positive.

Finally Family Practice doc sent me to a Naturopath, where I was tested for food incompatibilities.
(The individuals who were suspicious of knitting in my life began to cast a dubious eye to my medical care team.) But, based upon blood tests, I was given a list of four foods which I should never eat, and I eliminated them from my diet.
My joints were better in 24 hours. And as long as I don’t go near these ingredients (for me, the forbidden items are almonds, potatoes, soy and citrus) I am 100% pain free, and those skin issues are also completely resolved.

So, perhaps this story might be helpful to you. If there is a naturopath near you who will test for food allergies and incompatibilities, you might find some relief.

Good Luck!


Ouch again. And again.
My rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis both had been bothering me since this summer began. Eventually I had a small flare, ignored it while entertaining guests for a week, which increased to a good size flare - so, called the doctor and got a relief bunch of meds. Now, it seems the osteoarthritis, the “normal, everyday” arthritis is still bugging me.
On a side note, I stopped knitting 3 weeks ago after starting “Knitting Comfortably” a book by Carson Demers. I knew just after reading the first couple chapters that I was having way too many issues for just simple arthritis, I was having issues related specifically to knitting. (diagnosed with elbow extensor tendinopathy and moderate degenerative osteoarthritis in the neck)
So, have I learned my lesson? Probably, but I do so miss knitting. I am diligently doing my exercises, correcting my posture and hand positioning, and waiting . . . patiently.


I think I will do the rotator cuff repair in November. I have been knitting a little bit. I have to take days away from it, but then I can knit some. I have been sewing and embroidering a little, but again, I have to take frequent breaks. I will check out the Carson Demers information – many people recommend him.

The aches and pains of degeneration and aging present psychological challenges and I am finding meditation to be very helpful. A sight called Headspace ( is really good.


Oh my, torn rotator cuff. I had that (only a small tear) and there was nothing to do but surgery. I’m so glad I did that! It was a few months before we moved across the country, and I would have been in AGONY moving all those boxes and stuff. Be sure to find someone who can do the surgery laparoscopically; it will be a lot quicker healing. And advice from someone who’s been there: do EXACTLY what the PT tells you after surgery – no more, no less. They know better than we do what is necessary.


Thank you for your advice. I am wondering how long after surgery did you move?

It has been 6 months since I tore the old shoulder and I am still waiting for the all important second opinion from The Guy at Mass General. Then I will book the surgery. I hate anesthesia. I wake up like a crazy person.

But I will do it nonetheless. I can knit now, but I still can’t ride my bike, garden or swim. I am packing on the pounds, and I think I have watched everything on netlix and amazon prime.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Ann


Hard to remember now. I probably had the surgery in March, and we moved in early August.

Yes, general anesthesia will be involved even if you have it done laprascopicaly. I always think of it as going away to a different plane when I have it. I guess is your response is craziness, that won’t work for you.

I’m trying to catch up on Amazon Prime. I watch it (Grantchester, Bosch, Transparent, The Americans) frequently while knitting.



I just had bilateral carpal tunnel injections and I feel great now. Steroids are amazing.


In past I was a sportsman, but after knee injury I must stopped workouts. So, one doctor prescribed me the surgery, because my injury was serious. After that I had a rehabilitation course. Now I completely recovered, but fo prevention new injures I decided to buy special radiology equipment on it hink it can help me to stay healthy.


Count down to surgery.

Shite and shinola…the date is upon me. On Oct. 18th I will have the dreaded shoulder surgery at Mass General.
My rotator cuff is truly torn and a smidge worn out. “Tissue integrity” could be better; I am 65.

The complication for me is that the pain is so much less now than it was 6 months ago, and I have pretty good range of motion.

I am a chicken. I hate anesthesia. I get really anxious around the whole idea of the recovery process and being dependent on my family and friends.

Oh well, onward and upward. I suppose I have to fight this disintegration before it gets the better of me. At least I have something fixable!

p.s. send me images of your beautiful knitting, eating, and watching; the former I shall be doing heartily, the latter, soon.


Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.


Hi. I understand your anxiety. The time before a scheduled procedure can sometimes be so worrisome. And you have to wait until mid month! Hang in there! Think good thoughts! You can do this!


I recommend eating your greens and fruits, take calming tea with locally made honey and sit in nature. Day dream and knit!
I do hope you let us all know how you’re doing, we 're always here!


Sending healing thoughts! I hope your surgery was a success.

This is a weird idea, but I’m wondering if I’ve found a new use for the breastfeeding pillow (Boppy) that has been dormant for 5 years. Maybe it would be a good elbow support?


Thanks my dear MDK friends. I have to tell you that I postponed the surgery. It was to have been on 10/18.

The pain has diminished a bit and the weather has been so beautiful, and as you know, I am a chicken. So I put it off until after this amazing weather turns cold and the days are dim and short; after Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed…then I will rebook. My left shoulder seems to be going wrong too. I need a body transplant.

Life has been good enough, if you know what I mean. There is always something changing for better and for worse. So I am knitting a little, and taking some nice trips while I can and happy to not be plastered to a recliner right now.

I love you guys.



So, how are you doing?
Healing thoughts to you.


I get pain in my right shoulder but when I realise how tense my right arm has become, I rest and use a heat pad for half an hour or so and it goes away. Have to remember to try and relax while knitting. Not easy when I am also watching 6 Nations Rugby on TV!