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Parallelogram Scarf


Hi everyone. I recently discovered the awesomeness that is this website and forum. Has anyone else started the parallelogram scarf from Field Guide #5? I’m an idiot and bought Freia Lace instead of fingerling. Guess my scarf will be both lighter and longer.


Oh, that should be lovely! Do post a photo when you can.


:slight_smile:. Thank you. I like brighter colors than the ones offered by MDK so I went these:


Not yet – I ordered the yarn from the MDK shop this afternoon. None of the original kit color combos interested me much, but the recent stock of singles spoke to me.


I am mulling the idea of using two of the same skeins and starting one from the inside and the other from the outside. Any thoughts? There are only five skeins left in the Shop, so I have to act quickly.


There may be a meeting of the same color in the center of each?
Another solution would be to reel off the first layer of color from one ball, break the yarn, and start both from the outside. When the adjusted ball begins to run out, join in the reeling end with a splice. That would make the fabric fade-y.


A I think that would work. Pretty too.


Interesting idea. I will look at the yarn again. Thanks.


Thank you both for the input. I just placed the order for two balls of nautilus. It will be a great project for the New Year.


My yarn arrived today…in record time I might add. Thank you MDK elves.
Can’t wait to get started.


I did buy the fingering, but my scarf, while quite gorgeous, is going to be way longer than 70”. I’m wondering if the yarn in the shop is actually Sport weight, not fingering. Is anyone else having the same experience?


I’m using the MDK fingering shawl balls and yes my scarf is almost done and super looong.


Hi Kay and Ann and Cecilia, ‘Fess up! Did you put the length of 70” for this gorgeous parallelogram because you thought if we knew it was going to be a whopping—wait for it — 104” long we would never start? Or was it just a typo that needs to be corrected in the next version? Whichever, it is stunningly beautiful and a tribute to the amazing power of sequencing.


Yes, I agree - longer than I expected or wanted. I love the pattern, once I figured it out, though it is so easy to misstep the knit/purl sequence and have to frog a line.
I will definitely knit a shorter shawl.
Or . . . could I start using smaller needles? I have only 6 inches so far and the color has not changed yet.
Or I could take out a proportional amount of each color gradually?
Any suggestions?


I love this pattern and the idea of sequence knitting. I’d like to adjust the size so it is wider. Has anyone done this? The pattern says you can add multiples of 4 to the cast on, but because it is on the bias, I’m not sure exacactly what will happen. I have the yarn that the pattern calls for. I’m thinking I’d like less of a scarf and more of a shawl/wrap. Does that make sense? I searched the notes on Rav but don’t see anything.

ETA to clarify - I mean I want it more than 8-9” wide. Notes here say it is longer than 70”, more like 100”. I don’t need it that long. Maybe I need to cast on fewer stitches if the cast on is the long edge.


You’ll want to cast on more stitches but take into account that the fabric is biased and an extra inch across that diagonal requires more than the number of stitches per inch.


Thanks, but as a follow up…is the cast on the long (70-100”) edge? I’m having trouble visualizing it. I’ve got a long parallelogram in my head. If the cast on is the long edge, then would casting on more stitches make it longer? I think my last post was very unclear. I want it to be more than 8” on the short dimension and it is ok if it is shorter than 70” on the long dimension. Do I still cast on more stitches? Thanks!


You are knitting end to end, the length is determined by how many rows you knit, the width by how many stitches you’re working.
So yes, more stitches!


Finally started one. The lighter skeins from the mdk getaway. Cast on 161 for a wider shawl. Will see how long I go. May b3 huge, or May make 2!


I realize your post is ancient, but as I have just started one, I’m having the same question. It is either easily thicker yarn and/or larger needles, or potentially a shorter increase/decrease or different rib sequence. I realize the second option would require swatching, so I will save that for another day. I like wide shawls that I can fold in to scarves as my office is generally freezing.

Sorry for the late and long response.