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Parallelogram Scarf


I started a parallelogram scarf but took it out after a couple of inches as I was getting long floats when I changed yarns and I didn’t like the looks and was afraid it wouldn’t drape right. Is there something I missed? I tried to follow the directions step by step but always got the same results. Tips knitters?


I had the same thought, but if you look at the photos I think everyone has the floats.


Everyone has the floats - true. :joy:


Still sequencing. Fun to see how the color changes are going.




I’m working on one that is also 161 stitches, and I’ve just gotten to the end of the first 2 balls. It’s long enough for a scarf but I want it a bit longer. Let me know if measurements would help you in planning yours.

LURVE your colors.


Thank you, measurements would be nice, but I tend to like more of a “shawl/wrap” idea so will probably go larger (so if easy to do, great). I will confess that I was a bit skeptical of my color choices at first, but I’m liking it better as I move along. It took me a while to understand how the shape would grow, but I’m far enough along now that I can sort of imagine it.


Ch ch ch changes.


Looovvvve that Bowie song😀 Your shawl/wrap is looking Fabulous!!


Thank you. And I love that song too!


Better photo now. Will definitely want it longer than just the 2 skeins I think. image


Off the needles. Not blocked Will try to get a better photo tomorrow.