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Parallelogram Scarf


I started a parallelogram scarf but took it out after a couple of inches as I was getting long floats when I changed yarns and I didn’t like the looks and was afraid it wouldn’t drape right. Is there something I missed? I tried to follow the directions step by step but always got the same results. Tips knitters?


I had the same thought, but if you look at the photos I think everyone has the floats.


Everyone has the floats - true. :joy:


Still sequencing. Fun to see how the color changes are going.




I’m working on one that is also 161 stitches, and I’ve just gotten to the end of the first 2 balls. It’s long enough for a scarf but I want it a bit longer. Let me know if measurements would help you in planning yours.

LURVE your colors.


Thank you, measurements would be nice, but I tend to like more of a “shawl/wrap” idea so will probably go larger (so if easy to do, great). I will confess that I was a bit skeptical of my color choices at first, but I’m liking it better as I move along. It took me a while to understand how the shape would grow, but I’m far enough along now that I can sort of imagine it.


Ch ch ch changes.


Looovvvve that Bowie song😀 Your shawl/wrap is looking Fabulous!!


Thank you. And I love that song too!


Better photo now. Will definitely want it longer than just the 2 skeins I think. image


Off the needles. Not blocked Will try to get a better photo tomorrow.


I am just finishing my parallelogram scarf. Colors are from a MDK kit. My problem that every six rows or so I get a couple of rows with k2 p2 rib pieces. Is this me making mistakes have others encountered this phenomenon?
Hoping for an answer even though it is End of February 2019 and most of you did this end of 2018…


I think this essentially means that somewhere earlier in the row (or the row below) you made an error either 3 or one of a k or p. I found this from time to time and then picked back in the row to where I screwed up. Depending on if it bothers you at all, or how much, you could rip back or just ignore. It is a large scarf that will be wrapped and smooshed and nobody will notice but you.


Thanks. I’m suspecting that. I did just go ahead and finish. Maybe too much watching Grammys, Oscars et al. My scarf hangs to my knees on each side, but it’s interesting.


Before my mom claimed mine I used it more as a wrap/shawl, but I made the 161 stitch version. I agree it took more focus than I anticipated! I really like the outcome though. I hope you enjoy yours.


When I knit mine I was getting the floats too. Ivwthen started doing this adaptation: on the right side knit 2, bring both yarns forward, purl with color A and move back, purl next stitch with color B and finish the row. Floats are now gone or at least less visible.