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Pattern Scribbling Photos: Method in the Madness


I do this too. I always use row counters, just makes it easier for me.


Thanks again for all the great advice! I really took to heart the bit about writing notes where the action is.

Annotations on the bottom margin are courtesy of my 3 yo.


Also, taping them together has prevented so many mistakes.


This is what my margins often look like.


This is so good! Love this!


PDFs on the iPad, highlighting which row I’m on, and making notes right in the PDF as I go through the repeat is my method, too - helps tremendously!


this is how I roll :wink:


Oh my gosh! This is wonderful. Wht is that doodle? Is it part of the project or incidental? I love this!!!


Team Annotate here. I used to scribble all over a (copy of) my pattern. Now I’ve switched to the Knit companion app on my iPad and I annotate the heck out of that. Plus it’s all virtual so if I knit the pattern again, I can create a whole new set of annotations…or keep the old ones. Where I fall down is the transferring of pattern annotations to project notes on Ravelry…


The doodle is not a doodle, its on the print/ part of the pattern print. :blush:


I actually make little charts on a separate piece of paper. I often use junk mail or unused “return mail” envelopes for this purpose. I don’t like marking up the pattern and never seem to be able to get to where I can make a copy.


I used Notability on my iPad, which lets me mark up my pdfs. This served me well for my BangOutASweater Stopover, and even better since all my notes were right there when I knit my second one last month. Here’s a sample:

And I posted this in a different thread, but this use of scrap yarn to mark my decreases was much better than my usual “figure out the row numbers and hope I remember to advance the row counter” method. Very visual. Easy to count the ladders above the marker thread.


Hey, that is clever, the marking of the decreases. I might need to figure out pdfs on my android phone, too. Though I just bought a magnetic pattern holder from Knitpicks because I have colored pencils that I like to sharpen frequently. Cheers!


I’ve used iBooks to look at pdfs on my phone, but I haven’t tried Notability there. It might be harder to annotate on tthat tiny screen.


I usually use page protectors, too, but then cover them with sticky notes for all my jottings. One reason I like page protectors is that I LOVE charts, and I use that highlighter tape to keep track of where I am on charts. Although you can use it, and move it, on plain paper, I think the tape works better on the page protector. (BTW - notes to yourself are called marginalia in the library world and are quite valued in rare books, unlike the more current books that get returned all marked up, usually with highlighters. We call that vandalism, although I suppose if we keep those books long enough, it becomes marginalia!)


I do exactly what you do Ann


looks like my patterns …


yup I’ve done this one too


I use post-it’s to keep track of rows. Other details I try to put into ravelry so I an access them from anywhere (like 25 rows before starting decreases). I love reading what everyone else does. I think I’d be terrible with a row counter, I’d probably never click it.


Got me a knit picks magnetized chart holder! Very swift transitions!