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Picket Fence Afghan

Is anyone trying out Picket Fences yet? I’m getting gauge but it all looks so loose and messy. Will washing help that? Also, my purls are noticeably looser than my knits. I don’t think that will wash out. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure that the washing helped even out the work for the sample blanket - and you can always use a set of smaller needles for the purls. Fussy, yes, but…

I can’t wait to see your project!


My purls are looser than my knits in EVERYTHING, so I have often used two different sizes of needle on a single interchangeable cable. Onto one interchangeable cable, put the needle size that gets your gauge on your knit needle (the right one for almost all of us) and a size smaller on your purl needle (the left needle for most of us). I am referring to the right and left in terms of the RS of the fabric facing here.

The washing does fix a world of sins. The sample blanket features the work of four knitters and their personal versions of the same gauge (more or less) and three different dye lots. You’d never know it to see it in person!

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Thanks for the tips! I’m making a swatch square so we’ll see how it turns out.

You could try an eastern purl (wrap the yarn the opposite way on the purl). This uses less yarn and makes the stitch tighter. It does change the orientation of the stitch so you have to knit tbl on the wrong side or purl tbl if in the round. Definitely get a more even tension between knits and purls!

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Just looked up the pattern - it seems to be garter stitch? Is this the right one? I’m not sure where the purls come in.

Part of the magic of the pattern is that sections of all purl make garter too. :wink:


I’m on my 5th block and it looks really loose, too. Once I got the hang of it, it’s really fun!

But, I will not have enough yarn and it’s now discontinued.

Does anyone have leftovers they’re willing to sell??? (I have notes into a number of Ravelers but no response from that route yet).

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