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Please Introduce Yourself!

Most of my shoes are Keens! I work in a restaurant, so Keen walking shoes have to match all of my clothes, fancy or not.



I’m Katie, spaz extraordinaire. I’m supernaturally chipper, easily entertained, and learned to knit from a LYS (with lots of help from youtube) when I was in Seattle WA last summer for an internship at Adobe. I haven’t stopped since then!
I’m really nice, super forgetful, have an odd fondness for commas, and my favorite color is all shades of blue. I have synesthesia, a condition which basically means the wires in my brain are crossed - My senses are mixed up and I don’t sense the same as you do. I feel emotion as color (I also taste sounds, my favorite sound is strawberries and cream). I’m really passionate about colors and I love trying to incorporate that into my knitting. I find it adds another layer of meaning for me :smile:

I’d love to be friends! :sunny: :smile:


Should be fine - I took pottery lessons in grade schoo along with much of clasl, and I have even thrown time or two. Easier than long division.


I didn’t know they even had shoes and will have to look into it. All I have is the sandals, which are unbelievably ugly. I used to put down men for buying them and then I found myself buying a pair. They are as comfy as they are unpleasant to behold.


I love my Keens. They look like adorable Popeye tugboats on my size 10 flippers!


An internship with Adobe! So cool. And synesthesia is something I’ve only
heard a little about. Artists and creative people tend to have it,
apparently. It makes them see and experience the world in distinctive ways.


(Struggling to add a picture of Keened feet here, but not quite able to figure it out.)Uploading…


Oh I totally suck at dating. I’m perfectly lovely but can’t buy a date. :roll_eyes:


Hi maggistitches,
The book the finally help me crack the mystery of lefty Kitchener is Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. She even has photos!


Hi. I have been knitting since the 50’s. My first knits would be things for my dolls. Then mitts.
My favourite colours are purple/pinks. One of my best movies is dirty dancing lol.
I love cooking and knitting. I have just finished the Artyarns cashmere Victoria shawl. I love to have a couple of projects on the go. One that challenges me and one to just zone out.
Thank you so much for this fantastic site. Fabulous to get knitters from all over the world together. Xx


Hi, I’m Lore. The first thing I ever knitted was a scarf. I like to knit, weave and rug hook so yarn and wool play a huge part in my crafty life! What would I like to learn? Well, that’s the fascinating part about knitting. There is always something new. New ( to me) techniques, and patterns. One day I’d love to knit a lace shawl. I’ve tried in the past but I almost lost my mind over all the yarn overs.:laughing:


I did my masters at Southampton College! I live in East Hampton now, SUNY at Stony Brook took over the SH campus but they only do marine science classes there. This annoys my daughter to no end as she’s commuting 1-3/4 hours each way to Stony Brook. 5 days a week right now. It would be nice if she could take at least one class there, but not a huge amount of people out here are eager to study Calculus 4!

It must have been great to study weaving all year long. Southampton had a great art department.


Hi everyone! I’m Lauren. Long time MDK-er, rare commenter. Hah! I have their first two books and have loved following their adventures over the years. Anywho…

The first thing I literally ever knit was probably just a swatch, but the first actual THING I knit was a little change-purse type thing (envelope style small pocket?). It was the first project in my “learn to knit” book… a book for kids. Hah! I learned the summer I graduated college. :slight_smile:

Movie = Supertroopers
Food = Anything carby
Color = Teal
Shoes = Converse All Stars!

I would love to learn how to knit brioche stitch. OR learn how to crochet, because my friend bought me a “star wars” amigurumi kit that is crochet… I am thinking she forgot I was a knitter. Might be a good opportunity to try it out though!


My name is Nancy.

First thing you ever knitted - so long ago I can’t remember but probably a cardigan, out of wonderful Shetland yarn sold in the Middlebury VT yarn store.

Your favorite movie: All the President’s Men. Somehow, given the past week, it seems quaint that there was a time when we thought a President Nixon was scary.

Thing you would like to learn how to do: I have always wanted to learn more math and did that as soon as my grandkids got old enough not to need a lot of our attention. Now I’ve moved on to studying programming. My last frontier is to re-learn how to ride a bike without falling off (long story how I lost the skill, involving arthritis and a right knee).


My grandmother taught me to knit – I’m sure my first project was a scarf, but don’t really remember. Returned to knitting about 15 years ago and don’t think I’ll ever stop again!

Favorite shoes: the pointy kind. Low heel!

Open to learning lots and lots more about knitting.


Hi everyone. I’m Dawn from the English Lake District and I’m a yarn addict. Aren’t we all? I’ve been knitting, crocheting and sewing since I was 5 years old thanks to my lovely Nanna. That was 55 years ago, but I still remember very clearly the first real thing I knit all on my own, it was a dress for my sister’s doll with a garter stitch pinafore top and swirly skirt. I was taken to the wool shop with all of my birthday money, I selected the yarn myself and can still see the colour marked on the label “Saxe Blue”. Despite that first colour purchase, although still drawn to bluey greens, I prefer pale pinks and grey these days as they tend to suit me more.
My favourite film? Well, it’s a toss up between Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Amelie, and a Mongolian film “The Weeping Camel”. My favourite yarns? Merino/silk/alpaca/pretty much any natural fibres (yes, that’s how we spell it here) although I have recently been making Dedri’s fabulous Sophie’s Universe blanket crocheted in Sheepjes Stonewashed XL a cotton and acrylic squishy beauty. Currently wips are knitted top down long waistcoat, several pairs of socks, two “Wedding Ring” Shetland lace shawls and a Fair Isle tank for a regular customer. On my RH loom I’m currently weaving a 22 colour balanced weave of about 4yards to make an homage to Coco Chanel jacket for my sons wedding next March.


Hello! My name is Tammy (MissTam4 on Ravelry). I love your books and blog and I am happy to see you expanding your horizons. :grinning:

The first thing I ever knitted was a super bulky scarf in an extra gorgeous, expensive yarn given to me as a gift. The person who taught me to knit knew the trick about really good yarn making even a beginner’s garter stitch scarf look amazing. It was so amazing that someone STOLE it from my chair at a restaurant. Yes, I am proud as well as ticked off.

My favorite movie is either “You’ve Got Mail” or “Avatar” depending on my mood. My favorite food is goat’s milk brie and crackers. I have red hair, so I lean toward fall colors but also love purple of any shade. I am picky about my shoes and I wish I could wear Birkenstocks all year long, but Indiana weather is not conducive to that.

I would really like to learn to do steeks. They are sort of the “last frontier”. I have everyone’s dream job: I work at a yarn shop but DO NOT OWN IT. I teach knitting and crochet and make models for the shop. Before I became a knitter (about 17 years ago) I did the exact same thing, only with cross stitch. Someday I hope to finish my unfinished cross stitch projects. HAHAHAHAHA Yeah, right. I’ll be lucky if I finish the knitted ones. Nice to meetcha all.


Hi, I am a knitter/spinner/weaver and sometimes crocheter from southwestern Ohio. I am llamaleader on raverlry. I learned to knit when I was ten. Other than swatches (doll blankets) my first project was a sweater out of red and black thick and thin yarn. I did finish it but by then it I had outgrown it so I gave it to my cousin. I learned to weave in the late 1970s and spin in 1982. For many years all I knit was sweaters, then because of a friend and ravelry I was introduced to shawls, and socks, and so much more. My favorite color is purple. I guess my favorite movie is Madagascar. favorite food is a hard one because I like such a range of thingsl



Sis here, Knitter from a family of Knitters. i’ve been knitting all my life it seems, and I can’t really remember the first thing I made. most likely a doll blanket :slight_smile:

i don’t think i have a favourite movie, but I’m sitting here and wondering: where the f is The Amazing Race?


What a small world! I actually stayed out there for several years after graduation. I worked at The East Hampton Star for about six years then managed The Honest Diner in Amagansett for a while. After that I ran a theater company out of LTV until I decided to move back to the Yonkers area. Of course, as any young person in the Hamptons does, I worked on the side in a bunch of restaurants and also did a few evenings a week at WBEA. My roommates and I lived on 114 just past the railroad bridge then off Cedar Street in the village and then up in the woods on the Amagansett/Springs border. After that I had my own apartment in Sag Harbor which was a dream! There used to be a gift shop on Main Street in East Hampton that sold yarn. It was sort of an odd set up–I bought a Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Lamp there when my niece was born along with all of the yarn for her baby sweaters. It’s where I fell in love with Filatura DiCrossa 501. I miss that yarn.