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Hello, my name is Linda Kilgore and I am a knitting addict …


Mary from Miami here (originally from Pittsburgh, where knitted wear would be a lot more useful!). I started knitting at the tender age of 47 under the tutelage of my octogenarian mother who started me off with a dishcloth. My first big project was the M-D mitered square blanket, which literally took me a year to complete, just in time for my daughter to take it to college. I started practicing calligraphy about a year ago so I could address my daughter’s wedding invites and create signage for the reception, and I’d eventually like to retire from my legal job and start a calligraphy business. I used to knit blankets all the time, but now tend to do small projects like cowls, dishcloths & baby hats/booties/kimonos for friends & family while watching tons of TV after work. The new MDK site is fantastic and a nice respite from the craziness out there in the world. :sunglasses: :v:


My name is Pennie, pennieb on Ravelry. I grew up in East Texas where it is rarely cold enough to wear anything knitted, but I loved the idea of making something with sticks and string, so I learned to knit when I was 10. My mother helped me some, although she got frustrated with my left-handedness, so I learned a lot from the McCall’s Make-It Book (I think that was the title). The first thing I remember knitting was a hat.

I learned to crochet when I was in college and crocheted vests and ponchos were trendy. I would love to have some of those now.

Favorite movies: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Intern, Julie & Julia … nothing too deep

Loving the slow cooker recipes because my favorite foods are ones that are easy to fix!

I want to learn so many things - how to do colorwork with yarn in each hand, how to knit lace from a chart, how to add beads … the thing I love about knitting is I can be totally challenged or I can find something easy and soothing to calm my spirit. Which I definitely need.

My favorite weekend of the year is DFW Fiber Fest, early April this year.


Hi all! I am Lydia. My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was in junior high. We didn’t have enough patience with one another and I ended up teaching myself which is probably why I am a backward knitter. I also purl with the yarn under. Anyway, it works for me. I adore color and texture and natural fiber. That being said, my first project was a short sleeve sweater that I knitted in a God awful fuzzy turquoise acrylic mohair. It was a hot mess. I spent 3 hours last night detangling and winding yarn that my grandcat had a party with!


Hi! Name is Sara, we moved to Innsbruck AT about a year ago from the states. What a gorgeous place to be.
Wow, first thing I knitted was probably a scarf, but first pattern was for hand warmers. I still wear them to this day!
The first person who taught me to knit was my Finnish host mother when I was an exchange student… 20 years ago. But, it really didn’t become a passion and integral part of my life until about 7 years ago.

My favorite food is watermelon, can hardly wait until summer!

Things to learn… rock climbing, brioche and to make my own pasta.
Thanks for hosting!


Hi, I’m Karen, aka planetKnit on Ravelry. I learned how to knit at about 4 or 5, from my aunt. She never told me anything was “hard”, so at 7 I was knitting Barbie dresses, on size 3 dpns in the round. Who knew it was “hard”. LOL Most recently I’ve been making socks, until my granddaughter arrived, and now it’s baby things. :slight_smile: I also know how to crochet quite well, but it is not my preferred craft.
I’m loving this new site!


Hi, I am a long time fan of MDK, but have only recently become a participant. My first knitting project, at age 9, was a collar for my cat which is evidence of both my sense of humor and optimism. My favorite movie is Mary Poppins and I have been known to buy shoes to look at, not wear. I would like to be better at Continental Knitting (I’m a thrower), and I would like to improve my understanding of the differences between the Blog, Snippets, The Lounge…and all the forums…they are all enlightening and entertaining, but distractions to banging out my Hadley!


Hi! I’m Lori. The first thing I ever knitted was a scarf for my kids’ Webkinz back in 2007. My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. I truly love all sorts of shoes and boots. I can’t remember the other prompt questions, but I do LOVE pie! I love making them an desting them. Pie is fabulous. :heart:
Oh, I want to do more intricate color work. I’ve just started fairisle knitting after almost 10 years of knitting but have only done 2 colors.


Eating pie! Not desting, don’t even know what desting is!!!


Hi, I am Judy. I learned how to knit so long ago I don’t remember the first thing I knit. I do remember that a friend of mine’s mother taught 3 of us to knit because we were being too rowdy in the house. lol
Right now I am interested in learning to do Brioche.


Very short intro am at work

knitting for years but lately sporadically
very intense stressful job and long hours
by the time i get home and deal with cats and clean and do a few chores, prepare food for lunch, etc
i collapse… socks is about all i have been able to manage…

want to try the hadley bangout… need to check stash this weekend… have tons that i need to use up and BTweed is not cheap stuff.

have to get back to work
southern gal


Hi I’m Jocelyn. My knitting journey began when I was 7. A lady from my friends church had a bunch of us come over after school to learn to knit. I made a bell ornament that I believe was lost in a move years ago but I still remember it. It was made out of red heart yarn in white. I didn’t really knit again until I was in college. I did learn to crochet when I was around 12 and did that off and on throughout high school. Once I got married I really picked knitting back up and have never put it down since. I did learn to spin a few years ago but I am still very much a beginner with it.y favorite color is hunter green but I love all colors when knitting. My favorite movie is Labyrinth and my favorite book is The Princess Bride. Shoes are mostly about comfort and function although now that I knit socks I enjoy having shoes that I can show off my socks in. I’m a total dog lover and currently have 3 that claim my house as theirs. I also have a cat who thinks she’s a dog (she literally barks at squirrels). I have an amazing husband who tolerates and even encourages my fiber hobbies.


I’m Samuel. My grandmother taught me the basics of knitting when I was child, but I never really did anything with it until 10 years ago when I started re-learning thanks to quite a few books and YouTube.

I’ve been a fan of MDK since I read The Curious Knitter’s Guide. On Ravelry I’m Sammuel.


Hello MDK! I’m Heidi, aka KnitStatRN on Rav and IG. I’ve discovered I need more happy, craft-related distractions lately, so I’m adding MDK to the very short list of blogs I read. Yay! I taught myself to knit 12 years ago with books and videos while enjoying “restricted activity” during my pregnancy. I made a baby blanket and a hat. After that, I made a purse (and coin pouch!) with a horrid yarn called Caron Jewel Box. The fact that I kept knitting after that yarn nightmare is nothing short of a miracle.

I love coffee :coffee:, cilantro :four_leaf_clover: , mapo tofu, Indian food, avocados, french onion dip, Danskos, and Dances With Wolves :wolf:. And emojis.

Since I picked up spinning about a year ago, I’m striving to learn more techniques. Current learning project: how to get my 11 yr old to do his homework and convince my 5 yr old to stay in her bed. 2017 goal: get my crafting stuff ORGANIZED. (That was my goal last year too, soooo… baby steps, y’know?) :grin: Looking forward to exploring MDK!


Hello! I’m Kim. I’ve been knitting for about 15 years consistently. But the first thing I knit was a toe cover for my dad when he broke his ankle. I was maybe 9. My favorite color is purple and all shades therein. I love pizza and chocolate. My very favorite shoes are any I can slip on like my sturdy teacher-esque Danskos. Someday I will seriously sit down and learn the continental style knitting. I believe I would knit faster but I’m terrified I’ll be horrible at it. I knit mostly for other people as gifts though I have several wips just for me right now. I refuse to knit anything more for my husband because he keeps shrinking everything. Even the superwash stuff. And my daughter won’t wear anything I make her. She’s two. That a long time to be without handknitted things. Maisfica!


Hello my name is Victoria. I live on a walnut farm in Califorina’s Central Valley. I started knitting about 10 years ago. The first thing I ever knitted was a dish cloth…out of acrylic​:scream::scream: I had bought a How to Knit book at borders from the bargain bin. I now knit dishcloths with cotton or linen only if I need them. I have an addiction with sock yarn and yet have never knit a pair of socks. I would love to try steeking one day soon. I LOVE any pie but a cream pie.


I have been knitting by hand all my life. I have used knitting machines for 45 years. Throw in some quilting and sewing, and you have my life in retirement. Love it all. So nice to be in the company of knitters.


Hi, I’m Erin. I first learned to knit because I was driving my brother crazy when we sat down to watch movies together…I kept getting distracted and would get up to do something mid movie. He taught me to knit so I would have something at hand to focus on and I’ve been knitting the last 8 or so years.

I’m deep in the throws of ski season so I don’t have a lot of sitting time right now, but the good news is that skiers need knits!


Hi, I’m Alice. I live in Atlanta with 3 cats and bags of yarn. I love to knit all kinds of things except for color work and socks. It’s all about the yarn for me. I love shoes, books, trees, wine, music and some people. And I’m lucky to count Nell as a very dear friend :heart:


I’ve had a number of firsts, a scarf for my husband husband way back when we were first dating, 50 years ago. I didn’t knit anything again until friends opened a quilt shop, yes a quilt shop, and we decided we’d like to learn how to knit. One of these friends was an expert knitter and an excellent teacher so I picked up the needles again and knit a sweater, again for my husband, but it fit me better so it was mine. I then got a full time teaching position and had no time for anything but family and work. After awhile I took up scrapbooking and again started knitting because the shop switched from scrapbooking to a yarn store. this time my “first” was a felted bag. that was 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back.
My favorite, besides the obvious family, is our granddoodle, Cody! That dog has his grandparents wrapped around his big ole’ paws!
I really want to learn how to steek!