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Please Introduce Yourself!


Hi, my name is Sue and I’m more of a lurker than an active participator. I live in the glorious state of Virginia and I’m more of a process knitter than an actual results knitter, although I always think that will change.


My name is Jane. First knit (1964?) was a garter stitch scarf on green plastic needles. I knit scarves and afghans occasionally until I discovered Stitch n Bitch by Debbie Stoller. My stash is getting ridiculous, and my goal for 2017 is knitting brioche!


Hi there! I’m Jody (HealthyGirl on Ravelry). Long-time reader, fond of lurking.

The first thing I remember knitting is a '60’s-yellow acrylic garter-stitch “scarf” while sitting next to my grandmother on her plastic-covered white brocade sofa. I think I was five, maybe six? It’s very possibly also my first UFO. I don’t remember wearing it. But that’s okay, it’s the grandma time that’s the important memory. She was a very patient teacher.

The thing I’m trying to learn right now: meditation. Not sure why spending a few minutes just breathing is so hard, or even something a person should need to to be taught, but the monkey in my mind is, shall we say, less than well-behaved…

And speaking of pie - I’ll take cherry, please! With whipped cream.


Hi…I’m Amanda, and I work and live in suburban Boston/Cambridge, MA. I’ve been knitting for a little over 12 years. Current obsessions have been gradient sets and garter stitch shawls, and I always have a vanilla-ish sock in my bag for my commute. If I’m not knitting, I’m baking or singing with my choir.

I’m originally from western NY, so despite living in New England, I’m a die-hard Yankees fan, and will be rooting for Atlanta this Sunday.


Hi, I’m Carol, CarolLynn on ravelry. I don’t remember the first thing I knit, or even learning to knit, but I must have learned from my mother. I was a sporadic knitter up through my 40s, and I can only remember a couple of projects I successfully completed. When my son was in third grade (he’s 23 now) a knitter mom in his class invited me to join her knitting group. Discovering a knitting community, plus ravelry, has made me a Knitter with a capital K.

My greatest, or at least most fun, knitting adventure was knitting part of the non-itchy sweater for Mo Rocco on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Because I’m in Chicago (or at least a close suburb), I got to go to the taping of the show and present him with the finished piece. It turned out so beautifully and I was very proud to be part of the effort.

Last year I banged out a Stopover and it was great fun. I almost jumped in this year, too, but I just have too much yarn and too many other projects … you guys understand.


Hi I’m Janet, I live in the San Francisco East Bay. First thing I ever knit was a pair of slippers – my best friend (and neighbor’s) mom taught me to knit. and it stuck forever.
I love pie!! any dessert with fruit is for me.
I would love to knit a fair isle sweater – the whole thing – has always been too adventurous for me. I did knit the blanket in the M&D book – using the yarn that had long dye changes – so I wasn’t switching out the yarn all the time – but I did it – knit in the round, cut, bound the whole shebang! Love it.
I’m knitting the Hadley – thought I’d get my feet wet with it.
I love your website and passion for knitting.
The pussy hat project injected me with a renewed love of knitting and inspiration.
Marching on as I move into my 60’s!


Hi Deepa! I’m so excited to see another St. Paul resident here!!! Do you ever go to the Yarnery?


I’m Nancy. My mother taught me to knit, probably in '64.
I knit a scarf. I stopped knitting after college. In 82 I was living in Cary, Il. and took the train into Chicago and took a class that taught me how to use Elizabeth Zimmerman’s methods and I made a fair isle vest with steaks for sleeves and v neck opening. Amazing. Then I moved to Florida and quit knitting because it seemed the climate eliminated need for wool.
I don’t really remember why I picked up the needles again about six years ago. It’s a different world–Ravelry, podcasts and you tube. I learned to turn the heel on socks and have since knit dozens and have learned so many things. My daily MDK email is a highlight of the day. My daughter is a better knitter than I and we are always excited about current or future knitting.
Favorite food–pasta and bread.
Favorite movie–this year Moonlight and 20th Century Woman and Manchester by the Sea
I want to learn to do more yoga poses and to do color work better.


I forgot to mention that I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Hi! I’m Jaq. I’m a former pre-k teacher turned wahm when we welcomed our little Monkey in October. I now fit in my knitting during naps and late night pumping sessions. Believe it or not, knitting is what is paying the bills nowadays, and I love being able to be at home with the little one.


I honestly don’t remember whether I’ve introduced myself here before or not. I hope this doesn’t count as gaming the system with two entries!

I’m Judy, 73 years old and very involved with the world. I learned to knit at least three times as a child from my mother and my grandmother (my father and uncle wore ONLY hand-knit argyle socks); it finally stuck when I was about 16, and I’ve been knitting ever since. Now, with nine grandchildren and all their surrounding family members, I have plenty of people to knit for! I made seven pussy hats and still have one more to make for a friend before I make one for me – I think we will be needing these for a while.

Knitting keeps me sane, lines up my neurons, calms me down. I knit whenever I’m not busy saving the world or, you know, washing the dishes or something.


Hi am Tina. I learned to knit as a 8year old from my mother. I have knitted off and on since then but became a serious knitter the last couple of years. My next big project is a sweater for my husband.


Hello from Vancouver, BC!

Love reading the bantering, words of wisdom, and crack writing on MDK. A giveaway will most always get me to chime in.
My mom and grandmother taught me to knit. I remember knitting cables on a navy blue acrylic cardigan my grandmother started (I noticed a twisted one when it was complete!) and I wanted pockets. I knitted a patch and she sewed it to the left inside. I kept tissues in it.


Hi, I’m Hannah, WordLily on Ravelry (and most of the internet). I’ve been knitting for 10 years, after I finally figured it out on my umpteenth attempt (I had to find directions for mirror-knitting, Continental style, before it finally clicked). I’ve crocheted since childhood. I also spin, and I love spinning (and dyeing). I have a 4-year-old, and an old English sheepdog, and we live in Nebraska.

The first thing I knit was a Calorimetry, which went OK; the second, a Voyager Lace Stole, was later frogged (and reknit a few years later, when I was more up to the challenge).


Hi, I’m JodyH (also JodyH on ravelry) from Lexington, Kentucky, and I’ve been knitting for about 8 years. I taught myself to knit left handed by watching YouTube videos, and the very first thing I knit was a dish cloth with a star pattern in the middle. It didn’t turn out great, but it still worked just fine for washing dishes. :wink:

I’m currently working on my third log cabin blanket because I love them so much – and also a shawl and a sweater (and I’m really tempted to cast on some socks but so far have been able to fight off that idea!). I also learned to spin a couple of years ago, so there’s always something going on the wheel.

My favorite movie is Gosford Park, and I still have lots more I’d like to learn about spinning.


Hi I’m PatC and I’ve been knitting since I was a teenager. I’m a huge fan of MDK and have just started the Hadley Pullover - my very first KAL.


Hi my name is Pam. I have been knitting for decades by hand and also-dare I say it- on knitting machines. Enjoyed the Stopover knit along last year but have other projects to work on this year. I have enjoyed following Mason-Dixon knitting and am glad they decided to ramp up their presence. I like pie-apple is my favorite.


Hi! My name is Kitty and I’ve been a crocheter, self-taught, since I was a child a million years ago. I took up knitting when one of my many nieces was pregnant with her first child and I wanted to make a knit baby blanket. I had seen a knitting pattern I fell in love with and the rest is history. I’ve made blankets for all my nieces’ babies as well as hats, cowls, scarfs, ponchos, sweaters and everything in between. I’ve learned that more than anything else, I want to learn how to do something new each time and once I master it, I may never do it again. Socks on DPNs…done it. Socks with Magic Loop…done. Two socks at once with Magic Loop…done! Will I ever knit a sock again, probably not; don’t like how they feel on my feet but now I know how to do them. This year will be the year of learning brioche knitting.


My name is Joanne and I live part of the year in Mexico and most of the year in Nebraska. You can probably guess where I am in February. I think you have done a fantastic job on this website; I always look forward to reading it! I own a yarn store (it has become an expensive hobby rather than a way to make a living), and I really admire the way you have gone about making MDK into a business.


My name is Aileen and I began knitting as a foreign exchange student in Sweden in the 70’s. I took a long break from knitting after going to college and law school (Kay and I overlapped one year at law school together, but alas, I didn’t know her!). When I retired from my practice I took up knitting again and haven’t stopped since. I like to knit accessories but can sometimes be talked into a sweater.