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Please Introduce Yourself!


Hi! I’m Kathy- first time poster, short time follower :blush:

I taught myself to knit ages ago using the Spinnerin Beginner book and some bad acrylic yarn. I made some seamed mittens- never a pair for some reason. I like all kinds of colors but don’t always know how to put them together. I am making my first adult sweater right now. I enjoy trying new things-knittingwise and in life. I failed at a brioche project last year but hope to conquer it this year.


I’m Sarah. Yay for M&D, they’ve kept me going for years with their knowledge and comradery.!


I learned a tip to minimize DPN ladders from a 94-year-old lady in my first LYS knitting group. Tighten the first and second stitches on the next needle very firmly, which snugs those two needles very close together. They look almost too crowded. I do that and rarely have ladders. A good soak and blocking helps minimize ladders too if you end up with them while you’re working on it. Good luck.


Periwinkle! Oh, for the love of… I had to type more to get 20 characters, now I’m running off at the fingers.


Thank you! How could I forget such a great name?!


I do! It’s the closest LYS to me. StevenBe is closest to work. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Touran (who I also am in IRL and on other boards). I decided to join in and knit Hadley.

  1. First complete FO was a red mohair blend cropped pullover 1987 or 8. Fuzzy delight.
  2. Fave movie: Alien or Blade Runner
    Fave food: sour cherries
    Fave color: Red
    Fave shoes: my carefully curated collection of bootees, sandals and boots - mostly via spiga
  3. I’d love to speak more languages fluently and contribute to my community in a productive way. :slight_smile: And to to be more interactive on boards.


I have been knitting for about 40 years. My first project as a child was a Scarf. I enjoy knitting small projects like mittens and hats. I also like knitting toys.


Hi, my name is Sara. My aunt taught me to knit as a child but went home before she taught me to bind off. That was one long scarf! I picked up knitting again a few years ago and haven’t put it down since.

My favorite movie is Moonstruck and I couldn’t possibly pick one favorite food. Favorite colors are green and yellow.

I love the feeling of the yarn in my hands and the soft, relaxing, repetitive movements. I frequently knit myself to sleep.

I really love learning from other knitters. Just recently I learned that wine corks can be used as stoppers so your knitting doesn’t slip off the needles! Their confidence in my abilities and willingness to share their knowledge makes me feel capable of any project.

I enjoy so much reading this blog. Happy knitting!


Hi I’m Joyce (jmorrow in this sign in I think). My neighbor taught me how to knit when I was eight and I piddled along with it by making doll clothes for a while. I really got back to it in college when the big needle sweaters became popular in the early sixties. They were a disaster for me due to my lack of height - 5 feet tall. But I kept on knitting. I knit for my children all their lives. In fact I sent my first child out to play in her snowsuit as a toddler and suddenly realized she didn’t have mittens so I sat down and grabbed some yarn (it was lime green) and knitted her a pair. It was years later that I realized I could have bought them. I knit just about anything that I take a notion to do. There are times when I simply have to do colorwork or cables, or some other technique but I enjoy them all. When I started knitting I knit mainly sweaters and then widened my horizons to accessories. I had knit for decades before I knit my first dishcloth. I did receive a little recognition a few months back when I commented about sock knitting for the earlier incarnation of Mason-Dixon that I had made eight pairs of socks in August: I refer to that as my being famous in an anonymous manner. I have taught knitting in a knitting shop and made some samples as well as a few original designs. I give most of my FOs to others. I also love shoes and Keens are among my favorites. When I found a pair of Keen leather oxfords (on sale!) I was in seventh heaven because they made my little size 6 feet look like they were in little square boxes. My favorite movies are: The Blue Max, Sleepless in Seattle, and Out of Africa. Two of the three feature vintage airplanes which I love. I am a retired hot air balloon pilot. In one race brochure I was “accused” of being the only pilot in the competition “crocheting” at 10,000 ft." I love cooking, needlepoint, cross stitch and crewel embroidery, and gardening although getting the arthritic knees up and down to dirt level is a challenge. I can remember how do to a little crocheting, such as for crochet provisional cast on or simple edgings but would like to brush up on some more skills in that craft.


I’m Claire, and my mom signed me up for knitting classes when I was 8 years old…in 1968! The project I made was a Kelly Green cardigan sweater, with some special cable. I still have it. I have continued knitting all this time, on and off…but am still totally addicted, and have just bought everything to make the Hadley pullover sweater. I look forward to the KAL group. Thanks.


Gail from NJ.

First thing I knit – I remember a red sweater I made (did I finish it?) for a doll; age 8. I believe I have the sweater (that my mother made for my father) that the yarn came form. My mother (z’tl) taught me to knit; however, she knit continental and I throw my yarn. I was really a sewist. But really picked up knitting in graduate school. Then I had kids. My son wanted a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf and I must admit I have not stopped knitting since then. I didn’t have the time to sew, but I could knit for short periods of time. I like to knit lace. Currently knitting and sewing (clothing and historical costumes); for work I do costume conservation and collection management.


Hi - i’m Louanne

I want to learn to knit a sweater - that actually fits!


The first this I ever knitted was a scarf that I’m pretty sure I don’t have anymore.

Favorite shoes: closed-back clogs (yawn)

I’d like to learn how to weave. But for now I’ll stick with knitting.


This is my new motto!


Hi, my name is Rachel! I think the first thing I ever knitted was headband - but I didn’t know how to purl correctly so it was a hot mess. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, my favorite food is mashed potatoes, my favorite color is robin’s egg blue, and my favorite shoes are no shoes. :slight_smile: I would like to knit a sweater one day - I’ve knit a tank, but never a full sweater!


Hi! I’m Nancy from Minneapolis. I just found The Lounge and look forward to chatting/sharing.
My first knitting project was a pair of red acrylic pompom slippers. Loved them in the 70’s and just knit another pair last week in merino wool. Warm is an understatement.
Fav food is definitely Nepalese. Love spring green and orange but not together. Fav shoes are my Fluevogs.
And yes, I love pie. Pumpkin or blueberry crumble please with a side of Talenti caramel gelato. Yep love pie​:+1::heart:


I’m Debbie, otherwise known as Busyworke.

  • The first thing I knit was a wrap dress for a doll when I was 12. I don’t remember what the second thing I knit was, but I do know it was 30 years later.

  • I have lots of favorites, but one movie I will watch at the drop of a hat is the 1995 Pride and Prejudice.

  • I want to learn how to run a support spindle. I have a growing herd of spinning wheels, but I acquired a beautiful support spindle that really needs to be appreciated.


Hello. I am a grandmother living on a farm in Iowa. The first thing I ever knitted was likely these slippers back in the 1950’s
Before graduation from high school I knit a couple of sweaters. I knit for my babies, but stopped knitting when I had child number 3. Fourteen years ago, my granddaughter was wearing hand me down hats from her brothers. That was my first trip to a yarn store for some pink and white Encore. My favorite movie is Moonstruck (food and family). I would love to learn to be better at combining colors and then to knit blankets for my kids. I have been dreaming about the Mitered Square Blanket for years!


Hi- I’m Michele and I am hoping to start the “Bang out a Hadley” as soon as my yarn arrives! I will have a late start but I always like a challenge! So in terms of introducing myself-

The first thing I ever officially knitted was a sweater for my Daughter. It was my love of Manos in a beautiful watermelon color that got me started and I have had a yarn issue ever since!

My favorites are easy! My favorite movie is JAWS, my food is Mexican food and enchiladas if you insist on the detail. My favorite color is blue and for shoes- I adore mules… any kind of mules but the bigger and clunkier the better!

Something I would like to do would be to spin and weave- those will be my next fiber skills I would like to learn!