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Hi, my name is Genny (Genevieve if you want to be formal). My mum must have taught me how to knit, but I don’t remember - she taught me and my sisters lots of crafty stuff. The first complete thing I remember knitting was an afghan of narrow strips sewn together. It was some sort of feather and fan sort of stitch and mine was in shades of green. I think my sister made a blue version at the same time, we were in our early teens. I have knit off and on ever since, but in the last 10 years have expanded my horizons quite a lot. Now my favorite thing to knit is lace, but socks, sweaters, dishcloths, are all tempting too. My favorite shoes are pointy toed high heels, red idealy, but I don’t actually wear those much, so maybe I should admit to having grown to love my danskos. My next knitting goal is to master knitting with three colors at once, so I can do a good job on the lovely Latvian mittens kit a friend generously gave me!


Hello! The first thing I ever knitted was a small rectangle that I made into a Barbie dress. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8 or 9, and I knit Continental. Favorite food is good pizza, Greek salad, and nachos (made my way, with not a lot of cheese, and nutritional yeast). What I’d like to do: learn to knit brioche! I’ve tried and tried. I’m just not good at counting.


G’day All, I’m Lynette, I started knitting when I was 8, I made a Blue and White, striped, drawstring, Bathroom Bag for my Dad! I’m sure he loved it :wink: I love all things purple. This year I am committed to learning Broiche and Latvian Mittens … although I live in the Australian Desert and will never need them, perhaps I’ll visit the Northern Hemisphere when the kids leave school, just to wear my mittens :smiley:


Hi All! I’m Liz, the Ecommerce Manager for MDK! I’m also mom of Daisy, our shop dog. I am originally from NY, but relocated to Nashville a few years ago, so Mason-Dixon personified basically. I’m still chugging along on my Breton Cowl in the Velvet color (which, according to our very scientific Facebook Survey, is my color) and I hope to have it done by fall of 2018 (I’m a novice knitter…oops!).

I don’t like pie (sorry Kay!)

Excited to see everyone’s Hadleys! #bangoutahadley


Hello MDK knitters! I do not remember my first knit. The first one I do remember is a cardigan I knit for a friend. I completed all the pieces, then gave it to her and told her to get her mother to sew it up! I am somewhat embarrassed by this memory. I was a sophomore in high school. After that I dropped knitting and worked on chunky crochet rugs. My sister still has one of these creations from the 70’s. I got back to knitting about 10 years ago when I learned of a yarn store with classes. Lots of classes later and I am still wanting to learn more. I have gotten much more picky about the yarn and tools I want to use! I love to work on shawls. I also enjoy sweaters although I have not made one in a couple of years. I do wish I were working on the Hadley with you. There a so many projects in my queue😀


My name is Linda – I learned to knit from my 4th grade teacher/Girl Scout leader, and my first project was a green, worsted weight slipper. I never made the second one because I couldn’t understand or fix my mistakes – and there were lots of mistakes. Twenty years later, I set out to make Christmas stockings for my newborn twins (what was I thinking?) and got as far as the first heel flap. I couldn’t figure out all that picking up stitches and knitting short rows, so all the yarn was bundled into a closet until yarn was needed for Daisy Scout and Sunday School craft projects . Fifteen years after THAT, I felt moved to make a hat and actually finished it! I’ve been knitting ever since – mostly socks, scarfs, hats, ball-band wash cloths and shawls.

I love so many movies, it’s hard to name a favorite – though right now, if I channel surf and come across Calendar Girls or Woman in Gold, I will ALWAYS sit down and watch.

I don’t care for pie, except the key lime variety. For the most part, in my world it’s not dessert unless it’s chocolate.

For Mother’s Day last year, my son gave me Nancy Marchant’s brioche workshop on Craftsy, and after a few stressful efforts to follow the first few lessons, the finally light dawned, and I’m now just a few rows away from finishing my first brioche shawl.


Hi! I’m Tiffany Owner of The Crooked Stitch a lys in Rocky Mount Va. I love fiber and my preferred approach is knitting with spinning a close second. Married with 4 children, 2 out of the house and 2 still at home. Down to only 2 cats from 4 cats and a dog and a horse and chickens. But that’s ok. I’ve just discovered MDK (I know, what rock have I been under!?) But let’s just say I have a busy" real" job and my yarn store is a hobby turned retirement investment. Any way I wish I had more time now to “do” yarn but someday…


I’m Heather, been knitting since 2004. My mom used to own Ewe Knit in Normal, Illinois, but it closed in 2011. If I could make a loving “sitting and knitting” I would - however I currently love my job, so have been juggling both, and working that out. I have a cat who is semi-interested in yarn, a dog who only cares if I knit her a new coat, and family who alternate between wanting items knit and store-bought.


My name is Heather. My first knit was a baby hat. I still frequently knit them but have enjoyed branching out to other garments. I spin on a drop spindle as well though after spinning sock yarn for my husband’s first pair of size 10 EEE socks I’ve not had the urge much. I am 70% finished with my first adult size sweater hoping one day to bang out a sweater.


Hi! Deidre here! I am lostinkansas on Ravelry. My first project that I remember would be a scarf. Then it was lap blankets for the family out of cheap acrylic because that was available. Moved to New Orleans in my 20’s and lost touch with the craft. Katrina moved us to western Kansas and winter is long here. Picked it back up through podcasts and Ravelry. Faveroite shoes are Dansko. Karl’s are a kiss of death for me - I may finish but maybe not the same year! See you all around the camp!


My name is Val and I my first project was a potholder when I was in elementary school. I was taught by a friend’s mother. My knitting was so tight, I bent then needles, and my friend’s mother had a tough time binding off the stitches for me. My next try at knitting was when I my daughter was born, and I saw a cute pattern for a knitted dress in Woman’s Day magazine. I was pretty good at following directions, so I just dove in. It turned out just right. Little did I know then that I was knitting a lace pattern! I have something on my needles almost all the time now and I love it.


Hi, My name is Barbara. I have been knitting on and off for many years. I am finally starting to actually finish projects. Still trying to knit a decent sweater. I really want to learn brioche stitch. Have 2 Craftsy classes to watch for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing results of knialong. It might inspire me!


I’m Erin, and though I’ve posted stuff here before I’m not sure I actually introduced myself. I think I was more like those people who just impose themselves in other people’s conversations. I live in mid-Missouri where I am a mom of three (18, 14, and 9 1/2) and a graduate student studying 19th C American literature. I have way more time to knit over summer and holiday breaks, but I do what I can during the school year, even if that only amounts to 2 rows a day. Love MDK!!!

mamadreads on Ravelry!


Hi I’m Pat. Patroth on Rav. I learned to knit at age eight and pretty much forgot about it for 40 years or so. Then took a sock knitting class. You should have seen the instructors face when I asked her to remind me how to purl. Can you imagine knitting socks as your first real project. Out instructor was a gem though and I loved my first socks. Wore them for years. It’s been several years of fun and inventive knitting since. I’ve taught many folks to knit and learned to fix my mistakes too.
My favorite shoes are Allbirds. They are made out of wool (gasp and drum roll) and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Light weight too. Favorite food isn’t chocolate but potatoes. Chcoclate is really nice too though. Thinking about doing a sweater for me but haven’t landed on a pattern quite yet. I often knit sweaters for babies. In a toddler size so I know it will fit. Someday…


My name is Elizabeth
I cannot remember the first thing I’ve ever knitted, I knit some as a child, I cannot remember learning to knit though I do remember taking crochet and sewing classes. My paternal grandmother knit so it is possible I learned from her.
I’m not much of a movie/TV fan, foodie (though my husband is a great cook and underappreciated by me), or shoe hound. Where does that leave me?? I don’t know.
I would like to learn to downhill ski well enough to enjoy it with friends. As far as knitting I’ve done many different kinds, just made my first linen stitch scarf, haven’t done brioche yet. Prefer small gauge projects, for me worsted is big and bulky.



My name is Jamie and I"m about one year in to this knitting adventure. So far I’ve done one baby sweater, and I’m excited to do something full sized. I’m lucky to have a husband who fully supports my knitting habit.

It’s nice to be here!


I’m Maylin, an ex-pat Canadian living in the U.K. This year’s knitting is all about colour and colourwork!


Hello! I’m Sarah and I learned to knit about 12 years ago and haven’t stopped since. I’m a sucker for knit kits and OOAK colorways, so I’m hoping to work through what’s in my stash and KNIT. IT. ALL. 2017, fingers crossed, will also be the year for socks and learning to spin.


I’m Paula. I have never liked pie. If required I will eat a piece but I would rather not. It turns out I make lovely pie all the same, which maintains family harmony. I have knit for some 40 years, taught by my Grandma. When I was a teenager and desperate to start a sweater, I wheedled a 4.5mm circular needle out of her collection. She said “I don’t want to ‘lend’ it to you because I’ll never see it again”. I promised her faithfully I would return it. She has been gone for decades now, and she was right. I never returned it. I remember that conversation more clearly than any other with her. I primarily use fingering weight yarn (though I remember thinking how crazy that endeavour was the first time I knit socks). I live quite far north, so socks, mitts, cowls, hats are always useful. I double up leftover sock yarn and make mittens that I leave around the local college. Sometimes I see them in the wild.


I grew up w handknitted sweaters (usually red), ponchos (it was the late sixties!). Nani taught me Tunisian crochet. It was fun making up my own designs in cross stitch and embroidery upon those afghan stitch squares. Then I became fascinated in middle school by filet crochet and petite point. My needlework was largely put aside during college and grad school. I worked as an optometrist for fifteen years in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. We moved to Washington, D.C. where my husband took a job as a patent attorney and where we had our third son. We lived half the year on a 45’ Jenneau sailboat in Annapolis and chartered the boat the other six months in the Abacos. We moved back to Indianapolis a few years ago. I started knitting again after becoming intrigued hearing about a man who knits gansey sweaters and wool socks for skiing and hiking using a Flemish style knitting sheath.

I love reading about various fibers and history of knitting in various countries.

I enjoy long distance bicycling, wine tastings, reading, and baking bread.

Favorite foods: Mediterranean

Favorite pet: Maine Coon cats