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Hi, I’m Meg, and I have loved MDK since you began how ever many years ago that was. I’ve been knitting off and on for close to 50 years, starting from when my grandmother used my arms for a skein winder. I remember knitting hats and mittens as a child, then the proverbial boyfriend sweater (it did not go well). Later moved on to baby things, now it’s gifts for friends, wedding shawls, and probably soon the baby things again. I also love making socks. Full circle. I am hoping to join the Hadley KAL today or tomorrow, so I am a little behind there. We need a few snow storms so I can catch up!


Hello, glad I finally made my way in here :blush:
I am a self taught knitter, my instruction book had a scarf for my first project. I made it for my husband and he still has it, wears it!
Given a choice I will most likely choose a cup of tea over coffee and especially enjoy it while knitting socks. Socks are my favorite thing to knit and I think it’s because the construction intrigues me so much…whoever figured that out?? I expect to pop in often :smile:


I am a self taught knitter, have been Knitting for 20 years I really want to do sweaters. I’ve done three that … well don’t care for. Lots of shawls though that I love. Going to bang out a Hadley… fingers crossed. Have my ribbing done and thinking of leaving shaping mostly out cause I am pretty straight… debating :grimacing:


I’m Julia. My mom taught me to knit on 12/18/2003 (thanks to her journal-keeping I have the exact date) and the first thing I completed was a baby sweater for a cousin, at least according to what I remembered when I joined Ravelry and put some retroactive content on there.

My favorite kind of shoes are Mary Janes. I automatically love a shoe 100% more if they are MJs.

I keep thinking I would like to learn to spin. I even bought some fiber a few years ago at our local sheep and wool fest (Shepherd’s Harvest, woo!), but it hasn’t happened yet except for me to determine that I don’t think I’m into drop spindles.


The Blog is on the website and exchanges between Ann and Kay can be found under the Letters heading. Snippets is the weekly email digest sent on Saturdays that you can sign up for on the website. The Lounge is the forum for knitters to join threads and discuss topics related to knitting or even TV shows, podcasts, etc. Enjoy!


Hi. My name is Cheryl. I’ve been knitting this time around for about 4 years. Used to knit quite a bit in my early twenties… llllioonngg time ago😏.
I am learning new things, love to try out new stitches. Prefer to knit a sweater, but have been doing cowls and hats also.
It’s been a slow couple of months of knitting just now as my hands/wrists have been hurting. They are getting better, so have attempted to knit a bit. Slow progression but will get there! Injured my right wrist, arthritis in both hands. Tried to teach a couple of kids to loom knit… not a good idea for me apparently! Must have been doing something wrong with technique! Will be better soon!
I have a 26 year old son and an amazing daughter in law. A dog named Murphy … after Murphy’s Law! … bet you know what that means! Yes… he used to be a little minx! Calmed down somewhat… he’s ten now. A shitzu Lhasa apso mix! Love him a lot of course!
Love the colour blue… in all shades !
Work 4 days per week at a somewhat stressful job… who doesn’t think their job is somewhat stressful at times?
Thank you Ann for greeting me here.
Looks like a great community to belong to.


Hello, I’m Quinn on the interwebs (including rav) and I love pie when someone else makes it. I live in a tiny house in a rural, woodsy part of central Massachusetts, where I have a small herd of cashmere goats. I knit - mostly socks in recent years - and have been a MDK reader for many years.
I would like to learn to grow mushrooms.


I am new here but OLD to knitting, having been taught by my “then step mom” when I was 8. My first knitted project was a little teddy bear sweater, but because I was so very anxious it didn’t turn out very well. I think it ended up being a square? Blue acrylic, can’t forget that.
Since then I’ve knitted at least one of many of the normal things and knitted many of the most utilitarian things~hats, scarves, sweaters, socks. I have taught many classes to all ages of folks and now my children. Fun!
I have an enviable shoe collection, I have to admit. Its like Sophie’s Choice at the bottom of my closet, so I can’t begin to give you a favorite.
Thing I would like to learn how to do~build a house. I know this isn’t knitting related, per say, but does require use of hands, lovely materials, patience, help and love. I hope to sit in my home made house wearing my homemade clothing someday. Or a house that I have deeply encouraged back from neglect.
I look forward to meeting many of you along the way~I am hopping over to “bang out a hadley” and will look for you there!

x. anie


Hi! My name is Jessica and I took up knitting a few years ago after attempting arm-knitting from a Youtube tutorial. I figured that if I could manage that, I could do it with needles, too. It was a happy surprise for me, considering that in order to get my Brownies badge in knitting, my dear Mom sat beside me to guide me through each and every stitch. It was a confusing muddle for me at the time!
The first thing I made was a washcloth and since then I try to learn something new with each project that I take on.
I can’t choose just one colour as a favourite, but am partial to reds, blues and greens. My favourite foods would be roast beef with gravy, chicken curry or chocolate.
I am hoping to learn how to make socks and to do Fair Isle colourwork as well as Latvian-styled mittens.
Lovely to meet all of you!


Hi! Thank you for the giveaway. My great-gramma taught me to knit when I was 5 or 6, so that is something over 60 yr.! favorites: red, “Jason Bourne” movies (at the moment), knitting for grandkids, reading during commercials. I’d like to do a Debbie Abraham mystery blanket someday.


My name is Liz and I LOVE pie. My family used to spend a week on Shelter Island every summer and the trip home always included a stop at a pie shop that still exists today! Strawberry Rhubarb is my favorite, IF, it’s not too gooey. I don’t like my pie gooey, but I do like it cooked enough. Such a delicate balance.

My first knitting experience was really a casting on experience. Over and over. My world was the block I lived on and my friends lived on either side of the street. At the age of five or six we were sitting in a driveway, it didn’t seem at all strange to be sitting on the concrete back then, and wrapping yarn around fallen branches. One of our mothers HAPPENED to walk by, mothers didn’t seem to need to always know where their children were back then, and noticed that we were casting on. She decided to teach us how to knit, but first let all the other mothers know so that they could participate in the teaching. All of our mothers were knitters, crocheters, needlepoint doers, and sewing machine owners and users. So, we learned how to knit and I’m going to guess that it was several years before any of us actually completed anything. But, we were knitting.

My favorite movie is actually Saturday Night Fever because it captures a time and a place that really existed. I took ballet lessons in the dance studio it was filmed in and my parents took ballroom dancing there as well, years before I was born. But, more importantly, there were really people who looked, and sounded, and walked like Tony Manero. So, it brings me back. To Brooklyn and Bay Ridge and my life from 0-18.

I got back into knitting when I worked in Cambridge after graduating from college. I wrote one of my first articles in grad school about my LYS Woolcott and Company which was conveniently located across from the building where I worked. That was a period of serious sweater knitting.

Now I knit scarves and shawls and hats and lace. I like working with lace weight yarn. I also crochet. I’ve been crocheting a lot lately because I’m teaching crochet and polishing my garment making crochet skills. As a result I’ve developed a real yearning to knit something. I like to mix things up. I embroider and paint as well.

I recently moved from Sleepy Hollow NY to Oakland CA. And I love it here.


Hi there! The first think I ever knitted was a pull-over vest in baby blue out of 70s acrylic. I was 8 and my next door neighbor taught me to knit. My favorite movie is “His Girl Friday” – everything else is too slow by comparison. I adore beautiful shoes but mostly wear pull-on paddock boots.

I knit all the time and always have something small in my bag. I am a state representative and I knit there, too.


Hi! I’m Kristin and have loved MDK since I made my first of many dishcloths and baby bib o’loves!
I am a college music teacher, and my husband is our college band and orchestra conductor, and we have a son in high school (a drummer) and a daughter in middle school (who sings and plays clarinet).
I would LOVE to bang out a Hadley but I’ve got to get through this month with work and performances!! I am looking forward to reading about all of the adventures though:)


Hi, I’m Mimi. Taught myself to knit to stay awake during school many years ago. Was crazy to decide my first project should be a steeked Dale sweater. Lucked out and met Nancy Bush in Salt Lake City, Utah, well, bought the yarn from her in her shop at the time. She helped me read the pattern and translate it into a left handed pattern, and also told me I needed to change to right handed knitting. Immediately. Luckily, gauge did not play into the sweater size, because I didn’t know what that was (or much else in the pattern, for that matter). And it fit! Anyhow, my knitting career took off and I’ve been doing it ever since. Thanks for the great blog!


I’m Stacy, and I began knitting in law school–so the first thing I knitted was something small and portable–a hat. I love the colors green and grey, and I would like to learn spinning and weaving. It’ll take a few years, but my plan is to slowly get my fiance around to the idea that I really need sheep because what a savings on yarn.


Hello! I’ve been knitting since I was 5, though didn’t get serious until I was in my mid-20’s, and haven’t stopped since. My favorite color is blue (any shade of it). I’m looking forward to learning to weave, after buying a used 4-harness table loom, to use up some of my stash that I’m really never going to knit (and make room for more yarn!). I’m in the process of making my 3rd Stopover - last year’s KAL continues for me! – Cate


Hi, I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York where handknits are particularly appreciated this time of year. Stumbled on the MDK blog many years ago and have been grateful ever for Ann & Kay’s consistent wit and generosity of spirit.
The first thing I ever knit was an sweater from a kit by North Island Designs that I ordered from Lands End (yes, that Lands End!) over 30 yrs ago. I blithely embarked on it, an intarsia sweater with set in sleeves and some duplicate stitching, unaware that any of that was supposed to be difficult. Thanks to excellent instructions by the designers it turned out perfectly - I still wear it! - and I have been addicted to knitting ever since.
Recently I realized that I can retire: my stash is big enough that I can knit from it for however many years I have left without feeling deprived, and what else matters? Now just have to convince DH of that … .


Hi I’m Tracy.
I met Kay and Ann in Kansas City on their first book tour!
I used to be Tracy in Kansas, then I was Tracy in Qatar.
Now I’m Tracy in Port Townsend.
I wear Keens now too - they’re fuchsia, and I think that’s what convinced me.
And yes, I’m posting because of a prize drawing, but also I wanted to have the option to Lounge with MDK peeps.

Oh, are we supposed to say the first thing we knit?
My first knit was a vest for a little boy in Ladakh. And my second, third, fourth, etc were more of the same. You can read about it in an old Knitty
Cute kid alert!


I’m Angie - mother of 3 not really a sweater knitter, but last year I not only banged out a Stopover, but I also banged put a Mondo Cable Pulli in February. I just so happened to have a sweater quantity of Shelter in my stash (Button Jar), so I wound it up, ordered the accent colors and away I GO!

I made my ribbing narrower because I don’t need the “pull-in” of that wide ribbing. I will do waist shaping, but perhaps only 1/2 of them. I don’t have much waist.

Knit ON friends!


Thank you so much for the clarification…I enjoy them all!
Have a great weekend!