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Hi! My name is Laura (blueboa on Ravelry) and I am really enjoying all the offerings of MDK! Two friends and I had decided to make Hadley as a knit along about a week before the MDK announcement. As we were gathering our supplies we decided to wait until Feb.1 and join this group.
I took a knitting class when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (28 years ago!) and I hated it. Must have been the acrylic yarn and first trimester nausea because 14 years later my neighbor started knitting with beautiful yarns and I had to try again. This time it took in a BIG way. I work in a yarn shop and knit every day if at all possible. Some of my favorite things- my Canon EOS60D, books (love audible so I can knit and “read” at the same time), movies, all BBC mysteries, Netflix, Amazon Prime and a new recent obsession OUTLANDER, chai tea lattes, margaritas, wine, danskos, family and friends!


Hi there! My name is Melissa, and I’m melissah3 on Ravelry. I have been wanting to knit for quite a few years (my mom taught me how to crochet when I was in middle school, but it didn’t really take), and I taught myself how to knit about 3.5 years ago. My first project was a cabled mug cozy. :slight_smile:

I have two boys - a 4 year-old and a 1 year-old. Most of my knitting is worked on during naptime or after they go to bed. I mostly knit sweaters, but love pretty much everything. There’s something amazing about being able to create things. Before kids, I mostly created cards and scrapbook pages, and dabbled in sewing. I also love to bake and cook.

I’m planning on a Hadley with some De Rerum Natura Gilliatt!


Hi, I’m Anne. The first thing I ever knit was a squiggly yellow attempt at a scarf, when taught by my mother as a child. I gave up. In college I learned from a friend and the first thing I REALLY knit was a Lopi sweater out of Lambs Pride Bulky for my mom.

I’m an ER nurse and work nights, so my crazy schedule doesn’t leave a ton of time for knitting but I try to squeeze it in wherever I can. I used to work in a yarn shop and took a lot of my paycheck home in yarn, so I’m actually looking forward to the apocalypse because maybe I’ll just have to stay sheltered in place with all of my projects:)


Hi, I’m Linda, and the first thing I knit was probably a scarf. First sweater was a pink pullover with five cables that my grandmother added to the pattern front.
Love slow cooking, stranded knitting with two hands, and anything sweet made with lemons!
Currently struggling to learn brioche for an in the round two color cowl. Want to learn double knitting and how to make a set in sleeve.
Glad to find this community!
Happy knitting!


Hi! I’m Donna. I’ve been knitting for 30 years and still can’t seem to get enough! I love the Hadley sweater and wanted to join the KAL but the timing isn’t right for me. I’m very interested about the waist line shaping. I tend to lean towards the boxy look so will be interested to hear how this is works for everyone.


Hello- I’m Le’Ann. A yarn purchaser who sometimes actually knits the yarn she buys. I have two spinning wheels and a rigid heddle loom and I really enjoy playing with wool. I’m in for the Hadley KAL, and hopefully I’ll pick up some more inspiration while I’m here.


Hi I’m Barbara,
I’m from New York and I live in the Catskills. I learned to knit as teenager and I can remember knitting a purple v-neck sweater out of Tahki donegal tweed. It’s the only thing I remember knitting. When it was done I hated it. Maybe that is why purple is now my least favorite color I have never been someone who can pick just one favorite, I love chartreuse, grey and pink equally. Favorite foods are curry dishes and Mexican dishes with green chilies. My favorite shoes are any sandals with good arch support, like my metallic Birkenstock Gizehs or my Chaco which look Fred flinstone shoes. I like pie, my husband and son love pie in fact my son loves it so much that he asks for pie instead of cake for his birthday. Usually I’m too lazy to make pie, it takes too much time away from knitting.


In fifth grade I fell in love with a friend’s many colorful laceyoke mohair cardigans, knitted by her Anglophile mother between tea and crumpets. I begged to learn and eventually produced white (!) wool slippers of the same approximate size. I was hooked forever!

Although the movie is predictable, I admire Diane Keaton’s white kitchen and hand knit cardigan in Something’s Gotta Give. Where is that pattern?

I am so glad I took the time to learn Continental knitting. It smoothed my tension, regulated my gauge, and is much faster than English. Next I want to learn Brioche! It sounds --and looks – delicious!


Hi, my name is Bethany. Although my mom says my grandmother taught me years before, I remember really starting to knit in middle school when I knit a pair of leg warmers for my mom. Strangely enough, those leg warmers are still worn by her on chilly winter days…and they are at least 37 years old!

Some of my favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies. One of my wish list items to knit is a blanket similar to the one Ron Weasley has. That probably won’t be knitted up for quite sometime as I have many other projects I am working on and plan to knit up this year, most of which are gifts for family or friends. I do want to work on finishing the creamy Milk Stout cardi for me before the winter weather ends and then I plan to knit myself something blue (my favorite color). Perhaps I will finally learn to knit something Fair Isle!


Hi, I am Susan aka Buttonband on Ravelry. I adore the MDK Field Guide 2 and I have cast on Hadley using my stash yarn - Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. I most likely will knit two and use Shelter for the next one :relaxed: Looking forward to purchasing the kit to knit the Asterisk dot hat and cowl next.


Hello. My name is Linda and I taught myself to knit using instructions found on the internet. I’m sure my first project was a scarf.

My favorite books are the Lord of the Rings, A Song of Fire and Ice, and The Dark Tower. All are epic fantasy series and excellent knitting background. My favorite food is a good crab cake or crab bisque. Favorite colors are some blues, greens, grays and browns. At the moment, my favorite shoes are my Uggs or Hunter boots.

I would like to learn to knit brioche and a tubular cast on.


I’ve been knitting since I was a kid, when I used to like the curly nature of ripped-out knitting yarn. I should have realized that would foreshadow my propensity for 'unknitting." ( I tend to be a perfectionist.)
I’ve been a fan of MasonDixon for years. Love your particular voices, and take on life and fiber.
I did the Bangoutastopover last year, and have so far resisted the Hadley; too much in the works right now.

Ann, your post today reminded me of Baunin, that gorgeous scarf. I have the pattern! But I’m in the middle ( well, the first fifth is more accurate) of an Alinda, so it’ll have to wait.

I’m lightdove on Ravelry.

I love to read, to cook, to eat, and to walk/hike. Planning a hike up in New Paltz today. What a coincidence that you introduced a new Jill Draper yarn! ( I still haven’t settled on the perfect project for my masondixon Rifton. Thinking about the Rothko pullover…


Hi!, I learned to knit when I was about 7 yrs old which would be 1960. My grandmother taught me. She lived next door and we spent lots of time there. I am pretty sure I made dishcloths. I knit off and on through high school but dropped it (foolishly) for beer and boys in college. Fast forward to 1990 and I got the urge to pick it up again and I had forgotten everything so I picked up an "I Can Knit " book and attempted a hat. I say attempted because Hagrid could have worn that poor misshapened thing. I haven’t put down the needles since. I love the MDK books and just finished making Fern for my great niece. My daughter wants the metered square blanket so I am going to be casting on for it. I would like to learn to knit brioche and love the comic strip.
I love to read and belong to three book clubs. I read everything except heavy romance and I am picky about sci-fi . One of the groups is a Knit Lit group where we pick a book and then find patterns that complement the book.
I don’t have a favorite shoe brand but I tend to wear a lot of maryjanes. I like the look and fit.
Phew, I feel like I have been talking about myself for days.


Howdy, I’m Vicki from southern Tasmania. Longtime follower of MDK (posting as VickiR) but post as Victa in The Lounge and on Rav.
First garment I remember knitting was a Patons polo neck jumper in mustard colour Totem 8 ply, as part of our year 9 Domestic Science class back in 1972. Teacher complimented me on my even knitting, luckily she didn’t ask me to try it on as the polo neck wouldn’t go over my head!
I didn’t knit again until 1980 when I was sharing a flat in Melbourne with an old school friend who was an excellent knitter, and then her dad and sister were staying with us for a bit and they are also excellent knitters, so I gave in to all that knitterly love and haven’t stopped since.
Loved the picture knitting of the1980s (check this one out!) and in 1987 was given a copy of Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Colour and became an instant devotee.
Once every decade I try a lace pattern, but never get past the first few centimetres.
Favourite movie - Big Chill or Alien or Dirty Dancing or Valley Girl or Shakespeare in Love or any version of Pride and Prejudice.
Favourite food - Roast lamb and baked potatoes
Favourite colour - Blue, all shades
Favourite shoes - flatter the better, discovered Skechers a couple of years ago, heaven for my large wide feet.
So many things I would like to learn how to do - spinning, pottery,…lately been thinking of silk covered fans - but then that would mean less time for knitting and MDK reading.


Hi! My name is Rachel.
First thing I remember knitting was a two color wide stripe scarf. Second thing was a multi stripe vest, neither was finished.
No favorite movie
No favorite shoes

Now, if you want to ask about favorite yarn, or needles.


Hi - ny name is Sharon and I taught myself to crochet when I was about 9 by reading the instructions in a small soft cover book called something like “The A, B, Cs of Neadlework.” It had a green and white cover - anyone out there remember it from the 1960’s? Knitting came about 10 years later using the same book as my guide. It took many years for me to take to knitting because it was so much slower than crochet. I finally felt comfortable with knitting when I learned continental. Yarn is carried in the left hand just as in crochet and much of the movement is with the needle in your right hand.


This is my first post, although I do enjoy reading in The Lounge weekly if I can find the time! I am a wife and mom to five - we homeschool and I have graduated two - very nearly three. My oldest was married last June and is expecting our first grandchild in March! I am presently crazily knitting dishcloths (which was probably my first real project way back when) for the baby shower, which is two weeks from today. I have been knitting for about six years and just love it. I only wish I was faster since I started so late - there is so much that I want to make! Even more with grandchildren coming into the picture. As for food - I love what we call crostini (olive oil brushed, toasted baguette slices, with garlic rubbed on each, sliced fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and chopped tomatoes mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper to top them off). I could eat these all day every day! Making some for the Superbowl tomorrow! Thanks for this great forum - it’s fun!


My name is Robin. I learned to knit when I was a teenager. My aunt taught me. Now I help her with her knitting. One of my first projects was a sweater.
I love to knit shawls but knit lots of things. I mainly knit one thing at a time,otherwise I don’t finish anything. :grinning:


Hello! I’m Claudia and I now live in Iowa after living adventures in New York City, Texas and Minnesota. I taught myself to knit and then produced round baby blankets before putting the needles down. I picked them up when we were about to be empty nesters and took a sock knitting class and they have been going ever since. Socks, sweaters, shawls, felted bowls…the list goes on and I love it all. I love food and shoes. But thankfully now I buy more yarn than shoes and stick to my Danskos or flats. I have a spinning wheel and I want to learn how to use it well. Getting to practice is hard…I keep knitting!


i don’t remember the first thing I knitted but imagine that it was a scarf.

My favorite shoes at the moment are a pair of Dansko boots, so comfortable! My favorite movie this year is Hidden Figures.

This year I would like to learn Brioche. I have yarn and a pattern for a brioche hat for my daughter.