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Hi! I’m Jan in Nashville, fieryredhead on Ravelry. The first thing I knitted was a green scarf on a knitting Jenny that I got for Christmas. I was 8 or 9.
I love to make pies! Eat them, not so much. I’m more of a process girl. Same with knitting.
What I’d like to learn? In knitting, how to make gauge instead of hoping I make gauge. In life? Learn to speak Spanish.


I’m Karen, and I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I’ve been knitting since I was 14, which was well over 50 years ago. My first knitted attempt was a summer pullover, all done in seed stitch – and acrylic, which was the only yarn available at the time. I completed it, even though it was WAY too big. (I obviously knew nothing about gauge.) I love knitting lace, cables, and textured items. I prefer to knit sweaters, although interesting patterns for double-knit cowls and lace shawls do catch my eye. Last year’s large project was “Rowe,” by Michelle Wang, which was a delightful challenge. Currently on the needles are an Icelandic pullover and a simple vest. There are a few UFOs sitting around, but I’ll get back to them. I’d like to try an Alice Starmore sweater at some point, but I really need to pay more attention to my sizable stash rather than buy more yarn for one of her luscious patterns in Tudor Roses.


My name is Suzanne, and I live in the north Georgia mountains. My mother taught me to knit. If I remember correctly, my first project was a ripple afghan that I knit in college. I used to be more of a crocheter but now am enthralled with knitting. I just completed a lacework shawl for a friend and immediately started on a cabled cowl. I am teaching a few of my retired friends to knit in order to share the joy!


Hi I’m Pam and I’ve been knitting since jr high. The 1st thing I remember knitting is mittens with embroidered snowflakes on the backs. I still have the Jack Frost pattern book. I always have a project with me whether it be knitting, embroidery or sewing. My next thing to learn is Brioche.


My grandmother taught me to knit a scarf, which I still have in my cedar chest. Favorite show right now: Sensitive Skin. And I thought I didn’t like Kim Cattrall. I’d like to reacquaint myself to weaving.


Hi…I’m Barbara from NY. I’m a passionate knitter and all around fiber addict. I learned the basics as a kid, but the addiction started about 10 years ago.
The first thing I ever completed (besides a seed stitch scarf in Rowan Big Wool) was a felted bag in Manos del Uraguay. That project was the gateway drug. My favorite thing to knit are asymmetrical giant shawls like the ones designed by Ambah O’Brien or Melanie Berg. Also love Anne Hanson’s way with lace. Ok, so I’m an addict and a designer groupee…
My favorite colors are deep plums, greys and greens. Oh and almost anything speckled …not really a color but, well you know…:grin:
My feet are real problem children so my favorite footwear are Uggs or Birks.
I’m happy to be part of this community and look forward to sharing with everyone.


Hi, everyone! I’m @Smellyann on Ravelry. I taught myself to knit using only the book The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Quick Knits. We lived in Guam at the time, 14 years ago, and I had a 1-year-old daughter, Chloë. I was also pregnant with identical twins, and we were declared unfit to live on the island in case of a pregnancy emergency, after the biggest typhoon (Pong’sona) on record hit the island. We were being sent back to the States, to Virginia Beach, in the Winter. As Guam was extremely hot year-round, of course there were no knitting shops around. Or knitting acoutrement. So I used my book, a little Red Heart I could find on Guam, and my husband’s Phillips head screwdrivers!! It was awful at first!! I needed to make my baby(ies) some warm clothes, though, so I made it through and knitted a pink hat and scarf for my little girl. Success! I haven’t stopped knitting since, but now I have good yarn and proper needles. :wink:

My favorite movie is either Grease or Dirty Dancing - I’m an 80s girl. I love pizza, but I can’t eat it anymore as I’m trying to eat “clean” now that I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. My favorite shoes are … well, Crocs. I have a strong affinity for comfort over fashion, and I own at least half a dozen pairs in different colors and styles. Love my Crocs!

Finally, I would like to learn how to do entrelac. I haven’t attempted it yet, but I know I will soon - hopefully this is the year. It’s high on my knitting Bucket List.

Thanks for having me!

P.S. Of course I love pie. Duh.


Hi, I’m Julia. Have been a SAHM for the past 29 yrs. picked up knitting about 8 yrs ago and with an empty house, it’s become my new “job”. Happy to be part of MDK community. Also, I don’t particularly like ice cream.


Howdy! I’ve been knitting for about 20+ years. I live in Austin, so I prefer to work on light weight garments, but I’m not a fan of cotton yarn. I love indie-died yarns and will always support small businesses.

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Hi! I didn’t start knitting until a friend in university taught me, and she aimed high: my first project was a pullover, v-neck vest in a beautiful blue cotton (probably dk weight). I wore it for years, and when I finally gave it away it was still in one piece! I still love making sweaters, which is convenient since I recently moved to the Northwest Territories. Pro: it is nearly always sweater weather. Con: no yarn shops within a fifteen hour drive, and shipping costs a fortune. Colour work will always be my preference, but a I have yet to tackle a project with more than basic cables, so I think it’s due time.


Hi, I’m Polly from Chicago. I knit A LOT but usually socks and shawls. I thought this would be a great introduction to sweater knitting with the help of my neighbor who said she would teach me sweaters and I would teach her socks!


Hello! I’m Julia (jlmattson on ravelry). Been knitting since I was 6 or 8 or something like that (about 40 years - yikes!). I’m a public defender in NYC in my non-knitting time and mom to two amazing junior knitters. Currently working on metronome using rifton - fun pattern and great yarn!


Howdy-do! I’m Sandy, newly of Joplin, MO. I do like pie. I’ve been knitting for 12 years steadily. I started with a hat for my babe when I was about a million months pregnant. Long story short, she ended out being a fragile baby stuck in the hospital for a long time. Knitting unusually therapeutic for a new skill. It felt good to be doing something for this wee one’s uncertain future. Fast forward 12 years and my wee one is almost as tall as I am and will be learning to knit herself as soon as she slows down.


Hi, I’m Mimi, @Rev-Mimi on Ravelry (I struggle to keep Ravelry updated, I’m a poor project poster!)

First thing you ever knitted: I learned to knit in the 3rd grade in my Brownie troop for a badge of some sort. It was a scarf. Of course it looked lumpy and awful. And I was hooked. the thing I knit most is socks! The most recent thing I’ve knitted is the Rise cowl with Shibui yarn, it was so good I’m getting yarn for the hat too.

Your favorite movie/food/color/kind of shoes: Movie: Lord of the Rings (yes I am a geek); I love almost anything with nuts and detest goat cheese; RED is my favorite color; and my favorite shoes are my wallabees. So comfy.

Thing you would like to learn how to do: Don’t know! I just finished a doctorate in theology so right now when I am not actually working, I am goofing off and knitting!


I started knitting when my mom sat down for an hour every afternoon while the younger kids were napping and my older brothers were playing outside. I remember her telling me that I needed to learn girl stuff. The first thing I knit was a treasure bag for my brothers to use when they played pirate. Through the years I have knit scarves, hats, sweaters, afghans, shawls, and socks. I knit shawls for a women’s center and hats for homeless kids. My daughters wear my knitted socks and sweaters. All my kids wear my hats and scarves. That’s nice that they wear stuff in public. Since retiring a few years ago I have more time for knitting. Now I have time to go to movies and am trying to figure out how to knit in theaters without bothering others. I also volunteer at an elementary school. The kids love knitted things that I wear or have made for their teachers. So I have taught many of those students how to knit. MDK


I’m from Wisconsin, from a long line of makers, grew up in embroidery, a little knitting and macrame. I rediscovered knitting as an adult, maybe five years ago. That first project was a hat. I made many more hats while our youngest was in college, then socks and a little cardigan to welcome our granddaughter.

I adore Dansko and Allegria shoes.

I am currently working on an enormously long sort of ribbed scarf. I am interested in knitting Christmas stockings and more regular socks. Maybe someday a sweater vest. I really enjoy the Mason Dixon blog. Uh. No aspirations to bang out a Hadley.


Like the nervous party guest who won’t stop talking, I just joined, and I THINK I introduced myself but do want to enter for the draw, so here I am again (in the kitchen by the dip, still talking. . . .). First knit project: variegated yarn mittens with cuffs so tight they cut off the wearer’s circulation (age 8 or so); Movie: Enchanted April or Princess Bride; coffee cake; sunshine yellow; comfortable but stylish shoes. 3. EITHER learn to parallel park w/o fear or error OR do a headstand in yoga. Just finished the “Caret and Chevron Socks” (long ago Interweave Knits pattern)! Okay, now I will edge away into the loo and stare at myself in the mirror, repeating, “Darn! Just be quiet, okay?” for a while. . . . Happy Saturday, all!


Hi - my name is Denise, kittykatz on Ravelry. I am from Charlotte, NC.

The First thing I ever knitted was a scarf for my ex-sister inlaw. I remember it vividly because my dog had run away and with every stitch I prayed for her to be safe and come back. She did so I was hooked on the meditation and stress relief knittimg brought with cool prizes at the end.

My favorite – thing is nugget ice. I am sn ice chewer from way back (I know bad for your teeth). My husband bought me a home nugget ice maker and I have to say- best gift ever.

I want to learn how to play the piano. I have always wanted to but haven’t made the time yet. I think now it is a goal for my retirement.
I also want to learn to take good selfies.

Looking forward to this experience.


Hi Knitters!
I’m Erin (in PA) aka tomatotart on ravelry. A day is not complete without knitting something. Lots of baby blanket, scarf, hat knitting–shaping has me nervous! I’m getting ready though…: )


Hello! First let me say that I love pie. And cake. And pastry.
1-a scarf. never quite finished it, probably because the needles were too small for the yarn.
2-I love to go barefoot. I’m living in Florida now, and can wear sandals/Birkenstock sandals most of the time.
3-I’d like to learn how to spin and weave.

I’m a knitter, musician, librarian, and moved to Florida in 2012 from Kansas City, MO. Grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Miss the mountains, but love living close to the Gulf in Florida. Didn’t knit a whole lot during the first years of my FL transition (new job, new digs, new life), but am knitting like crazy again. Have followed Mason-Dixon knitting for years and am loving the new website/lounge/store!